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  1. there are no in and out buttons for ore tanks. and yes i have tried all the known tricks for fuel transfers.
  2. the missions is acquire 500 units of ore from eve have 500 units of ore on your vessel land your ore on Gilly (i know i said duna) the question is how do i transfer ore from one tank to another. being the gravity on eve i would have to make a massive escape vessel just to leave the atmosphere of eve, and its hard enough with the landing leg issue to even get a vessel landed on eve.
  3. i have mined 500 units of ore on eve but i am unable to transfer ore from one ship to another or even from tank to tank at that matter any suggestions?
  4. i have seen some issue but i enjoy this much running ksp 64 windows 10 ver1.6.1 mod version 1.2.9 only mod installed as i like to test all mods in a clean environment first i noticed the symmetry and radial attachments don't duplicate on the bottom ports on any of the parts that have them meaning you have to manually attach both sides for every hover engine or wheels asemb also the drill doesn't include a deploy drill option for action groups. i was able to add the option in by removing a line in the part config file "displayActions = false" at line 205
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