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  1. It has making flight parts, so like a way more advanced and realistic KSP flight wise, I would never stretch it as a ripoff as you can take inspiration without being a ripoff (a.k.a modular parts)
  2. Not working for me, I'm using houston. Don't know why it's not working for Houston (tried new leaflet fix thing with new map)
  3. Are we gonna be having the Week in Report thing on the 7th or is there gonna be a longer wait this time around?
  4. I'm 60% sure this can be done with a mod. I don't know the limits though
  5. Not being updated as far as I know but @AntiSol was nice enough to recompile it. The recompile works fine, https://antisol.org/Telemachus-1.3.zip <--- That's the best download link (From AntiSol)
  6. I said nevermind if that helps. - End reponse Does anyone know how to get "Houston" map to work? (In ground track section) This is what I get
  7. Hello, does anyone know if "Houston" for telemachus will be updated? And does anyone know if telemachus will be updated for 1.3.x? EDIT: Nevermind, 5 posts above answered both questions
  8. Nevermind! I found out reverting back to 0.320 and turning on "Draw atmosphere ontop of EVE clouds" (Or the similar named thing, too lazy to exactly qoute it) it works perfectly fine. Thanks for your beautiful and amazing mod!
  9. I get the halo still, (Forgot to load the atmosphere with scatterer) and also things are just so wrong. 0.0322 dev
  10. Eh I meant it for realism, it burned up hours ago anyways.
  11. 0.14 no it did not die when they wanted money for a game because that allows them to add more features. Not everything that costs money is because they are money-hungry 0.15 Did not kill KSP because variety is good. Just because they added planes doesn't mean that it impedes the spacecraft 0.16 didnt kill KSP because they added EVA. EVA Is and was a good thing 0.17 Did not kill KSP because more exploration is good 0.18 Did not kill KSP because they added docking. (This is where i'm starting to think you're joking but I'm gonna continue just in case) 0.19 ??? there
  12. Has anyone checked if this works for 1.3.1? It doesn't for me but I want to know if anyone else has it where it doesn't either.
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