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  1. Garnet 8, an orbital telescope platform, taking high resolution imagery of the Mun. Selene 5 Lander making a nighttime transfer burn. Staging event during an unmanned demonstration flight of the Amity crew vehicle. I take A LOT of screenshots, mostly because I enjoy paging through them when I don't have time to play. I tried throwing some of the ones from this week into a video as an experiment:
  2. Zephyr V launch of the Selene 6 lander. I've been learning about dual-spin stabilized satellites and thought it'd be cool to make something like that for my next few robotic missions. And then I thought: why not slap some landing legs on it? And so the Selene 6 was born.
  3. Wilkin flying Courage 6 on top of the new Hygeia II rocket. Wilkin's life is less valuable to me than Jeb's or Val's, so he got to be the guinea pig for testing the new launch system as well as upgraded life support systems on a 7 day mission to munar orbit. The payload consists of a materials laboratory and a couple of goo canisters. The trip was pretty uneventful. I forgot to add shielding to the capsule so Wilkin got a hearty dose of radiation passing through the Van Allen belts, but it was only ~3% of a lethal amount. That's why we test new hardware with interns.
  4. My manned program had it's first maintenance call today. Courage-3 rendezvoused with a defunct orbital laboratory which had suffered an engine failure several months ago and wasn't able to de-orbit. The batteries were long dead, but Wilkin was able to retrieve the science payload from the return capsule and bring it home. Going forward, new versions of the Courage spacecraft will feature a launch escape system, making it marginally less deadly! The new version also sports a docking port. Jeb launched first on Courage-4, and Valentina in Courage-5 performed a rendezvous and
  5. Jeb got the honor of becoming the first Kerbal in orbit in the Courage-1 mission. The Hygiea I rocket uses two kerolox Reliant engines for the first stage with actuated fins for steering and passive stabilization, since I don't have anything with prograde hold yet. The upper stage is a methane-vac engine from Nertea's CryoEngines whose name escapes me at the moment. Courage-Hygiea has about the same dimensions and purpose as the Gemini-Titan rocket, so the Gemini service tower setup from Modular Launch Pads made a great fit. The Courage spacecraft is beefier than its analog
  6. During a hardware test in preparation for the first manned orbit mission, the crew access arm failed to retract and interacted with the ascending rocket in what incident investigator Halibut Kerman has described as "some kind of Judo throw." She further characterized the ensuing explosion and vehicle breakup as "wicked awesome."
  7. I launched Garnet 3, the first Mun orbiter.
  8. I redesigned my main Zephyr launcher into something a little more capable. On top of having more delta-V, it's also more stable and doesn't tempt the kraken quite so much. It uses a solid first stage to get it off the launch pad, a low-TWR, long-burning methalox main stage, and a kerolox upper stage. I used it to launch a couple of polar satellites. SIREN-4 carried a SITE payload to high orbit. GARNET-1 carried a Kerbin-observation imager and also satisfied a satellite contract.
  9. The thing that got me hooked on KSP originally was the challenge of designing rockets and the satisfaction of major milestones like making orbit, docking, and landing on the moon. Now it's because I love the idea of exploring the solar system and the kind of technological achievements that enable it, and KSP is a way to enjoy that kind of thing interactively. That, and watching a rocket ride a well-executed gravity turn on a column of fire is a cheap thrill. When life keeps me from having time to play, watching mission videos like these is how I get my space fix.
  10. Decided to try out RSS again after not touching it for about 2 years. Visuals are beautiful and the gameplay is fun and challenging, but my poor GTX 970 from 2014 is struggling (GPU core at 88% load and 99% memory), so I don't know how far I'll get. I might have to just save the mod folder and come back to it whenever I can finally get my hands on a modern card.
  11. I started a new JNSQ career in 1.11. Some of the gameplay mods I'm playing with this time are Kerbalism, Construction Time, and Principia. After a few hours the Zeta III was the first rocket I made that was able to orbit *anything*. The first stage was the only one with any kind of attitude control, so trajectory and timing were key and I had a few failed launches from the 3rd stage rotating too much downward before finishing the orbital insertion. But it worked more often than it didn't, and the primitive satellites it carried collected a good amount of science from MITE and SITE experim
  12. If you're not averse to cheats, you could rebuild the craft in the VAB. From the launchpad, ALT-F12 -> Cheats -> Set Orbit-> Rendezvous and then rendezvous with your existing craft. Transfer the crew over, and then go into the tracking station to delete the old ship.
  13. This weekend I launched this career's first couple of interplanetary probes on an Eve transfer window. ERSO-1 and ERSO-2 are equipped with various imagers and altimetry scanners, as well as relay communications antennas. They should bring in a nice haul of science while also building the infrastructure for future missions. ERSO-3's mission is to sample Eve's atmosphere and return it to Kerbin, also fulfilling an Eve-flyby contract in the process. In other news, the CASSI mission completed it's fifth and final landing, 154 days after leaving Kerbin. Zelba
  14. Nothing very interesting happening here, just Val heading up for a pair of rescue contracts. But I liked the shot. In other news, my Mun exploration team completed another landing. I learned in Kerbalism you can have engineers service parts on EVA to reset their reliability timers, and why this is a good idea. Dubus may or may not have had to get out and fix the lander's engine halfway through the landing burn.
  15. Successful first Mun landing of the CASSI program (4th total).
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