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  1. If possible, could a feature be implemented that keeps a record of what mods have been added to your client when CKAN last updated its repository? It would be nice to be able to see what mods have become available since the last time I looked through the list. Perhaps a button to sort by "Newly Updated"?
  2. Oh, wow, thanks for bringing this to my attention! Although I'd still like to see my suggestion implemented in its entirety for obvious reasons, this should work as a useful band-aid to some problems in the interim.
  3. Torque would not necessarily have to be calculated, depending on how the feature is implemented. As a simple implementation, essentially setting the angle would be physicsless, like rotating a child part (the docked ship) against the parent in the editor. This could be an instantaneous angle change or it could be programmed to slowly rotate into the specified angle. A more complex implementation would work something like a rotating joint in Infernal Robotics and that would be something that would indeed impart torque to both sides of the connection, possibly stressing or breaking the joint if too much force is applied. I had not considered trying to rotate a ship docked to the parent at two or more points. It should be fairly straightforward to make a check that would display "Error: Vessel not free to rotate." if more than one connection to the parent exists. You would have to undock ports until only one connection remains in order to rotate by the remaining port. As far as torque and rotational stresses go, in an orbital vacuum it would only take a small force to slowly rotate even a very large vessel. The larger and more off-center the child structure, however, the longer it would take. Frankly, even without an explaination in lore (I.E. "small interlocking gears and tracks along the face of the docking port") this would be such a quality of life improvement for building vessels in orbit that it would be a very welcome feature in my opinion.
  4. When the information panel is displayed for a docked docking port, include a readout of the current angle of the face of the docking port relative to its partner. Include + and - buttons to rotate the partner docking port (and attached structure) without undocking. This would allow a much greater degree of precision in the construction of structures and vehicles in-situ. For example, two short 2.5m vehicles with two Rovemax XL3 wheels each in mirror attachment could dock with Clamp-O-Tron Sr. ports to form a large rover. It would be much easier to ensure that the wheels are all facing in the same direction with this method, rather than undocking and rotating a potentially unbalanced structure. Something like this:
  5. I'm having the same issue as Llightning. Immediately after updating the Configurable Containers Core via CKAN, upon launching the game there's a spam of "No X tank type in the library. Configuration of Y is INVALID" and the contents of all tanks, stock or otherwise, are missing. The game was working immediately before applying this update, so this seems to be the cause. *UPDATE* After comparing with the version on Spacedock, my Gamedata/ConfigurableContainers installed by CKAN does not contain either TankConfigs.cfg or TankTypes.cfg. *UPDATE 2* Placing TankConfigs.cfg and TankTypes.cfg from the Spacedock release into my ConfigurableContainers folder appears to have solved the problem. My installation appears to be functioning normally now. Perhaps consider checking if the version uploaded to CKAN is missing these files universally?