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  1. Just some more info on that poll: Adding Mk3XL parts will mean adding a minimum of 11 new parts, and at max 37 (counting variants as separate parts,) because I just gotta get that full set. EDIT: 1,000 DOWNLOADS!
  2. Wow, 4 months... Has it really been that long?

    1. Fraston



  3. Alright guys, I'm gonna try and work on this again. We're nearing 1,000 downloads, and I want to do something special for it. After the next update, this may only get updated to new versions with the occasional new part or two. Sorry for any disappointment that this gave, and I hope you enjoy.
  4. I haven't played KSP in over a month... I'm not sure what to think about this.
  5. 1/1000000th scale. 0.6 meters. Perfect. Kerbals can achieve orbit simply by jumping!
  6. We have to go smaller. 1/1000th it is!
  7. Why go 1/10th when you can go 1/100th?
  8. So, I finally got around to making parts for this mod. Should be done before the end of the month. Here's a sneak peek of some of the parts! Won't be released for a while, sorry. I mean, it should be released this month, so at least there isn't a long wait. Download (Currently just has a cat picture, but whatever. Download it if you really want.)
  9. Ok, so now I'm picturing an ultralight on top of a B-52, with the ultralight carrying the entire weight of the plane with no effort whatsoever. (The following is otherwise unrelated.) Y'know that image of a cat with it's mouth open and wide eyes with expanded pupils, with the hand trying to pet it, with the caption "he begged "no more" but the holy hand ignored his plea"? The cat represents the kerbals. The hand is me. I think this perfectly represents Danny2462 as well.
  10. What if we make a plane with a smaller plane on top, with the larger one being the bomb itself, and the smaller one being the real bomber? Hmmm...