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  1. I would like to have my name changed to AquaAlmond, and if that name is still taken by my old account then as an alternative could you change it to Aqua Almond
  2. It may be a good idea to show us the ship if you want us to tell you what we think about it...
  3. This is a build I did of a Martin B-57 Canberra. Tell me what I should build next in the comments, thanks! Like, subscribe and share if you like what you see! Aircraft Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hi9vjzujg88nn3j/Martin%20B-57%20Canberra.craft?dl=0
  4. Disqualified, LV-909 Terrier Liquid Fuel Engine on crash report on last picture.
  5. Nice craft, pretty accurate. It would be nice to see the finished result.
  6. The Boeing X-36 Prototype, no tail fin and relies on thrust vectoring. The B-1B Lancer The Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk, because it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.
  7. Oh... um.. It was intentional then, I didn't know what the abbreviation was sorry.
  8. Yes it was intentional. Sorry I didn't know that was the abbreviation for center of lift and center of mass.
  9. Iv'e uploaded a lot today sorry if I have, I won't be uploading as much at least for now so no need to worry. I just thought I'd try to be a bit productive today.
  10. I'm not trying to push anything on you but if you are liking my content you should subscribe so you can see it more often. (Only if you want to) sorry if i'm being rude
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