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  1. Silavite

    New Radio Image of the Galactic Center

    From one of the article's comments,
  2. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    My vote is that it's because they already own and have experience with barges. It should be feasible. ULA is planning to recover engines on the Vulcan with a helicopter snatching a parafoil. It's also been done before.
  3. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Does this mean that the BFR has graduated from, "Extremely Large Rocket," to, "Overwhelmingly Large Rocket"?
  4. Silavite

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Let me make sure if I've missed anything. The arguments against the SLS are as follows. Behind schedule Severely overbudget Uses dated hardware Shoehorns hardware into roles that they were never designed for EM-2 is unreasonably risky and a double standard for man-rating compared to the Dragon 2 or CST-100 Payload manifest is sparse (Europa Clipper has already been moved to Atlas V) aside from anything specifically supposed to go on the SLS (DSG) May be superseded in ability by the BFR soon after the SLS is in service Arguments for the SLS are as follows. Sunk costs Even if it is a pork project, it keeps NASA relevant The development schedule of the BFR is hardly assured, so the SLS will provide interim capacity The DSG is required for the SLS (even though it doesn't exist yet...) I'm writing a short paper arguing for the cancellation of the SLS for my AP Government class, and I want to make sure I cover everything. Aside from GAO, what would be good places to hunt for reliable sources evaluating the SLS?
  5. Silavite

    Falcon Heavy Theme: Input Requested

    The ticking clock, yes. Now that I realize what that sound is supposed to symbolize, it makes a lot more sense. Sounds good!
  6. Silavite

    Falcon Heavy Theme: Input Requested

    Ah, I got a bit overexcited. The original tone that hits on beat 1 of every measure fits well for the first 30 seconds in the piece in the exposition and first melody. Once you hit 0:32, I feel like it should start moving in some way as a counter melody or more active harmony. Otherwise, it sounds great. (I would request MOAR CHORDS but that's a personal preference thing.)
  7. Silavite

    Falcon Heavy Theme: Input Requested

    Perhaps the Finale to Shostakovich's 5th Symphony starting at 38:11, with T-0 at 40:21? Or the Adagio from Bruckner's 7th Symphony, starting at 16:15 with T-0 at 18:16? Or the Finale from Mahler's 1st Symphony, with T-0 at 2:10? There's just too much epic music to pick from!
  8. Propeller efficiency for a variable pitch prop can be approximated as about 80% out to around Mach 0.8, where things start getting funny with wave drag. I searched around a bit and found this with google. The theory is beyond my realm of understanding, but it features the propeller efficiency (η) of a Cessna 172's prop plotted against its advance ratio (J). Even if you were to model your prop based on this, you'd still need to find static thrust, which I have no idea how to calculate.
  9. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Admittedly it's a bumper sticker, not a license plate, but... WE BRAKE FOR NOBODY
  10. Silavite

    What's your favorite rocket engine?

    RL60 Should have been the RL10's successor, but the engine never got a lease on life for reasons beyond me.
  11. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I derped, the NOAA's Hurricane Center official forecast has Irma moving along Florida's East Coast, not far to the South. Some other models seem to agree with this track (GFS Model and ECMWF Model). Hopefully it stays off the coast. We won't have a solid of idea where it will hit (if at all) yet... right now it's a wait-and-see.
  12. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Irma, as of now, is forecast to slowly weaken before it reaches Florida. Also, Irma is forecast to stay well south of Cape Canaveral. Though, as with any forecast, it is subject to change.
  13. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Perhaps you should drop by south east Texas, then. The facility in Brownsville better be built hurricane proof. (Yes, I know Harvey is only a tropical storm right now, and yes, I know it's supposed to hit North of Brownsville, but just sayin'.) Anywho, the launch window ends one minute before I get out of school. Curses, foiled again...
  14. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Lucky me, band practice is in the evening today. Hoping to see this thing go! T-3 minutes now. EDIT Well that was a well timed post...
  15. Silavite

    A ninth planet?

    Surprised no one has posted these yet.