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  1. @Angel-125 not the thing of utmost importance, but have you thought of any solution for multihull type vessels with asymmetrical hulls? Where inward side is flat/narrower than outward? Like this:
  2. I'm not the all_knowing_guru, so I may be wrong somewhere. I don't know even right syntax of this config. But let's talk about algorithm itself. So you don't have array of elements where lat/lon/alt will be properties of each element(not sure if that is possible in config, but I'm about algorithm itself) but instead 3 separate arrays: lat array, lon array, alt array and then in waypoint you read all three serially to complete definition, right? So I guess you should narrow the problem - find out first what is wrong - the array generating process ends up writing wrong data to array or reading process in the waypoint definition don't like your data in the array. Can you check the data in array itself? Does it look like what you expect?
  3. I'm not programmer myself but want to ask if you are making calculation right in the waipoint defining process? like "Waypoint1(Lat=Lat1,Lon=Lon1,Alt=some_calculations_here)" ? or previously defined Alt as varable for example like Alt1 and THEN define waypoint with this variable?
  4. Maybe you've discovered that all biomes have both situations available: "landed" and "splashed", which doubles most of science reports(try to find "splashed at Kerbin Mountains"-it is possible ). AFAIK the only one science report which has difference based on depth is DMagic bathimetry report https://spacedock.info/mod/128/DMagic Orbital Science
  5. I've thought of one useful tool for scuba operations: not sure if that's possible in KSP
  6. I don't like to cosplay Captain Obvious, but so be it: the fact that this is pier, didn't stop you from riding wheeled vehicle on it, so it probably wouldn't stop any future racers, but that gas station in the middle - will, with explosions, maybe.... So I suggest to move it to the side, for safety reasons P.S. I understand that we are talking about game (of boosters and explosions, yes), not the real life, but that station right in the middle of straight route doesn't look right for me. Look, that pier doesn't even look like racing track or runway, but the station is to the side:
  7. Ahh, explosive stuff right in the middle of T-junction... What can possible go wrong?
  8. Sad news Hope it's false alarm about data and you will be able to recover your files.
  9. That ARS vehicle on the last pic looks like it needs rescue itself, LOL But it reminds me of rescue missions from original @inigma's GAP - there was so much fun, especially to guess, will there be RUD on wreckage when entering phys. range or not :)
  10. I guess that's a bit wrong and dangerous technique - if you set Pe somewhere between 20-30 Km - the craft will not return back to orbit even if it is returning from the Mun, not 500 Km Ap, but it will loose speed pretty high to open chutes in totally safe conditions. With lower Pe the trajectory may become too steep, leaving you with very small safe window to open chutes or even without safe spot at all and you will perform lithobraking at high speed.
  11. Warning -all the text in this post is IMHO. I found stock construction useful when adding science equipment to exploration rover in early game (all parts over 30 parts limit go to start uncounted inside inventories) - flat surface, many little surface attachable thing that go in batch. In this case stock wins from KIS, but when I try to build first career outpost (Pathfinder and buffalo details) KIS way of construction totally overwhelm stock - node selector, ability to move not single parts, but "subassemblies". The disadvantage of KIS is lag after any action (maybe that's only in my game). But stock construction and parts like buffalo chassis parts (6 and more nodes) is a no-go. And for wheels assemblies which in most designs require offsets, and benefits from symmetry, I see no use in EVA-construction at all. I don't know if it's possible in KSP/Unity to make spare wheels attachable to suspension parts and then works like single construction, but only then I think there is niche for EVA-construction - change spare wheels, not the suspension.
  12. @Caerfinon That looks like pretty greedy contract for me. Stock contracts "measure temp/pressure/crew_report" give comparable amount of funds, if not count science, but are much easier than recovery of heave parts from the deeps. I guess the rates should be doubled at least. Or do the real awards under the edge of screen differs a lot from optional?
  13. Did you test your missions with LS mods too? Especially TAC-LS - that thing IIRC tends to drain electricity pretty fast on such constructions, which makes recovery missions a bit tricky.
  14. Sand is ok, no mess with any russian word. About props I wonder if that is possible to define the places for them in the model itself, there was that technique for attachment nodes, instead defining all numbers creator can just specify empty named transform(coordinates) in the model and then just refer it in the cfg, so any recise leaves the nodes in correct positions. Too bad I don't remember syntax nor where was the topic with tutorial.
  15. @ColdJ In the model hierarchy LR is the main rover body, without all the small bits like mirrors, tubes, radiator and such. They are in the LR-Bits object, which is the only one with emissive texture. I haven't seen any signs of animation at all, at least what blender counts as animation. Maybe something was not interpreted right by importer plugin, but it gives no error. I'm not a guru in this modelling stuff, just trial and error for some time+some google-fu About colours - I'm impressed by explorer styled wheels, not sure how authentic they are, but look cool. Camo is ok too, but silver is a no-go for me, but that is me. And please, stop calling khaki(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khaki) as kaki, that souds like childish name of excrements in russian.
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