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  1. Dynetics completes their continuation review. There's also a strong implication they're using methalox. https://www.dynetics.com/newsroom/news/2021/dynetics-achieves-critical-nasa-milestone-and-delivers-key-data-on-lunar-lander-program
  2. I heard this symphony for the first time yesterday, and todays events have this section particularly stuck in the front of my mind.
  3. From a book about the Centaur upper stage. The reference (Liquid Hydrogen, by Sloop) doesn't provide much clarification on this process either (as far as I can tell). How does this hydrogen lubrication work? Is liquid hydrogen itself an effective lubricant? Do the cryogenic temperatures reduce friction? Is there some beneficial chemical process going on between the metals used in turbomachinery and the hydrogen?
  4. I forgot about his statement there. I retract my objection.
  5. Without addressing the argument directly, I'd like to point out that our knowledge of the virus when lockdowns began was far, far poorer than what we have now. Even if I were to agree with everything you wrote, I still think that the assertion @sevenperforce made is correct. Without a good handle on the characteristics of the virus at that time, and with cases increasing in a neatly exponential fashion, I think such a response would be warranted. I'd like to argue a bit against plebiscites and such an ironclad interpretation of separation of powers during a crisis, but that top
  6. It looks like this is the result of a flawed process. I think that the author (and/or the source, Derek Turner) puts an excessive amount of criticism onto SpaceX, but that's just my opinion. In the words of two comments:
  7. ...Isn't that photo from the test of the AIR-2 Genie? I'm frustrated, but a nuclear warhead seems a touch excessive for a little Cessna.
  8. Paging @mikegarrison, since I believe that he was the one who most acutely foresaw this issue.
  9. Great music video by Scott Manley of the Sentinel 6 launch. Seeing the continuous shot footage on the left is a real treat, and it gave me a new sense of how much these boosters utilize lift while on approach to landing.
  10. I just happened to have this shared with me and I absolutely love it. According to the uploader, he almost included Jeff Bezos as the Hood but decided not to because:
  11. Come one and all to see the magnificent Leaning Tower of Pisa SpaceX!
  12. Somewhat coincidentally, I wrote my final essay for my engineering ethics class on the subject of the ethics of satellite mega constellations. I don't know if it will provide much insight, but I figured that I'd share it. (It was written in June, so some of the info may be dated.) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s1HlhoYJwKk92p9XqIn7J2F19XJ9T-BuQGocxwAOhhE/edit?usp=sharing
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