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  1. I'm sure it was working a year or so ago when I added it to my config. I am not sure that it is still working.
  2. I haven't been able to fix the day cycle. Even with Kronometer installed I see a 24 hour day when I expect it to be 6 hours. What am I missing?
  3. Some contract packs ask for orbits outside the SOI Earth's moon, so I've been using this to increase the SOI of everything. This may be a workaroud you could try. (I put this in a file I created 'GameData/MyCustoms/SSRSS.cfg') ``` @SigmaDimensions { CustomSoISize = 1.5 } ```
  4. That worked. Thank you very much. You saved me a bunch of time digging through those files.
  5. Yes. Before I installed GPP I deleted Kopernicus and other mods included in GPP, then installed the mods included in GPP. I just did that again and saw no change. I've gone through all the mods that modify game play in any way and this appears to be a problem with Kerbalism, even in sandbox. Thank you for the rapid response.
  6. Can you think of anything that would cause solar panels to produce only 20% as much power as they do in stock KSP? suggests that they should be producing 1.057 times as much. In Gael orbit, an OX-Stat at 100% exposure produces 0.011 e/s and an OX-4L produces only 0.051 e/s. Note: I previously had Stock Sized Solar System installed and I believe I have completely removed it, including Sigma Dimensions. I'm still on KSP 1.2.2.
  7. Another interesting experience to report. I accepted a Boot Camp contract and didn't realize until I was at the airfield, exploring EVA, that it was a science boot camp. After recovering Marvin and his plane the contract said "vessel: Marvin Kerman". So I launched him onto the runway and took an EVA report, that went ok and completed the EVA report requirement. But Marvin is a pilot so it didn't complete the contract. I launched Herman, a level zero scientist. Recovering him without doing an EVA report on the runway completed the contract. I guess Marvin must have been paid to do Herman's homework for him. And nobody gets experience for cheating.
  8. I love the idea of this. The experience system has always been quite silly. I had an interesting first experience... The contract was pilot Boot Camp: land one pilot at the island training facility and recover him. Sound simple enough. Then I noticed a Training Drill near the launch pad and the contract thought that was the ship I should land. It had no engines. I recovered the drill base and the contract system was smart enough to detect that the airplane I launched fit the contract. Great, until the landing. I "landed" on the island but poor Jarvin didn't survive, the contract system still believed that I had landed successfully. I launched another plane and landed less catastrophically, which completed the contract when I recovered Valentina and what was left of her craft. However, only 1 experience point was awarded to Val and none to Jarvin. I still have no level 1 pilots. 1. The pilot boot camp contract gave me a vessels that could not complete the contract. 2. When a valid vessel and pilot was destroyed on landing it completed that portion of the contract and made the next step impossible to complete with that pilot and vessel. 3. Completing each part of the contract again, even though they were mostly already completed, did not give the expected reward.
  9. Aelios

    [1.3.0] Filter Extensions 3.0.4 (Jul 11)

    I'm very happy to have a better way to keep all the parts organized. It appears that anything KIS related doesn't show up in the parts list. No wrench, KIS help guide, no beer, and most alarmingly no tacos. and ... never-mind. After creating a new game and then going back to my existing game the EVA category re-appeared.
  10. With the new version today stock parts are appearing in all the wrong nodes. ModuleManager.TechTree looks correct and this occurs even in a clean re-install with only ETT and ModuleManager and a new save-game. My best guess is that the individual parts cfg files are overriding the ETT configuration because something is wasn't in ETT wasn't installed correctly.\ Any advice on how to fix this?
  11. I have gladly contributed to this project as it is the best balance mod I have seen. It makes KSP fun again. Patreon wants me to sign up for a monthly contribution, which I don't want to do. So I contributed about a year of what I would have done monthly and will cancel after one month. Thank you for SETI and I hope it continues to do great things.