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  1. Decided to re-continue development and boy are things coming. First, I've decided to rename Sentus (and by extension the planet pack) to "Sentry". Second, I've made new rings for the planet and boy do they look good. Last but by no means least, I'm currently working on a Minmus-type moon called "Conagher". Once I'm satisfied with Conagher I'll be running a closed beta. If I get good results from that then you should expect a release at some point of time.
  2. Today in KSP, I launched the "Frontier Station" (named by Gameslinx) into a Low Kerbin Orbit. I will be shortly sending the crew up. EDIT: There's now a crew working on board!
  3. I've lost all interest in continuing this mod's development, so if you'd like to adopt it then just contact me.
  4. Due to my PC wanting to make life hard for me, I've had to temporarily stop development. If it comes to it I may have to put this mod up for adoption.
  5. Started development on a moon, lots of progress was made... That is until the ground disappeared. I sent Jeb out to investigate, he took some samples of the invisible ground and made a report on the situation. His little ship, which housed Bob and Bill started to slide down an invisible slope so he ran after it. This is the last image taken of Jeb. He attempted to leap towards his ship and was thrown into oblivion... ...And then the Kraken decided to pay a visit. I don't know what happened to Bill and Bob, may the Kraken have mercy on their souls.
  6. Sentry AKA: Kerbol Mysteries Revision 3 Next Release: Cancelled This WAS the third attempt at creating the Kerbal Mysteries Mod, now it's an attempt at creating a "single planet with many moons mod". Rather than having it ready for download from the start (probably with bugs and other nasty stuff) I've decided to keep it from the public... Or at least until It has reached some kind of standard. The aim of this mod is to add some new worlds to the game while at the same time keep the size relatively small so low-end PC users can enjoy this mod without their computer experiencing unplanned disassembly. So far, there is only the obligatory blue second gas giant but don't fret for there will be more worlds to explore in the future. Interested in this mod? Consider following this thread for updates! Within this spoiler is information about the bodies added in this mod. With Thanks To: @Thomas P. for developing Kopernicus (along with his team). @Gameslinx for Sentry's texture and giving advice. @Cabbink for Conagher's heightmap (I hope I tagged the right person). @TheWanderer05 for their advice. @The White Guardian for their Kopernicus tutorials. EDIT 23/06/2019: Due to a plethora of things, including the death of a hard drive (and the only copy of the mod), I'm no longer able to continue development on this mod, nor will I be able to put it up for adoption. If I figure out a way to recover some of my work, I may start a new project with it but for now it's looking unlikely.
  7. Banned for NOT restricting others' free will.
  8. Kerbal Space Program is stronger than ever. It is not yet the time to start discussing KSP 2.
  9. I have used this pack once, but I wasn't a fan of Kersex having ground stations. Perhaps there could be an alternate version without said ground stations?
  10. Having a problem with the UI, I pressed CTRL + P and the menu did open.... But there were no buttons. I'm using the latest version of Kopernicus. (Screenie will be uploaded "shortly") EDIT: Nevermind, it only comes up as blank in the tracking station.
  11. My opinion is the same as NSEP's. I'd also rather have a computer than a mix of melted plastic and molten metal.
  12. Banned for living somewhere over the rainbow.