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  1. I'm not complaining by any means that no one ready to do some work for me. I just mentioned RoverDude answer to show that I've heard it and that's OK. If RD is busy with 1.4 development - so be it, I guess that's more important, than features of mod.
  2. I've already did "feature request" on the forum, the answer was "no time for that now". Do you think feature request (that's not the issue, really) exactly on GH will magically give author more time? I guess no. I'm still in this topic just to wonder, am I the only one interested in such feature? If so - no sense to do request on GH.
  3. I've already registered on Unity site when I wanted to try model export-import chain. So it now spams my mail with suggestions to make own Unity app, thinking it's not hard too I'm not a programmer nor modeller, although I have couple of times compiled mods from existing sources and even have sucсesseful imported own blender models (I'd better not show them to anyone), I do not understand that stuff enough to do something for public use.
  4. I'm not GitHub user, so pull request is "the chunk of work I'm not ready now" also... I would be grateful if someone formed the right request based on my proposal.
  5. But the list is the missing option, classes/costs are manageble as is. Without random list it looks more like interface to cheat-menu "spawn kerbal" function in-game. It breaks career-feeling a bit... Is list management too hard to implement with all class/cost options? While lookind through one of saves I've seen that KSP still has the list, it's just hidden from player. That makes me sad even more - there are kerbals, willing to participate, but I have no way to hire them.
  6. I'm still using 1.3 KSP with MKS 52.2, but can't find combination of options to keep stock list, only TRP with MKS classes/TRP with stock classes (plus cost control)
  7. @RoverDude - Is it possible to keep stock hiring list AND that TRP-alike implimentation at the same time? I'd prefer kerbal hire customisation as an option, maybe even with delay, so you will have an option between "choose from avaliable " or "post vacancy with special requirements and wait for your perfect_fit volunteer".
  8. My friend with Canon EOS 550D shot them and sent to me, I cropped them a bit in Irfanview and uploaded(Imgur refuses to load originals but I still have them if anyone interested). But the planes themselves have flown above us in 2015 IIRC, that was "9-th of May" parade or it's rehearsal. EDIT: Found the video with all of them above Red Square (Helis didn't fly above us, only planes did)
  9. KSP 1.3, MCE, Tiros-1 contract doesn't recognise Communotron 16 antenna. And is it possible to move contract definitions to .cfg files, like in Contract Configurator, so that their editing was possible without recompiling the mod?
  10. @taniwha - I've got a problem with your im/exporter. I have updated old version (probably 1.0.0) to GIT version, but some models which old version had import fine, new throw errors, leaving model half-imported. To be honest, one error exists in both cases: but model hierarchy (stock small landing gear) with old importer looks fine: but new version fails:
  11. @RealGecko have you actually fly crafts with KRX parts? You'll probably get more errors In my case Firespitter was spamming NRE about FSplanePropellerSpinner module, i've modified module in configs like this (example from sparrow rotor): This solves the problem for me. I'm not sure if it's the right way, but it works Maybe @Eskandare will tell better.
  12. @HaArLiNsH - I've got a bug in TRR v0.4+KIS/KAS (KSP 1.3 still because if mods). When kerbal grabs winch head, it becomes invisible: With Rangemachine's version (for 1.3) there is no such bug. Don't know if it's still happening in 1.3.1 and TRR 0.5 .... EDIT: it becomes visible again if i switch to EVA suit.
  13. For @TMasterson5 - why not use Firespitter texture switcher? I've made small pack from your's #8 zip (just small boats and their stuff) which uses only 2 texture files for the whole parts. Here is example config of SmallBoat2 hull (I moved .mu files and textures to "Assets folder), my changes are coloured in green: The most troublesome part was to find all objects for texture switcher("objectNames ="), but now it works like a charm...
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