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  1. Any idea why my staging would turn into this...? Many mods, including MechJeb, Infernal Robotics, SpaceY & SpaceY Expanded, FinalFrontier, Modular Pods, Modular Rocket Systems, and Interstellar Fuel Switch. This is a novel issue - I've never seen it before. I think I've used everything without problems in the past, the only possible exception is Modular Pods - it's a rather new add-on for me. Any ideas on the cause and possible fixes?
  2. If you'll notice, I wasn't asking about version updates. I've no idea why you bring up official releases. Nor do I really care. And I was searching for a specific problem, so I wonder WHY the relevant post didn't show up? Maybe because it didn't deal with that issue? Maybe that's why I didn't see it? Why would I search a page for an issue the search didn't find and wasn't addressing the issue I had? No need to answer. It's obvious enough why I wouldn't expect a post that wasn't addressing my issue to address my issue.
  3. I appreciate the advice, but it stands to reason that a complete download option would be conspicuously provided in the OP. I did a quick search and found the post I quoted so I bumped it. I don't know what else I should be expected to do, given there are 76 pages in this topic. Again, thanks.
  4. Didn't see this issue addressed. Bumping because I'm having the same issue. D/L'd from Spacedock.
  5. Oooh, now that you mention it, I did just change my conics setting. But that was from the old install... I'll give it a shot. Thanks.
  6. Is anyone else having issues with the transfer to another planet function (simple, not advanced) returning an error when directed to create the node? Everything was working perfectly until about a week ago. I added no new mods. Updated to latest dev build, same problem. Did a fresh install of KSP, same problem. This was the first thing I tried to do after the re-install (I imported my saves) so the log is fairly small. I believe I've narrowed it down to the relevant portion, but if more is needed just say so and I'll set up a dropbox account...
  7. Problem solved! It was typed as a plane because I couldn't figure out how to crew the external command seat by itself, so I installed a Mk2 cockpit, EVA'd the occupants, then jettisoned it. After, I tried renaming the craft and switching the type, per your suggestion, and my Kerbals got their props. Thanks!
  8. Apologies if this has been asked before, but I did a quick search of the topic and didn't immediately see anything relevant to my issue... I just constructed a rover and tested it on Kerbin. The rover was initially built in the VAB but then was finalized in the SPH (not sure if that's relevant, but I don't know what isn't so I'm including everything). I "launched" the rover onto the runway, drove it around a bit, and recovered it. Neither of my two Kerbals received a rover ribbon. What could be happening? Thanks for the mod, I love being able to track who's done what...
  9. I also started experiencing this problem this morning after installing MM last night. I just downloaded MM (looks like version 2.6.18, if I'm reading the .dll file correctly), so it can't be out of date yet. The only other mod I'm using is SpaceY Heavy Lifters (v1.8.2) and MechJeb (v2.5.1). I can't tell from the description of the problem if it's the same as mine, but it sounds like it could be. Basically, the diamonds that mark debris or another craft nearby and show the distance don't appear anymore after the MM install last night.
  10. I ended up putting it in there last night after I posted and the tanks are all prettied up now. Thanks for your reply, and thanks for creating!
  11. @NecroBones, I've been happily using your lifer pack for a while now, but I've always had z-fighting problems. I only have your pack and MechJeb installed. I didn't see anywhere that ModuleManager was required, and I'd like to keep my mods to a minimum so I haven't installed it. I just deleted the whole SpaceY folder and replaced it with the latest version and the problem remains. None of the other issues presented apply to me. What else could be going wrong?