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  1. Thanks for the advice @cantab. The spin would be that all the planets would have oxygen atmospheres and possibly oceans, but now that you point it out, I realize that these ideas aren't as original as I thought. I'll focus on keeping them interesting.
  2. So I was thinking about making a new planet pack that adds a bunch of habitable and/or terraformed planets in it. However, I've run short of ideas, so I thought I'd reach out to the community for some insights. So far, the addon to the system I've designed has 8 Habitable (habitable=oxygen atmosphere) planets in it (even though some of them will be moons). There will also be a gas giant, and a couple asteroids for refueling. Planets can be added or subtracted as desired (the binary system and extra moon of jool will probably be first to go). Here's a crude map I made: Ideas on geography for planets would be the best. Here's a few examples I thought of: -A habitable world based off this idea NovaSilisko posted on the forums. -A world with an overwhelmingly large crater (think Mimas, but more extreme) -A planet with huge mountains that poke out of the atmosphere into the vacuum of space -A world with large, flat plateaus at 1 atm pressure, but deep valleys that go down to 5-6 atm at the bottom. Names for planets are also accepted. Don't get too crazy Basically, if anyone has any ideas for planets or names, feel free to post a reply with your idea. I appreciate all the help given . I'll also try to figure out a way to thank everyone who has contributed in some way to this. Thanks for all the help everybody!
  3. Planetary System Engineer

  4. A few tips for flying though the modded system successfully Firstly, the only planets you want to orbit are Kerbin and Jool. Hyperbolic flybys and direct ascent landings are your best bet for getting science in the space around planets and on planets. You also want to make sure that your ships have plenty of delta-v. While it doesn't take as much to get to the different planets, you will find yourself needing to stop from crashing yourself into planets. Good luck!
  5. Introduction The Kompressed Solar System Mod is a mod that takes the solar system, and compresses it down and rearranges it to add a new level of complexity to the stock game. It doesn't add any new planets, but it re-arranges the existing ones into a quite interesting configuration. I did not intended for this mod to be realistic. Rather, I wanted to give the solar system the classic sci-fi look, with planets hanging low and big in the night sky, and extremely short transit times between planets. The magic of the Kopernicus and Module Manager mods was able to make that happen. Huge shout out to those guys for making and maintaining those mods. The Mod This mod re-arranges the solar system as thus: Jool: orbits the Sun -Eve: orbits closest to Jool --Tylo: orbits Eve ---Dres: orbits closest to Tylo ---Eeloo: orbits farthest from Tylo ----Pol: orbits Eeloo -Kerbin: orbits second closest to Jool --Laythe: orbits Kerbin ---Vall: orbits closest to Laythe ---Mun: orbits farthest from Laythe ----Minmus: orbits Mun -Duna: orbits farthest from Jool --Moho: orbits Duna ---Bop: orbits closest to Moho ---Ike: orbits farthest from Moho ----Gilly: orbits Ike Photos No pics, no clicks. Here's a few photos to give an idea of what this mod is about. License Kompressed Solar System Mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Downloads This Mod Requires Kopernicus Download Kopernicus Here: Kopernicus Download Download the Kompressed Solar System Mod from Curse: Kompressed Solar System Mod Simply download both mods, and unzip them into your KSP directory. Make sure the folders named Kopernicus and Kompressed are in the GameData folder. If they aren't, find them, and then move them into the GameData folder. Other Mods This mod should be compatible with most other mods. However, I would be wary of using other planet packs, as this pack changes the stock planet's orbits so much, the other packs will be useless. In this mod, I've found that on rare occasions, the craft will shake itself apart. I believe this is due to the high orbital speed of Kerbin's. Kerbal Joint Reinforcement is a mod that will solve this problem, if encountered. PlanetShine and Distant Object Enhancement are two good mods that add to the "feel" of the game. Both of these mods were used in the screenshots above, and I highly recommend them. Last Thoughts This is my first mod, so I hope you all like it! Let me know of any bugs or improvements wanted, and tell your friends if you really like it.