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  1. Thanks. I know to put the RSS and RSS-Textures in the gamedata. It's probably that I've hit the memory limit. Didn't know there was one. First game I've modded. I'll try later and see if it works. I've tried CKAN, but I've had lots of other mods installed at the same time, and got the same result. I wonder if the 64 bit version in the 1.1 version will increase the memory limit.
  2. Hey, I'd really like to use this mod to test out my launchers with a new challenge. Vanilla is really getting too easy. But anyways, could you help me, and explain where I place the texture files. If I just put the 2048 file in the gamedata folder, the game doesn't respond. If I put the textures within the RSS folder, the game will be in an infinite loading screen. Could you please help me? I might just be doing the entire RSS thing incorrectly, or maybe just the textures.
  3. I absolutely love this mod. It's hard to find part mods of this quality. I'd just really love if you could get out some more rockets, especially SLS and the Falcon series. I know you said other mods have it, but they just aren't as good as your rockets. Though I suppose it'd be best for you to take your time on these things. Anyways, good luck.