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  1. This kept happening to me until I flipped my SAS module over.
  2. Hi, I'm new to this project. I was looking for ways to script some sounds myself. I'd love to contribute or help develop in any way I can. My experience is in audio content development and scripting.
  3. Sounds like either a conflicting mod, improper installation, or incorrect version. Make sure you're using 1.2.2, and that you've copied everything over correctly. You need to enable autostrutting on each part.
  4. I've got the whole thing working well, but my right OMS engine is off vector and the plume is further away than the left. Please assist.
  5. My ET is about half the weight it needs to be. I have real fuels installed, is there some mod I need to get the fuel unit mass to be larger?? Do I just double the fuel values? Are the ET fuel values in L? Thanks. Fixed: Doubled the fuel values, I think the real fuel units are in Litres for anyone interested,
  6. For some reason I still have about 75% of Liquid Hydrogen left in the ET at MECO using RSS and the same .cfgs as the guy who made the videos. Any ideas? Fixed: The .cfg I downloaded had the fuel values reversed. Oops!
  7. I didn't know you had made some .cfgs. I just made my own using figures from wikipedia. I'm trying to get the new space shuttle system working now using this set of .cfgs, but for some reason my ET barely uses any liquid hydrogen before MECO. I reinstalled real fuels, but I think i'm missing something. Any idea? I'm about to just make my own configs again. Time to make another fresh pot...
  8. And here I was about to finally launch my comorant shuttle with modded .cfgs for RSS to dock Unity... But it really irks me how the 2.5m mk3 parts are too big. I will be starting over with this the second you upload:) Thanks man! Welcome back!
  9. It's also unreasonably heavy, I'm glad I removed it.
  10. You hope I know or you hope I don't know so you can sound smart? Both answers are true, and I realized this a few days ago.
  11. It does matter because flipped around the port is too close to the cockpit to dock.
  12. Is the airlock extension backwards or something?
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