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  1. I started a new JNSQ career in 1.11. Some of the gameplay mods I'm playing with this time are Kerbalism, Construction Time, and Principia. After a few hours the Zeta III was the first rocket I made that was able to orbit *anything*. The first stage was the only one with any kind of attitude control, so trajectory and timing were key and I had a few failed launches from the 3rd stage rotating too much downward before finishing the orbital insertion. But it worked more often than it didn't, and the primitive satellites it carried collected a good amount of science from MITE and SITE experim
  2. If you're not averse to cheats, you could rebuild the craft in the VAB. From the launchpad, ALT-F12 -> Cheats -> Set Orbit-> Rendezvous and then rendezvous with your existing craft. Transfer the crew over, and then go into the tracking station to delete the old ship.
  3. This weekend I launched this career's first couple of interplanetary probes on an Eve transfer window. ERSO-1 and ERSO-2 are equipped with various imagers and altimetry scanners, as well as relay communications antennas. They should bring in a nice haul of science while also building the infrastructure for future missions. ERSO-3's mission is to sample Eve's atmosphere and return it to Kerbin, also fulfilling an Eve-flyby contract in the process. In other news, the CASSI mission completed it's fifth and final landing, 154 days after leaving Kerbin. Zelba
  4. Nothing very interesting happening here, just Val heading up for a pair of rescue contracts. But I liked the shot. In other news, my Mun exploration team completed another landing. I learned in Kerbalism you can have engineers service parts on EVA to reset their reliability timers, and why this is a good idea. Dubus may or may not have had to get out and fix the lander's engine halfway through the landing burn.
  5. Successful first Mun landing of the CASSI program (4th total).
  6. I'm at an awkward phase where I can and have done Apollo-style Mun landings, but where the time and effort per mission doesn't quite justify the science reward. I've also been thinking about how I'm going to keep crews alive for years at a time with Kerbalism's radiation and part failures, which I don't really have any experience with. Because of that, I designed the CASSI program to be an abortable, long duration test mission with the idea being that if I'm going to make a mistake, I should make it in a situation where I can abort back to Kerbin rather than be stuck in deep space. My goal is
  7. I landed the Beetle Surface Laboratory at one of the Mun's polar craters. It carries a materials lab and goo canister and will serve as a landing target for the next manned mission.
  8. I finished working on the rocket for my Mun landing program. It ended up as some kind of three-way forbidden lovechild of SLS, Energia, and Atlas-Centaur. I gave it a custom raceway and ullage motors to make it more interesting. Here's a video of stage separation: Nertea makes some mean-lookin engines.
  9. I had Tati and Zelba do a fly-by of Minmus today on Azimuth 7. And after the Azimuth 5 fiasco, I made sure they had LOTS of oxygen.
  10. Jeb and Bob took an Azimuth capsule with beefed up life support supplies and became the first Kerbals to see the Mun up close, fulfilling a contract that's been on my roster for awhile. They entered an eccentric 35x1000 km orbit and reported their observations over three orbits, with Bob doing an EVA on the last pass through periapse. Things got dicey on the return trip when I realized I'd underestimated the amount of oxygen they'd need (fuel cells are HUNGRY). I had to do an emergency burn to expedite the time to perigee and even then they actually started suffocating as the pa
  11. I put together a bigger launch vehicle to hopefully start sending Kerbals farther than low orbit. The staging I wanted to do was a bit finicky but everything's working smoothly now. It's able to put the 5-ton Azimuth spacecraft in orbit with 1200 m/s to spare. Azimuth 1 launch pics After the test flight, Jeb and Valentina performed the first docking on the second flight of the Azimuth program. Endurance is a miniature space station where Jeb and Val will spend the next 30 days in order to test Kerbals' ability to tolerate living in space for long periods.
  12. Some shots of my Kerbin biome-mapping satellite I just launched.
  13. I'm 95% sure the trail is from RealPlume / Smokescreen. What happened is one of four SRB's failed to ignite (part failure from Kerbalism), which made the rocket careen into the ground just north of the runway. From there, one of the other SRBs survived the impact and rebounded upwards, arcing across the sky and creating that image.
  14. I spent some time blundering around in the scatterer settings and generally made a mess of things, having to revert my changes a few times. Eventually I arrived at something that looks nice but is different enough that I can say I did something. I also worked on improving my flagship Astra rocket, which is perfect for chucking small satellites and landers around Kerbin's SOI. Since that's where most of my science is going to be coming from for the foreseeable future it's worth having a good looking launch vehicle. The core is a 1.8m stack of two long-burning hydrolox stag
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