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  1. I'd love to post one, but I'm currently at school and don't have access to my screenshots folder. I'll post a pic later, when I do have access. I know the issue has to do with the TWR after the SRBs separate, but I can't really add more engines to the bottom without them clipping, which I'd like to avoid. The payload capacity goal was 600 tons to LKO, as its predecessor can lift 500 tons to LKO, and I wanted something even more powerful, but it seems I may just have to stick with said predecessor. EDIT: Here's a screenshot of it. It has 8 Freya SRBs and 55 Vector engines for the first sta
  2. Spent 4 hours trying to fix that new giant rocket of mine and failed miserably. Went to bed after giving up for the day; as it turns out, I need to either shorten the first stage tank or reduce the diameter of the second stage, neither of which I want to do, because then it might look weird. Anyway, page 2204? What's next, 2205? EDIT: oh no
  3. Made another giant superheavy rocket. It has 55 Vectors and 8 Freya SRBs for the first stage, giving it a maximum first stage thrust of 166,400 Kn. I don't have access to my screenshots folder right now, and I forgot to post it on Steam, so I unfortunately cannot post a screenshot. But I do know the height (sans payload) is around 120-140 meters tall. The goal payload capacity was 600 tons to LKO; during the first test, however, it was only hauling a 47.55 ton payload, and yet the TWR went below 1 when the SRBs were spent and ejected. I suspect it has something to do with the size of the secon
  4. Launched a refueling station into LKO in a single launch. Ignore the fact that some parts are floating, they are attached, the part models just didn't render for some reason. And here's a picture of the Minmus station I mentioned previously. Both were launched into space using the superheavy (Does a 500 ton max payload even count as superheavy anymore? I feel it should be something else.) lifter I've dubbed the "giant boi." The refueling station nearly didn't reach orbit, and I only just found out that it was actually 600 tons, so I'm going to have to watch the weight from
  5. Launched a station into orbit of Minmus without even using the third stage. Also posted the rocket I used to KerbalX. Don't have a screenshot of the station, but I do have one of the rocket before launch. https://kerbalx.com/KebabKerman/giant-boi
  6. I made a bootleg morgan and an airborne aircraft carrier. The carrier can carry 7 microfighters, possibly up to 10, but I don't have a screenshot of them right now. On a side note, I found out you can stack the missile rails from BDArmory.
  7. Update: I managed to get 10 F-15e's into formation... kinda. Two of them got stuck on the wing, and that kind of sucks. It's like they're glued there, they just... Don't come off. EDIT: Note: Do not set the lag value to anything other than max in wing command. Your escorts will drift into the propellers.
  8. BDArmory's AI pilot managed to land an F-15e on the wing of an Arsenal Bird... I'm not even sure how he did it. I can't get him off. It's like he's glued there. If you want the Arsenal Bird, it's on KerbalX (Not mine, it was made by Colonel Cbplayer.)
  9. I've been having an issue. For some reason, on the server I started up, vessels just... Teleport 650,000km into space whenever they make contact with a planetary body or enter an atmosphere. I don't know if it's something with the mods I've been using, or something else entirely, but whenever it happens there are three red rings on the X, Y, and Z axis, and the launched vessel is always on one of the rings, and the ring it's on is offset from the others. I'm extremely confused as to why this is happening. I'll fill in a bug report later, but it seems to be related to, if not the same, issue th
  10. Just some more info on that poll: Adding Mk3XL parts will mean adding a minimum of 11 new parts, and at max 37 (counting variants as separate parts,) because I just gotta get that full set. EDIT: 1,000 DOWNLOADS!
  11. Wow, 4 months... Has it really been that long?

  12. Alright guys, I'm gonna try and work on this again. We're nearing 1,000 downloads, and I want to do something special for it. After the next update, this may only get updated to new versions with the occasional new part or two. Sorry for any disappointment that this gave, and I hope you enjoy.
  13. I haven't played KSP in over a month... I'm not sure what to think about this.
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