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  1. I do have a minor problem still, which is that once the repulsors are turned off, they won't turn on again. Makes is kinda difficult to land somewhere and then take off again. Toggle repulsor power also doesn't bind correctly to action groups.
  2. The updated KSPWheel solved the problem I was having! Thanks!
  3. I'm using the stock 4k batteries. There is no resource flow PAW button either on batteries or the repulsors. The repulsors are attached directly to the batteries, so it's not a crossfeed issue I'm using Did a fresh install prior to posting this, but still having the same problem. I'm running KSP version 1.7.3
  4. My grav repulsors are not able to stay activated, they will briefly come on, then shut down. To test, I made a 3 ton craft with 4 repulsors and two 4k batteries. the repulsors won't stay on even with plenty of power left. If I enable infinite electricity in cheats, they WILL stay on. Has anyone else had this problem? Bunch of mods, including KSPI.
  5. This was happening to me when I was using the Kerbal Joint Reinforcement mod. Once I uninstalled it the problem went away.
  6. If you're talking about the space helicopter, the helicopter parts (electric rotor, cockpit, etc) are from firesplitter. The fusion engine is from karbonite. There's also a small nuclear reactor part-clipped into the body that's probably from near-future electrical.
  7. SSTO Space Helicopter to Laythe and back. Electric propeller meant unlimited atmospheric flight. Used a Karbonite fusion engine for everything else.
  8. I reinstalled ModuleManager and that fixed my problem! Thanks so much.
  9. Trying to send log (maybe too big for message system?) A quick look through it shows references to lots of supposedly uninstalled mods. Maybe it's time for me to do a fresh install.
  10. @JadeOfMaarI have CRP installed. It was an older version, but I just updated to the most recent. Still having the same problem, even after I deleted the other localization files. I don't see a second intake module on the intakes, either the stock intakes or yours. Is there an additional dependancy I might still be missing? Thanks for your help with this!
  11. Intakes report nominal (have airflow) but engine does not (lists flameout, intake atm deprived). If I add a jet engine to the same craft it will work with the intake, but the atomic engine won't. Trying to upload a screenshot showing as much, but Imgur is being :-( Trying to take-off from KSC on Kerbin. Engines DO work when turning on infinite propellant. Then I have no problems. Haven't yet tried with the updated version.
  12. Probably having an issue with trying to force run on 1.7, but wondering if there'a a fix. For Roentgen (and Sievert on Mk3 expansion) the engine says it's intakeAtm deprived. Has anyone else tried to fix this? Asking for a friend...
  13. I've looked all over the interwebs and can't find anything. If anyone knows where, I have money to spend on merch...
  14. Took my VTOL SSTO, Space-Copter-One, to Laythe, where it reports "heavy traffic." Thanks to Firesplitter's electric rotor, and Karbonite's Karborundum fusion engine, it has unlimited surface flying time, and 11,000 m/s dV (vacuum) More screenshots in spoiler.
  15. FYI for anyone whose helicopter main propellers are thrusting the wrong way, the reverse-thrust module isn't included in the part definition file by default (KSP 1.45, CKAN install). You can add it with the following: MODULE { name = FSswitchEngineThrustTransform defaultTTName = thrustTransform alternateTTName = alternateThrustTransform useNamedAlternate = 0 }