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  1. Hi Taniwha. I've got KerbalStats 3.0.1 + EPL 5.7.1 running on KSP 1.2.2, and I'm getting bursts of these log messages about ConstructionSkill upon every scene load. It doesn't happen for every kerbal and there are a lot of names there that I don't even recognise (old candidates maybe). Is this a KerbalStats problem, perhaps, or do I need to look elsewhere? Thanks.
  2. There isn't. You can only have one module/transform pair for each part that KSP loads, and a weldment is one part. So, one light, one cargo bay (that won't shield its contents anyway, IME), etc, one crew part with controllable cabin lights, etc.
  3. No problem at all for me. None of your old weldments will be affected. There was an issue going from 1.0.5 to later versions, where the "module=" line in the weldment config needed to be set to "Part". Some mesh/part names might have changed, especially with parts from mods, but this only creates a cosmetic issue where a part is visually missing but the vessel still loads and functions fine. In the (your weldment's name)internal.cfg that is created when welding, there are sections like this: MODEL { model = Squad/Spaces/crewCabinInternals/model rotation = 1.3660374E-05,1.00179122E-05,180 position = -20.6605988,0.014528906,6.64967728 } You can experiment with the position coordinates.
  4. OK, I didn't know it was also a debug build. The craft file is the same as in January, with mod requirements from the post above . I don't use templates. My use case is to keep the correct type of vessel (can't stand it when everything becomes "a base") and correct vessel names after dock/undock. So I don't fill in any of the fields, in most cases: Anyway, enough about that. Important: I can't reproduce it with With, it is reproducible. So something you've done has fixed it . Here are the two log files: and The procedure for both was identical: load KSP, go to VAB, load Scout 6, change the kerbal to a scientist, launch. Thanks!
  5. Not just "a little". Try using KAS to connect a plane using ALG to anything else, and if you don't immediately get explosions or bizarre, highly destructive bouncing, you certainly will upon scene reload. All my planes include normal landing legs too, for this reason: taxi using ALG, then deploy the legs and retract ALG before KAS hook-up (on any body with gravity higher than Minmus or Mun).
  6. Yes. It doesn't save that setting.
  7. Thanks. I still get the same exception - it simply can't handle it when I forget to add any pod names before launch. [EXC 21:35:53.691] ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Cannot be negative. Parameter name: length System.String.Substring (Int32 startIndex, Int32 length) PDPN.PDPN_SelectionWindow.GetFormat (System.String templateName) PDPN.PDPN_SelectionWindow.formatManualEntryName (.PartModule pm2, System.String templateName, Boolean fillSelections, Boolean inFlight, System.String storedTemplateName) PDPN.PersistentDynamicPodNames.FixedUpdate ()
  8. Thanks anyway. It does still happen - I reported it here twice before, with logs and a craft file.
  9. Thanks for your work maintaining this. Is there any chance this version fixes the exception I reported in January?
  10. You can't use them, sorry. KSP only allows one of each module/transform pair per part. Right-click on the part and use "Transfer crew" from the context menu. There are many modded parts that lack IVAs and this is the workaround. Yes, it would. Many of Necrobone's mods use mesh switching and FTP is no different. It is possible to weld mesh-switched parts but some weldments result in a config file that has empty mesh lists in the module section for handling them. They look like a "; ;" - two semicolons with whitespace between them. You need to match up the index of the mesh in the list of integers above the list of meshes, and remove the correct index as well as the empty mesh list. Note that the list of meshes is a two-dimensional array: a list of chosen meshes for each component part in the list.
  11. It is As Jeb Intended: doughnuts in a 100m freighter hull
  12. A suggestion to ward off future problems: might it be better to have that (lovely) command pod in line with the CoM? I've had issues before with ships that have offset command pods, mainly w.r.t. Mechjeb, TCA, etc - when the command point is offset from CoM/CoT, such autopilots can end up 'chasing' maneuver node vectors, esp. near the end of burns.
  13. The game still has to load all those meshes, their transforms, and their colliders. Then the physics engine still has to check all those colliders. Welding just removes the physics/stress/connections between the welded parts, but not the collider side of things. Also, some parts are very geometry-heavy, like the parts by great modders like Nertea, or have complicated shader setups, and having lots of those parts will still produce challenges for your graphics card.
  14. They were at scale 1.0, and yes, I did have damage turned off. Better at scale 1.5. I just didn't realize the impact of "MAJOR CHANGE - Updated motor mechanics. Use proper math to derive input power from the torque and efficiency stats for the motor" in your changelog. The persistence and dedication of many modders here never fails to amaze me, obviously yourself included with mammoth projects like SSTU. I can barely finish one texture before getting sick of it!
  15. Hi Shadowmage. Got some quibbles with the ALG parts since KSPWheel 9.3.13 - I think this is the right place to post since it's specific to those parts. Since the re-rigging of ALG, I can barely get any torque out of ALG wheels - it takes 20 seconds of 'acceleration' to reach 1 m/s with a 300-ton vessel on Kerbin. Braking and steering works just fine though. There are no log messages related to wheels. A screenshot under acceleration: The efficiency looks very low indeed. I had no problems with this until KSPWheel 9.3.13 and acceleration was nice and snappy. Two other minor things I noticed: ALG parts attached with mirror symmetry have one unit with an inverted motor and one that is normal ALG-Large has lower mass than ALG-Medium and shares the same description. Thanks so much for resurrecting ALG and making KSPWheel. Vastly better than stock! KF, KSPWheel, KSP 1.2.2 on Linux x64.
  16. Are you using the Hangars mod? That alters the Mk3 bays.
  17. No problem at all. Yep, crazy is the word. I had to get 32GB of RAM just to run the game (KSP is usually 24-28GB) With that many great parts, welding is the only way to make huge machines like the (crazy) Heavy Fuel Tanker Ganymede: She's just over 6500 tons wet. She falls apart immediately without welding, but with welding everything is fine! Only ~70 "parts" too. Thanks for making welding work so well!
  18. Another comment (here because editing that post causes my browser to complain about unresponsive script errors): The B9 "cannot find subtype named Lowered_LFO" error on craft load is because of an update from B9 6.2.1 to 6.3.1, but I updated as one part of trying to troubleshoot the welding problem. The problem happened before that update, and it happens after the update too. The weldment in my Google drive link is fresh and just created. The problem is still there, though.
  19. No problem but my mod list is crazy! 224 mods, although with a lot of careful management, the game is very stable and I can even play without NRE spam, except from Kopernicus in map view (a known problem on Linux). As for logs, this is the load of the pre-welding craft: And this... this is the long, long log of the welding process: Finally, here are the output (weldment part config) and craft file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9nA9XkW6TGlVXU4OXk4NXN2dzQ
  20. Kottabos, in his inevitable Youtube review, is just totally going to lose his mind over that...
  21. Thanks, I suppose I should have made the GH issue myself!
  22. No, I didn't. The weldment config file was written with those empty mesh/collider lists in it, and empty lists seem to cause the exception: all mesh switching stops when an empty list is encountered. That's why I was getting the Z-fighting from the B9 parts - all meshes were being used, rather than the right ones being selected by WeldedMeshSwitch. As for why stock Squad parts would cause empty lists to be written to a weldment file, I don't know. Here are all the times that Mk3-Size2Slant occurs in my log file: $ grep Mk3-Size2Slant KSP.log [LOG 20:38:16.198] Load(Model): Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:38:48.247] Config(@PART[adapterMk3-Size2Slant]:FOR[SETIrebalance]) SETIrebalance/MM-PartModding/SETI-PartMod-SQUAD-FuelTanks/@PART[adapterMk3-Size2Slant]:FOR[SETIrebalance] [LOG 20:38:48.256] Config(PART) Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:38:48.274] Config(@PART[adapterMk3-Size2Slant]) TweakScale/patches/Squad/Squad_Tanks/@PART[adapterMk3-Size2Slant] [LOG 20:38:55.497] [ModuleManager] Applying node Diazo/AGExt/part/@PART[*] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:38:55.804] [ModuleManager] Applying node Diazo/ModActions/part/@PART[*] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:39:38.448] [ModuleManager] Applying node TweakScale/patches/Squad/Squad_Tanks/@PART[adapterMk3-Size2Slant] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:39:59.548] [ModuleManager] Applying node HotSpot/Patches/HotSpotModule/@PART:FOR[HotSpot] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:40:21.889] [ModuleManager] Applying node SETIrebalance/MM-PartModding/SETI-PartMod-SQUAD-FuelTanks/@PART[adapterMk3-Size2Slant]:FOR[SETIrebalance] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:40:36.626] [ModuleManager] Applying node CryoTanks/Patches/CryoTanksFuelTankSwitcher/@PART[*]:HAS[@RESOURCE[LiquidFuel],@RESOURCE[Oxidizer],!MODULE[ModuleCryoTank],!MODULE[InterstellarFuelSwitch],!MODULE[ModuleEnginesFX],!MODULE[ModuleEngines],!MODULE[FSfuelSwitch],!MODULE[WBIResourceSwitcher]]:FOR[zzz_CryoTanks] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:40:38.998] [ModuleManager] Applying node VenStockRevamp/PathPatches/Aero-PathPatches/@PART[*]:FOR[zzzVSRPathPatch] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:40:41.701] [ModuleManager] Applying node VenStockRevamp/PathPatches/Command-PathPatches/@PART[*]:FOR[zzzVSRPathPatch] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:40:44.442] [ModuleManager] Applying node VenStockRevamp/PathPatches/Electrical-PathPatches/@PART[*]:FOR[zzzVSRPathPatch] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:40:48.323] [ModuleManager] Applying node VenStockRevamp/PathPatches/Engines-PathPatches/@PART[*]:FOR[zzzVSRPathPatch] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:40:53.029] [ModuleManager] Applying node VenStockRevamp/PathPatches/FuelTanks-PathPatches/@PART[*]:FOR[zzzVSRPathPatch] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:40:57.063] [ModuleManager] Applying node VenStockRevamp/PathPatches/Structural-PathPatches/@PART[*]:FOR[zzzVSRPathPatch] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:41:01.953] [ModuleManager] Applying node VenStockRevamp/PathPatches/Utility-PathPatches/@PART[*]:FOR[zzzVSRPathPatch] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:41:07.197] [ModuleManager] Applying node B9PartSwitch/PartInfo/@PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleB9PartSwitch]]:FOR[zzzzzz-B9PartSwitch] to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:41:08.850] [ModuleManager] Applying node Diazo/ModActions/part/@PART[*]:Final to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:41:10.136] [ModuleManager] Applying node SETIrebalance/SETI-GeneralSettings/@PART[*]:HAS[#category[FuelTank]|#category[Propulsion]]:FINAL to Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant [LOG 20:43:25.217] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant' [LOG 20:43:25.235] PartLoader: Part 'Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant' has no database record. Creating. [LOG 20:43:25.240] DragCubeSystem: Creating drag cubes for part 'adapterMk3-Size2Slant' None of those hits cause any errors, and the only warning is this, although I get this for many parts: [LOG 20:43:25.217] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'Squad/Parts/FuelTank/adapterTanks/Mk3-Size2Slant/adapterMk3-Size2Slant' [WRN 20:43:25.220] PartLoader Warning: Variable LF not found in Part [WRN 20:43:25.220] PartLoader Warning: Variable OX not found in Part [WRN 20:43:25.220] PartLoader Warning: Variable totalCap not found in Part [WRN 20:43:25.220] PartLoader Warning: Variable massOffset not found in Part [WRN 20:43:25.220] PartLoader Warning: Variable costOffset not found in Part I have B9 Part Switch 1.7.1. Ubio Welding is 2.5.0, of course.
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