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  1. You put "extrasolar" as one of the tags for this thread, absolutely unforgivable XD
  2. The capitalization doesn't actually matter. As @moar ssto said, if viewing the planets from the tracking station, some may looked bugged. When you are actually in the system, the planet should look normal from the map view and from space. This is basically exactly what I've heard. A lot of it is just the media hyping it up. Whatever is going on in these systems could very well be something completely different than exomoons. It's pretty early to jump to the conclusion that these are even exomoon candidates.
  3. @moar sstoI've been messing around in REX, and it looks like the problem you described is a glitch due to using the debug menu to get into low orbit. If you wanna test out the planets, try using the debug menu to put yourself in a high orbit, save, reload, and then put yourself into a lower orbit and glide to the surface. I think you should have better luck that way. Using the set orbit thing, like hyperedit, can cause glitches with planets that are far away. It's really just a finicky thing that I don't have much control over. However, if you actually travel to these planets legitimately, I don't think this problem will persist.
  4. Considering that I haven't updated this since 1.2.2, you can safely assume this mod is mostly dead
  5. The problem is I'm not seeing this same issue on my own install, so I need to be able to replicate exactly what you did, including the location you landed on since you said in some areas it's glitched while in others it is not. Also, what you're describing seems like an issue that would be solved by saving and reloading, which is why I think it's weird that you said that didn't do anything. There's really not much I can do if I do what you're describing and I don't experience the same issue.
  6. @moar sstoBasically exactly what @AloE said. If you can provide the specific longitude and latitude of the locations that cause you your spacecraft to crash into an invisible surface, that will allow me to exactly replicate what you are doing.
  7. Yes, eventually I'll update this to 1.9./1.10. I currently don't have any plans to add more stars.
  8. Time to address a bunch of comments here! I know I haven't been attentive to my KSP mods... Thank you very much for this! I was planning on adding Kerbalism compatibility, and you beat me to it! Unfortunately, Principia doesn't like interstellar mods. I wish I could make REX compatible with Principia too! Can you show me a screenshot of what you seeing? I often see stuff like this when I use hyperedit.
  9. I'm sorry I have not been attentive to this mod (or Real Exoplanets for that matter). Real life sucks, and I also have a Skyrim mod I've been putting a lot of time into. I was in the middle of working on an update for Extrasolar a few months ago, so I'll try to complete that. As for people who are maybe having issues with Extrasolar, you need to provide me with a screenshot of your gamedata folder, and your KSP.log file in order for me to even begin to be of any help.
  10. Yep that's why. Don't use versions of kopernicus that are not compatible with the latest version of ksp
  11. I was just wondering because I didn't know whether or not having more than 1 multiplier would result in them being multiplied together.
  12. I'm saying if you have one patch written like @radius *= 10 And other applied afterwards written like @radius *= 5 Is the net scaling 50x or 5x? Hey! I chose a dark purple color since plants on planets orbiting red dwarfs would probably be darker, and because it's theorized that photosynthesizing plants on Earth were initially purple, so I thought it'd be cool to have dark purple plants lol
  13. Question: if a patch scales a planet by let's say 10x, and then a patch applied after this patch scales the same planet by 5x is the net scaling 50x or just 5x?
  14. This is what I was referring to, as well as the fact that in the actual planet configs are in real scale, and then they are patched to work with stock, which I'm aware is a very backwards way of doing things.
  15. Speaking of things I want to do with REX, here's a list of the major things I currently want to implement for the next update: CRP support KSRSS Compatibility Inner and Outer Oort Clouds for all systems Trees on TRAPPIST-1e, and other signs of life (previous civilizations?) Also, here's TRAPPIST-1e but with purple foliage!
  16. Hey, given how REX handles compatibility with both RSS and the stock system, I'd expect there to be some strange interactions with sigma dimensions and I don't think they'd be compatible. I know how I can fix this, so thank you for reminding me about this so I can write it down on my list of things I want to do lol.
  17. If you are using RSS, you will need RSSVE in order for the visuals in REX to work
  18. Hey no worries. Thanks for sending over your logs and such. I think the issue is Astronomer's Visual Pack. Extrasolar is not compatible with this mod, though I do plan on changing that in the future. Instead, you can use Stock Visual Enhancements which is compatible. Please let me know if that helps you. This is most definitely something I will be working on. Currently the only system replacer that Extrasolar works with is After Kerbin, but increased compatibility is something I really want to work on whenever I finally update this mod lol.
  19. Hey guys. I know I've kind of neglected Extrasolar for a long time, instead putting most of my time into Real Exoplanets, and I apologize for that. Recently I've been feeling a bit more motivated to update Extrasolar, and I'll make sure to look through the issues people have been having and see if it's a problem on Extrasolar's end. There are some things I have planned for Extrasolar ,so stay tuned.
  20. Thanks for pointing that first thing out. It turns out I had unintentionally shifted every star's right ascension by 90 degrees, meaning their relative positions to each other are correct but their positions relative to the earth are incorrect. All I need to do is subtract 90 degrees from each star's longitude of the ascending node and that should fix it. That second piece is not a bug. TRAPPIST-1b is really just that hot. It's called rayleigh scattering using the mod scatterer. Looks blue for the same reason that Earth looks blue from space. The ground itself is not blue. You can make your own planets and give them your own names, I'm just saying you can't use any files from REX.
  21. Tau Ceti f is not a gas giant. It is a mini-neptune/ice giant. This is possible given the range of possible masses for Tau Ceti f. The rock on Teegarden b is not blue. It's gray. The monitor you are using must not be displaying colors accurately. Considering I recently changed the license to be All Rights Reserved, that third thing you mentioned is unfortunately impossible.
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