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  1. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [WIP] [Star System] Beyond Home - After Kerbol's End

    That's a really unique looking planet. I love it.
  2. Hey folks. I am seriously considering discontinuing both of my mods. Ever since I started modding 3 years ago, I've never been happy with my planet packs, and I think it's time for me to let them go.

    1. JadeOfMaar


      Duuuude. :( That's really unfortunate. I'm happy to have gotten to try Extrasolar, even if just for testing purposes, and I've admired your skill and motivation. I hope you still had fun with things in KSP and I wish you well if/when you're gone. You'll be sorely missed when you go.

    2. Adstriduum


      I feel the same way. I'm not happy with most of the things I've made.

      When you make something, you start from the beginning. You slowly add onto it. But you think it sucks and that you can do better. But since you're the one who made it, You notice all of its flaws before anyone else does. And it sticks out like a sore thumb because they just feel unfixable.

      But whatever you chose to do I was you the best of luck. :) 

  3. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

    Can you show me a screenshot of the message, a screenshot of your gamedata folder, and your output log? Also, what version of Kopernicus are you using?
  4. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

    Thank you so much!
  5. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

    I'm pretty sure Atomic Age is very outdated. Something like Near Future Propulsion should work, but you won't be able to use it in 1.6.0.
  6. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

    I'm working fine tuning the existing planets' textures, as well as improving compatibility between Extrasolar and other mods. If you want to use visual enhancement mods (scatterer and environmental visual enhancements) then Extrasolar will not work with Before Kerbin. However, if you are not using visual enhancement mods, then Extrasolar should work pretty well with Before Kerbin. Yes, OPM and Extrasolar are compatible with each other. Although you can reach Valentine using stock parts, the journey will be much longer than if you were to use mods. Going to Valentine with stock parts is totally feasible, though.
  7. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    KSP Community Rewind 2018

  8. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

  9. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

    I was not happy with those moons, so I got rid of them.
  10. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

  11. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

  12. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [1.6.0] Extrasolar v1.8.0 [12/21/18]

    No new objects are going to be added into Extrasolar.
  13. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [WIP] [Unreleased] Adstriduum's Planet Overhaul/Pack

    Independent documentary film? That sounds sweet.
  14. AndrewDrawsPrettyPictures

    [WIP] [Unreleased] Adstriduum's Planet Overhaul/Pack

    Adstriduum just said that he's starting to lose motivation to work on his mod, and your response to that is to ask for more stuff?