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  1. Something similar happened to me as well, though I'm not sure if Snacks caused it. 100% CPU utilization across all cores for several minutes until I manually closed KSP. I also had Youtube in the background. Output log:
  2. I think I found how to reproduce it. If a kerbal's level is zero then it won't label stress and cold recovery. In this screenshot, Jeb and Bill are level one, and Maxbert is level zero. I'm playing in sandbox with experience levels enabled, in case that somehow affects it. Also, what is supposed to happen with the cold recovery stat? I've had a few colds so far, but cold recovery stays at zero.
  3. Not that I know of. Snacks is the only life support mod I have running. Here's my gamedata folder:
  4. I do have levels enabled, but in this case since it's literally my first launch they are all level 0.
  5. Hi all, I had some questions about the interface. I have a new sandbox game and I've enabled both air and stress. I sent up a spacecraft with 3 level 0 crew and had it sit in orbit for a few days. What are the two percentages below each crew member? If the first number is stress, what might be causing Bob to burn out so much faster than the other two?
  6. Autonomous maneuvering and assembly of the Duna Station modules is complete. Now all it needs is a few engineers to come along and set up the habitats.
  7. Any parts in particular? I can let you know which mod they're from specifically. The first of three station modules arrived in Duna orbit today. I slapped one of my Mun rovers on top as a secondary payload to fulfill a contract.
  8. Mostly Nertea's Near Future stuff and Restock. The trusses are from NF Construction, expandable habitats are from Station Parts Redux, and solar panels are ROSAs from NF Solar. Just about everything else is Restock.
  9. Went to Minmus today. While taking orbital EVA observations, Corely turned back toward the spacecraft and I thought it was worth a screenshot. Because the lander was designed for the Mun, it had enough delta V to make 6 landings. All told, the mission returned 54 experiments and over 4000 science. Before sending a mission to Duna, I want to first set up an orbital station so my kerbals can wait for the return transfer window in comfort. What I came up with is the Modular Orbital Station Design (MOSD) and sent two prototypes to the Mun for testing. They're decently maneuverable during docking, but the monoprop got dangerously low and I had to switch to the other module to finish. Some structural modifications are also needed. First module comes with a dish antenna on top that gets manually relocated by the setup crew. The Duna Station will probably have 3 modules to start with, and maybe a centrifuge ring later.
  10. Landed on the Mun today with a small 2-stage lander.
  11. Thanks! "Pooping out the tanks" made me laugh. I usually use a sky crane too but the folding design + scanning arm didn't leave enough room for it.
  12. I built a robotic beetle as the first rover of this career run and shot it off to the Mun. Stowed, it fits snugly inside a 2.5 m fairing and when unfolded handles beautifully due to its wide stance. Packaging comes with a complimentary descent stage and bag of mini-pretzels. Not pictured is the rover slamming into the ground because I was too distracted taking pictures to manage its descent speed. Fortunately, the rover is bouncy and sustained no damage. This scanning arm thing is pretty neat.
  13. You raise a good point, but one of the existing buttons in the command pod's PAW is "rename vessel". Since the functionality of this button can already be achieved with the vessel info panel from the map view or tracking station, maybe "configure vessel naming" could replace it. This would make sense since unlike "rename vessel" it's part-specific, and there would be no increase in the number PAW buttons.
  14. This is just a a few relatively minor quality of life features I've found myself wanting at some point. If you like them, please click the bug tracker links and vote. Archive saved craft files - #22914 The ability to move a saved craft out of the load craft menu without deleting it. In career games the list of crafts I have saved gets rather long and cluttered with ones I no longer use. However, I still like to keep some record of them in-game so I can go back and see what I've built, and occasionally I do find a use for an old craft. This would entail creating a third Archive tab in the load menu in addition to VAB and SPH that you could move old craft designs into to de-clutter the main lists. There'd also be an option to restore a design back to its original tab. Ability to "configure vessel naming" in-flight - #22915 A few versions ago we got the ability to "configure vessel naming" on specific parts and set the priority for that name, which I absolutely love. Unfortunately this feature is only available in the editor and I'd like to be able to use it in-flight. Ctrl-to-click-through - #22917 In the editor, I often have times where I part I want to select has been clipped juuust under the collider of another part, even if it's still visible. Selecting a part like this usually involves some finnicky camera manipulation. To solve this, I'm imagining a feature where if you hold control key and left click, it will ignore the part that would normally be selected and instead select the next part under it, if there is one.
  15. I don't think that's it, as I've seen it when adjusting things like control authority on the elevon parts for example. I think the larger the range of possible values, the more likely it is to skip some of them, possibly due to rounding errors.