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  1. Please post your KSP.log and a screenshot of your GameData folder. Extrasolar is compatible with the Community Resource Pack, so mods that require that mod, such as the mods you mentioned, should work well with Extrasolar. Each planet should have proper resource distributions.
  2. This is due to Alpha Centauri actually being a barycenter. If you click on Proxima Centauri and then hit tab a few times, that should allow you to select Alpha Centauri. I need to see if it's possible to make barycenters selectable in the map view.
  3. Hey, this is an error on my part. Community Terrain Texture Pack is no longer a dependency. I thought I had removed every mention of CTTP being a dependency but I guess that slipped through the cracks. My bad! In other news, here's a nice screenshot of the surface of Tau Ceti g
  4. Basically, all that's required for doing things helio/geocentrically (they're basically the same thing on the scales we are talking about) is to convert the right ascension and declination of the star into degrees. The right ascension translates into the longitude of the ascending node and declination translates into inclination.
  5. Though I understand the appeal of reparenting every star, I decided a while ago that it wasn't worth the headache. Doing this would require that I completely recalculate the orbital parameters for each star. Currently, because interstellar coordinates are geocentric, it makes it relatively easy to translate those coordinates into an orbit around the Sun. All in all, I just think the benefits of doing what you're suggesting outweigh the drawbacks. Thank you for taking your time to express your appreciation for this mod. Your appreciation is appreciated
  6. You'll want to install version 0.9.4 if you want to use it in 1.7.3
  7. Check out this video of this guy traveling to Proxima Centauri in Real Exoplanets! This guy only has about 2k subs, but this video has acquired nearly 70k views! I think it would be amazing if that video reached 100k views.
  8. The installation instructions indicate that in order for visuals to work, SVE or RSSVE must be installed depending on whether you're using stock or RSS respectively. Scatterer and EVE are dependencies for both of those two mods.
  9. If that is the case, that is a mistake on my part. Isn't game-breaking or anything, but a mistake nonetheless. I'll fix that today.
  10. Oh yeah. Alpha Centauri Bb was found to not exist many years ago right?
  11. Ummm... Proxima Centauri b has been confirmed for a loooong time. If it's confirmed that means that there is little doubt that it exists. Can you please provide a source that says Proxima Centauri b doesn't exist? As for Proxima Centauri c, this is old news and in fact, I've already added Proxima Centauri c as a mini-neptune into REX.
  12. Yeah sure, if all I have to do is say yes, then why not lol
  13. Updated REX last night. The most major additions are the implementation of the new terrain shaders for all of the terrestrial planets and the addition of Proxima Centuari c
  14. Some more terrain screenshots: Currently testing to make sure everything looks normal in stock as well as in RSS before I release an update. Proxima Centauri c will be coming to this update as well.
  15. Hey sorry I took so long to do this: https://github.com/AndrewDraws/Real-Exoplanets/releases
  16. I was telling him that more as a way to test if the glitch is still there when you travel to the planet
  17. That looks like a glitch that only appears in the tracking station. I think if you use hyperedit to teleport yourself over to TRAPPIST-1f, that weird effect shouldn't be there.
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