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  1. thx for feedback! This is OnAudioFilterRead method: public void OnAudioFilterRead(float[] data, int channels) { if (canPlay) { buzzers.ForEach(b => { if (!b.Idle) b.GenerateAudio(data, channels); }); } } When entering VAB, buzzers is initialized as an empty list so this method should be doing nothing. So maybe the exception is triggered outside the method, when Unity tries to call OnAudioFilterRead from its Messaging System. If so, this could be Unity's problem. I'm not familiar with linux so I currently have no idea why this goes wrong in linux.
  2. Synthesizer for Kerbal Space Program This mod adds a customizable synthesizer block in Utility category. Note: Click PlayStart to activate it, then you can play around with other options. Controlling via action groups and controllers are supported. Dependencies - Module Manager - Indicator Lights (Optional, Recommended) Note : If Indicator Lights is not installed, the note block will have the exactly same model as "The Not-Rockomax Micronode". If Indicator Lights is installed, then the note block will have a fancy glowing frame and adjustable color. So it's highly recommended to install Indicator Lights. Download from Github from SpaceDock Demo Video or Bilibili Custom Tones You can define harmonics to synthesize custom tones. see KerbalSynth/Tones/ folder for examples. Source Github Lincese : MIT
  3. Could you tell me exactly what problem you got? I need more information to give you support.
  4. v0.4 for KSP 1.6.1 Changes Improved layout Settings panel Adjustable input smooth and curve Adjustable unit(m, feet, m/s, km/h, mph) Switch between navball and nav-screen Abort, map and timewarp buttons. Explanations about settings Input curve factor: If set to 0, the output to vessel's control will be exactly same as input. If set to 1, the output will be the same as input only when input is small. As input increases, the output increases slower. Input smooth factor: If set to 0, the output will response immediately when input changes. If set to 1, the output will be smooth and delayed.
  5. There will be improvements on art style and several new features(according to suggestions). It's a lot of work to do and it's hard to say how long it will take to finish. Maybe next Monday.
  6. Sure, I'm adding them to my todo list. Thanks for suggestions!
  7. Great job! I'm working on UI improvement to adapt to different screen resolution.
  8. The file "KSP_AndroidJoystick_v0.3.apk" is inside the zip file. If you have an Android phone, then you can send the .apk file to the phone and install it.
  9. Thanks for your reply! I'm gonna add these to my todo list
  10. This mod allows you to use your Android device to remotely control a vessel in KSP. Download (including both the mod and the android app) - Github - SpaceDock Install - Drag the RemoteJoystick folder into your GameData Folder - Install the .apk file on your android device Use - Make sure your PC and android device are connected with the same local area network. - When you fly a vessel, the mod icon will appear. Right click it to start the server. The icon will then turn yellow. - Run the android app, enter the local ip of your PC, click the Connect button. The ingame icon will turn green if the connection is successful. - Enjoy. Note that you should always use the corresponding android app version with the mod. If you are going to update the mod, you should also update the android app. Screenshot Source - Mod - Android app All contents are under the MIT License. Network Usage This mod contacts with the Android app using socket. The data from Android device to PC only includs joystick positions, steering, throttle and action groups, encoded to a 8Byte data, sent 20times/sec. The data from PC to Android device only includs vessel's velocity, rotation, longitude and latitude, encoded to a 28Byte data, sent 20 times/sec. Todo √ UI scale for different resolutions √ Add longitude and latitude and altitude display √ Add velocity indicator on navball - Add target indicator on navball - Switch SAS mode - Switch to docking mode √ Timewarp √ Map view toggle suggestions are welcomed