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  1. are rescue missions infinite? sooner or later i will rescue all the kerbonauts? if yes, how many they are?
  2. tab

    How to get money easy

    I made millions of founds with the contract "test component in solar orbit" or "build a space station in solar orbit"
  3. tab

    Your PROUDEST moment in KSP

    My very first landing (on mun)
  4. tab

    Strange monolith

    I never understand this thing. If someone can reach duna or other Planets, its reasonable think he have already unlock all the tech free. at least for me.
  5. what's the difference between tr18-a adn tr18-d? same size, same ejection force, same tollerance... the first has less weight and price. same for tr-2c and tr-2v
  6. tab

    What seemingly basic thing have you never done in KSP

    Never built or used a ssto
  7. Edit: Sorry for the spoiler, i wrote via mobile and i cant fix it
  8. I didn't know. Thanks!
  9. suggestion for a new type of contracts to incentive the build and the usage of rovers (in three different career i sent just once a rover on the mun). "Bring a brand new rover on the surface of xxx and travel on it at least yyy meters"
  10. tab

    How Do You Name Your Craft?

    Untitled spacecraft