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  1. I have been playing over 940 hours of KSP, 400+ completely Vanilla, zero mods whatsoever. After I found out you simply cannot properly progress this game without dV readings"Kerbal engineer", "precise node", "launchwindow planner" and most importantly, "chatterer", I started for an extra 500hours of a slightly modded KSP install. After a big 1y and half break from KSP: Only now I discovered CKAN does all the modding for me... Holy kerbal, the time I have been wasting with installing and updating obsolete mods... 944hours and only now a CKAN to assist me Great, love it total
  2. That would also mean a super massive black hole in the centre where both kerbol and "star x" spin around. While I'd like to see this happen, I highly doubt it. Luckily I have better time warp installed, just in case 1.3 brings exo's
  3. I ve read about 5 decent, plausible mp warp ideas all with their own pro and contra paradoxes and some solutions. There just isn't a final solution I guess, rather multiple ones all targeting different player personal preferences and their personal game play experience. Meaning solution X works for 8% of players while Y works for 7% and Z .... and so on... Then there probably is 50% who doesn't even care for MP but prefers those dev recourses on new SP content
  4. Not against the idea but might as well be seperate game. Hohmann transfer gone. Just point nose to duna and fire... halfway, retro burn. Even if we get used to that play style (like many games use it already), we have more issues. If we keep te hohmann transfer system and just speed up the craft along the projected orbit, it defies the laws of gravity. Even if we go for that technology... Planet alignment may be trivial at those crazy speeds so we don't need 100k fast forward to get our inter planetary transfer windows right before launching. But that fat class E
  5. Omg! I was brainstorming today and thought I found a 100% working solution to KSP MP. Then I decided to read the current existing suggestions only to find out my master plan is a total fail and filled with paradoxes...
  6. k Got the mod installed Oh man... Been playing with the numbers in that GUI. A bit overwhelming at first but I'm starting to get it now. That's insane stuff here! I set a G limit and the fly by wire does the rest. This is even more reliable turning/pitching than my actuator speed trick. I set a 15G limit, something my Jeb can just handle but passes out the tourists without wings falling of etc. Tnx a ton for hinting me this mod!!
  7. Hello all been playing 1.2+ for a while now and I miss this mod a lot, mainly for its ability to tweak controlsurfaces actuator speeds. It was the one thing that made my planes fly way smoother and not ripping 'em apart at crazy speeds by more slowly increasing pitch on the control surfaces instead of the direct wsda contols . Are there any mods known to do the same thing? Or any chance this can get working again on 1.2+, perhaps as stand alone? I think it was this: https://github.com/ClawKSP/KSP-Stock-Bug-Fix-Modules/blob/master/Source/ModuleControlSurfacePlus.cs
  8. The most useless mod ever, but almost can't play without this. Missed it alot!
  9. Woow tnx for that recompile. Much needed mod for getting landing zones right
  10. Oh man.... Been playing 1.2pre-release for some weeks without mods. This was one of those mods I've been missing most. I had to build rockets with an additional % of dV to compensate for inaccurate node planning. Without a doubt, top 5 KSP mods imo!
  11. Well... How could I've been playing 800+ hours KSP and never have heard of this??? Very handy and could have used this 750 hours ago lol. That beta 1.2 seems to work well enough for my needs. Tnx for this great mod!!
  12. Hey man, great tutorial. Playing for over a year vanilla and still learning each day. Today I finally installed KER and discovered situations where I was using engines way wrong. Like you said, terrier or spark engines can outperform poodle on rockomax tanks by 100s dV. I was blinded by Isp and engine size on its respective fuel tanks for over a year. Sure TWR is less but who cares, I want to build more efficient rockets and if those smaller ones get the job done.... I saw some other nice tips and tricks in your guide. I'll try some more of them. Tnx man, great contribution
  13. Hi all! My first post here... Been playing for 1000 hours vanilla or so and decided to increase efficiency on space missions, preparing for fresh carreer start in 1.1 No more 15k dv launchers on a 5t payload for mun mission or a failed manned duna mission, requiring me to launch a 300k credits refuel armada to get them out of there! So I installed KER today + only discovered the advanced parts menu 2 days ago. Will be using KER + that duplicate menu to build some efficient "generic lower orbit launchers" Thinking of some low cost 15t / 30t / 60t basic launch roc
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