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  1. Like any other planet pack, this requires kopernicus
  2. Extrasolar should work with research bodies, but I haven't created fancy descriptions for when you discover something If you want something that is extremely complicated and challenging, then KSPIE is the way to go. Otherwise, Near Future Propulsion and Photon Sailor are both good options.
  3. Extrasolar has yet to become compatible with AVP as well as Spectra, but I will be working on compatibility. It should be a matter of just a handful of config files. Extrasolar is compatible with SVE however.
  4. EXTRASOLAR License: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike DESCRIPTION: The Extrasolar mod adds the red dwarf star "Valentine" in orbit around Kerbol. Orbiting Valentine are several new planets and moons to discover. Because Valentine is so far away, you will probably have to download some mods in order to make the trip easier. DO NOT INSTALL THIS FROM CKAN! LIST OF CELESTIAL BODIES: SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD ON SPACEDOCK CHANGE LOG:
  5. Absolutely incredible. The cloud light pollution thing is very clever and I would've never thought of that.
  6. @pmborg Nah I'm not saying you can't post on this thread, I'm just saying that it gets a little overwhelming and excessive when there are long posts of raw information about exoplanets, that's all. I will repeat what I said before which is that the radius of Gliese 667Cc is unknown, and that 1.5 R-earth figure you see is actually assumes that its minimum mass is its actual mass as well as assuming an earth-like composition, which are two very big assumptions. More likely than not, Gliese 667Cc's mass is well above 4 M-earth, making it more likely to be a water world or mini-neptune with a large radius rather than a small, rocky, earth-like planet.
  7. Here in this data table, you can see that Gliese 667Cc's minimum mass is about 4 M-earth. This is the minimum mass of this planet, meaning it's mass could very well be over 6 M-earth, placing it closer to the mini-neptune range. It's radius is also unknown since it was discovered using doppler spectroscopy, and no known transits have occured. Saying that we know its radius to be 1.5 R-earth is not true. As for its tidal forces, you can see that even if Gliese 667Cc is rocky, it would experience tidal forces 300 times that of Earth, which would result in an extremely active and volcanic surface. Also, I'll note that we do not know the surface temperature of any of these planets either, so stating that we do is just scientifically inaccurate, and might miseducate people, which I don't want. One last thing, @pmborg please stop flooding this thread with data about exoplanets. If you have some information/data/studies you want to share with me, please just link the source here.
  8. Gliese 667Cc is most likely not habitable. More likely than not, it is a mini-neptune, and even if it is rocky, it would experience extreme tidal forces that would render the surface uninhabitable.
  9. I'm no longer maintaining RSSVE light. However, it's possible that I will update it at some point in the future. If I decide to update it, I will fix this problem. Mi traducción horrible: Ya no mantengo RSSVE light. Sin embargo, es posible que vaya a actualizarlo en algún momento en el futuro. Si decido actualizarlo, arreglaré este problema.
  10. If you are curious about what my sources are, I do have a list of all sources in the OP.
  11. I already have access to the latest information on the size and mass of these planets, and have used that information to create the planets.
  12. TRAPPIST-1d with a slightly more realistic ocean shape and more detail added to the ice sheets: New Proxima Centauri b map (I do notice the seam btw ): Surface of Teegarden c:
  13. Ah ok. Yeah Tau Ceti g and h have lava on the surface, as well as TRAPPIST-1c.
  14. It's not hot enough to have lava on the surface. It's kinda halfway between the temperature of Venus and Earth
  15. Tau Ceti e is a steam planet. The planets with surface liquid are Tau Ceti e (water), Teegarden b (sulfuric acid), TRAPPIST-1b (liquid CO2), TRAPPIST-1d (water), TRAPPIST-1e (water) and TRAPPIST-1f (water).
  16. Yup exactly. I can't remember exactly how hot it is off the top of my head, but it's definitely very hot.
  17. Dang I haven't seen you around in forever! I'm glad you like what I'm working on You made RVE didn't you?
  18. That's a very good question haha. I haven't decided how the distances to stars will be scaled. More likely than not, I'll have a setting file where people can set their own scale to their liking.
  19. I'm a little hesitant to put a description for each planet on the OP since there are a lot of planets. Maybe I'll add a description to each system so that it's a bit more compact. Yes! There will definitely be one or more habitable planets in REX. Currently, TRAPPIST-1e is the only planet I've made so far that could be considered habitable. I might add more in the future. We'll see The stars are positioned heliocentrically, meaning they orbit the Sun. The simplifies things on my end because stellar coordinates IRL are heliocentric, and it also means I don't have to do things such as change the Sun to the galactic center, re-parent Kerbin to an identical copy of the Sun, etc. The stock version will have kerbalized names and descriptions, and will be scaled down to the same size as the stock system. Other than that, the stock version will be identical to the RSS version.
  20. Hey, I'm glad you're excited! Please note that one of the rules on this section of the forums is to speak in English. However, if you want to speak in your native language, there is a Chinese section of the KSP forums! https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/forum/90-chinese-中文/
  21. Don't worry, it will work with both RSS and the stock solar system
  22. When KSP 2 comes out, I do plan on eventually making a new Extrasolar (Extrasolar 2 if you'd like :P) for KSP 2. When an "Extrasolar 2" would come out would be completely dependent on if/when planet modding capabilities are brought to KSP 2. Who knows, maybe planet modding capabilities will come right out of the box.

    In the meantime, there is a small possibility of me making Extrasolar 1.9 and releasing it sometime in the future, maybe on the 4th anniversary of Extrasolar (January 24th, 2020) or on Valentine's day (February 14th, 2020). Extrasolar 1.9, if I do end up releasing it, would probably be one of the last, if not the last major update for Extrasolar, so I'd make sure I clean up lots of things, maybe update a couple of textures, etc, so that I leave it in a state that I'm relatively happy with. I'm wary of changing any textures though, because I don't want people's preexisting landers or bases to blow up because of heightmap changes.

    We'll see what I decide to do.

    1. FreeThinker


      What about the high quality texture feature introduced by KSP 1.8? Will you integrate them into Extra Solar?


    2. AndrewDraws


      Yes I will do that once 1.8 comes out.

  23. Once I make TRAPPIST-1h and fix some atmospheres, I'll release an alpha version of REX
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