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  1. Silavite

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

  2. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    More on topic; how quickly can SpaceX start producing Raptors en-mass? Although the hopper only needs 3, each Superheavy and Starship combo will need 38(?) Raptors in total.
  3. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    I really hope that they don't spend months getting all the infrastructure in place... and then a hurricane hits in September. I'm way too pessimistic sometimes.
  4. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Well, this is certainly convenient from my perspective.
  5. In the classes I've taken, I feel like this isn't much of an issue. For example, in my calculus 3 class this semester, we were not allowed to have calculators on tests, but our tests would have some problems which would say, "set up, but do not evaluate." Generally this meant to apply whatever methods we learned, and stop once we had the problem in a form which could be solved by methods from calculus 1 or 2 (usually a definite integral; maybe a double integral on some problems with Stokes' Theorem). Some problems would be in this form, and some would require an exact numerical answer. This allowed tests to touch on our computational knowledge while keeping the majority of the assessment on material learned in class. In summation, a good instructor will write assignments that account for whether a calculator is allowed.
  6. Silavite

    ULA launch and discussion thread

    Holding for now.
  7. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    So... like the first stage of the Saturn I and Saturn IB?
  8. I've been playing a bit of RP0 lately, and I am having a bit of trouble figuring out how quickly I should make my gravity turns. I especially have trouble with low TWR upper stages, such as ones using an RL10. Does anyone have a heuristic for doing gravity turns that could apply here?
  9. I was reading about Scott Carpenter when I discovered an interesting (and funny!) tidbit. Enjoy!
  10. Silavite

    Weather Chat Megathread

    Mexico City Beach is in shambles... The eyewall has begun to contract, but until it collapses, the storm will not weaken very quickly. It is possible that we will see major hurricane force winds in Georgia and a small swath of Alabama later today.
  11. Silavite

    Buoyancy rockets!?

    Not exactly the same thing, but some sounding rockets used balloons to gain extra altitude before lighting their engines. They're dubbed, "Rockoons".
  12. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Maezawa is just nodding with everything Musk says and I find that extremely amusing for some reason.
  13. Silavite

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    He says 300 bar chamber pressure and 380+ ISP for Raptor!
  14. Silavite

    NASA SLS/Orion/Payloads

    Sounds familiar...
  15. Silavite

    New Radio Image of the Galactic Center

    From one of the article's comments,