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  1. Did some flight testing of an air-launched two stage shuttle system. Also got the first pair of radial tanks docked to the DSS Sunbeam. Each tank has it's own expendable docking tug. After I've made sure that both docking ports have a good connection, the tug detaches and de-orbits itself.
  2. I made some progress on constructing the Sunbeam, a transfer vehicle that will be operating missions to Eve, and possibly Moho. It looks a little awkward right now because the radial tanks haven't been attached yet. The IPCV 330 design it's built from includes a centrifuge arm, but since the Sunbeam won't need to go any further than Kerbin's orbit I'm saving that for the next few ships.
  3. This is awesome! Did you use anything for a reference? I ask because it reminded me immediately of ARCA's SSTO rocket, which also uses a linear aerospike.
  4. I haven't done anything exciting lately, just a lot of logistics and legwork moving my space program forward. KTS Determination returned from Duna and its crew took a Trident space plane down to the KSC. Determination will stay in a parking orbit until I have another mission for it. A couple of comsats and a survey probe I launched several years ago finally arrived at Dres. The KTS Morning departing Moho literally a few hours after the Moho textures got updated, so that was cool. Morning later arrived in the Eve system, refueled at Gilly, and is now waiting for a transfer window back to Kerbin. Most of my play time this past week was spent designing a 4-stage Eve ascent vehicle. Normally I try to build my ships to be pretty versatile, but this thing is a beast with almost no margin to do anything except exactly what it was made for: land on Eve and return. Until it's ready to de-orbit, it's basically 110 tons of dead weight with a docking port. No long-range comms, very little roll control, no translation control at all, and ~400 m/s for maneuvers. Can't even dock under it's own power, the mothership will have to do the maneuvering. But it's the first time I've tried to make an Eve lander, and I'm pretty proud of it.
  5. Sorry to hear that. I mentioned it because I've had that problem where I complete all the requirements of a contract and discover I did so with the game thinking my craft was the wrong type. Usually it's because I have a relay antenna which causes the game to automatically label it as a relay instead of a probe, and it looked like your craft had the small deployable relay antenna on it. Could just be the mod acting up too though. If something like it ever happens to you again, you can go into the cheat menu (alt-F12) and complete the contract that way.
  6. Try renaming the vessel and check to make sure it's set as a Probe and not something else like a Relay or Lander.
  7. The KTS Morning reached Moho from Eve and made an extremely long arrival burn of 28 minutes, and still needed to do a second circularization burn. The reason it took so long is that I was worried the mining lander wouldn't have the thrust or delta V needed to refuel the Morning from Moho's surface, so before leaving Gilly, I filled the miner with as much ore and liquid fuel as it could carry, hoping that if worse came to worst, Morning could ditch the miner at Moho and have enough fuel left to make it back to Kerbin on its own without refueling. Mobin, Wilory and Halul took the lander down to the surface and spent a few weeks biome-hopping around. While not a full science ship (it's primarily a miner, after all) it has enough of the smaller instruments make a worthwhile survey of the planet, and the fact that it can refuel itself more than makes up for it's large size. Flags were planted and rocks were tasted tested. Wilory got a sunburn. This is actually the first time I've been to Moho, so of course I had to go see the Mohole. With the survey completed, it was time to start refueling the Morning. Fortunately my fears were unfounded and at half ore tanks the miner was able to return to orbit within a comfortable margin. Only three trips were needed to completely refuel the transfer vehicle, giving a total delta V (with miner) of about 5600 m/s. In about three months the KTS Morning will burn for the Eve system to drop off the miner in Gilly's orbit, and then will be home-ward bound for Kerbin. Mission album, because I take way too many screenshots:
  8. I can't help you with the other stuff, but propellers are something I've played with a little. From what I've learned, the blade needs to have a positive angle of attack with the air flow, which is a composite vector of both the air flow relative to the vehicle and the rotational velocity of the blade. So the "thrust" generated by a propeller is a function of three things: vehicle air speed, angular velocity of the rotor, and blade pitch angle. You can think of the velocity vector as having the plane's air speed as the horizontal component and rotation as the vertical component, and the pitch angle needs to be adjusted to have a slightly positive angle with that vector at the current flight condition. Not only that, but as you increase speed the direction of the air velocity vector changes, decreasing your angle of attack or even making it negative, which creates reverse thrust, so you HAVE to adjust pitch angle during flight to get to any significant speed. To make it even more complicated, propellers are apparently the only part that KSP models as an actual airfoil, meaning that the blades can stall with high enough angle of attack and not generate thrust/lift. So at any given speed and RPM, there's a narrow range of pitch angles that will actually provide thrust; too low and you have a negative angle of attack, too high and the blade stalls. The best control scheme I've come up with so far is to bind pitch angle to the main throttle axis, set torque limit to maximum, and set the motor to toggle with an action group.
  9. 28 minutes is a hell of a deceleration burn.
  10. The KTS Morning arrived in the Eve system and, after some fiddling to find where the time-warp boundaries were, took up a high orbit around Gilly. Halul, Bilsey and Bob brought the mining ship down and did some biome-hopping and contract work before mining up a load of ore for refueling. The contracts brought in about 2 million kerbo-bucks to fund the other parts of my space program. Right now I'm eyeing an Eve-Moho transfer window and wondering if the ore miner could work on Moho.
  11. I've been picking up a ton of contracts for Eve/Gilly space to fund my Duna explorations and the interested parties are starting to get restless, so it's time to put together a mission. The KTS Morning is a product of my experimentation with centrifuges and will be the first interplanetary ship capable of artificial gravity. While the older generations of transfer vehicles could be assembled in two parts, construction of the Morning required four launches of the Taurus II heavy launch system. A fifth Taurus II delivered a heavy surface miner, which the expedition will use to refuel the Morning by mining Gilly. The miner will remain in the Eve system as a refueler for future missions. Once all the hardware was safely in orbit, an SSTO delivered Bob and four rookies to the Morning, which will be their home for the next few years. With all crew aboard, the SSTO made an unmanned return to the KSC and KTS Morning performed a two-part burn for the Eve system. In four months it will make a correction burn to fine-tune the arrival trajectory. Meanwhile on Duna, Jebediah, Wehrdun and Lagerry finished their surface operations with the MEEBS mobile base system and returned to orbit. On the way up, Wehrdun suddenly shouted "it's not on the list!" and climbed out the hatch to make an EVA report from the inside the atmosphere. Otherwise, rendezvous and docking with the KTS Determination went without incident. The Determination's expedition has been the most productive one yet. They originally arrived in orbit of Ike, performed two rescues, used the MEEBS to explore Ike's biomes, then flew the MEEBS over to Duna and picked up a few biomes there as well. The total haul, in addition to MPL results they'd periodically transmitted home, comes to 130 reports of delicious science.
  12. I did a shake-down test of my new low-gravity miner, which I'm hoping to use in the Jool system. Since Jool is so far from Kerbol it's powered primarily by fuel cells, with only two fixed solar panels on the roof for keeping the batteries alive between missions. I landed it on Minmus' surface, mined a full load, then delivered it to the orbiting Minmus Gateway station to test rendezvous and docking. The Minmus Gateway mission was about 7 months ago (real time) and was the largest thing I'd put in space at that point. It's kinda cool seeing the contrast between the old and the new.
  13. That did it! It took me a second to realize you were talking about your mod instead of stock's manual input, but I just tested it and now I can get as low as 1 RPM. Thank you!
  14. I've used C# before, so this will be a good excuse to fire up CodeBlocks and practice it again. Thank you for the tip! I'll definitely check that out.