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  1. idk. maybe this issue could be fixed with later versions of the mod. i can only assume this is possible though as i don't know much about the contract system.
  2. if you haven't accepted the contract yet there's still a chance you might be able to work your way up the tech tree until you feel you have the technology to do this contract. also does it have to be a manned mission? because if not you could just launch a probe and use the outer planets added by this mod to speed your craft up. either way you still should have decent rocket boosters, generators and probe cores.
  3. i made an alternate texture for the creator it looks almost the same except a bit more dilapidated. looks nice, don't you think? https://imgur.com/0jOBSiM.png (this doesn't mean anything, its just an alternate texture i made for fun)
  4. It would be quite interesting to see the story behind this mod converted into a movie of some kind. I'd do anything to see that happen. Good idea, isn't it. Might be an issue with mac OS. Did you try unistalling all other mods and then reinstalling the planet pack?
  5. idk try poking around at the sigma planets config files to try finding out
  6. im looking for a way to make a vall clone with a space center using kopernicus any way to do that? im also trying to figure out how to add custom water textures by the way
  7. im looking for Christmas video ideas. any suggestions
  8. Thank you all now i know what to put on my station also one more thing to add ~ HUGE SEPTIC EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. im looking for ideas still but here's the incomplete list (feel free to add anything) Core escape pods spaceship docking station mass relay living quarters weapons solar array kerbal torture center centerfuge
  10. i found a bug within the Kerbol star system mod
  11. im looking for some funny glitches to put in my videos any ideas?
  12. hang on! i already did it XD btw you do it by modification of the asteroid part config (ksp/gamedata/squad/parts/misc/potatoroid/part)
  13. i somehow managed to make the asteroid part available as a usable part and by any chance is possible for me to end up with a magic boulder when i launch it? p.s i found a magic boulder cant show you it though
  14. well guys! im finaly done! see the finished product right here P.S keep replying because i may need your help in the future! also here's my youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs8rglnPzeodbD25z2lBfig feel free to subscribe!
  15. im looking for some silly stuff to do in ksp for one of my YouTube videos but im out of ideas. can someone suggest stuff to do?
  16. Features How to use this mod isnt working for me (btw im using ksp 1.1 64 bit does it not work for 64bit?)
  17. I've been looking for mods that add in buildings as a rocket part in ksp but i cant find any. examples include CN tower empire state building space needle Taipei 101 castle etc. please submit your mods at this forum post
  18. i could do it but it would require a lot of looking through files
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