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  1. When KSP 2 comes out, I do plan on eventually making a new Extrasolar (Extrasolar 2 if you'd like :P) for KSP 2. When an "Extrasolar 2" would come out would be completely dependent on if/when planet modding capabilities are brought to KSP 2. Who knows, maybe planet modding capabilities will come right out of the box.

    In the meantime, there is a small possibility of me making Extrasolar 1.9 and releasing it sometime in the future, maybe on the 4th anniversary of Extrasolar (January 24th, 2020) or on Valentine's day (February 14th, 2020). Extrasolar 1.9, if I do end up releasing it, would probably be one of the last, if not the last major update for Extrasolar, so I'd make sure I clean up lots of things, maybe update a couple of textures, etc, so that I leave it in a state that I'm relatively happy with. I'm wary of changing any textures though, because I don't want people's preexisting landers or bases to blow up because of heightmap changes.

    We'll see what I decide to do.

    1. FreeThinker


      What about the high quality texture feature introduced by KSP 1.8? Will you integrate them into Extra Solar?


    2. AndrewDraws


      Yes I will do that once 1.8 comes out.

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