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  1. I did, but as I understand it the torque curve only gives you torque per speed, which is meaningless if you have no information about friction. KSP then uses Unitys WheelColider module once you drive the vessel in the physics box, including friction and slip. So I don't have a good way to get the infos in the background. The planned fix is to hard cap everything (speed, possible slope, waypoint range) depending on tech levels. The other thing is, that Squad announced that they have rewritten ModuleWheel for KSP 1.1 so I am not really into building something big around this module without knowing the changes they made.
  2. the mod query's all vessels for the AutoRoveModule, that might be an issue if you have a lot of landed vessels (including debris). You could try adjusting the update frequency fpu (frames per update) in the config file. the next version uses a more conservative index based system.
  3. it stops before hitting water and since it updates the position by default every 60 frames the distance to the water might be relative large dependent on speed and time warp
  4. do you use the ALT + F2 debug window? that causes some issues with active GUI-elements
  5. I'm in the middle of making my own system since I have to do more with waypoints later on and make sure they are tied to the individual rover. This and a way to select points with the mouse is supposed to go into the 1.1 release soonTM.
  6. I checked the NetKAN Repo and it did pull the mod correctly from Kerbalstuff 5 days ago: automatic Pullrequest. I used their .netkan file to produce a .ckan file and added it to the first post, hopefully it updates eventually.
  7. I like bug reports a lot! You were right, ProtoPartSnapshots contains only the root part, changed it to translate the ProtoVessel to a ConfigNode then query and manipulate that and override the old ProtoVessel when finished. next try: AutoRove 1.0.3_rc2.zip I checked that box but I guess I have to upload a netcan-file by hand. I'm looking in to this.
  8. I messed up the loading time of the config file, which wasn't always an issue? Added some null checks to the config loader, seems the exception is gone. Could you confirm: AutoRove 1.0.3_rc1.zip ?
  9. should work but it will translate them to the range of +0° to +360° and then follow the direct route.
  10. It records the time difference between two updates multiplies it with maximum allowed speed to get the driven distance then sets it on the corresponding position towards the target, or on the target if it would had been reached or turns it off if the vessel would have been splashed. you can switch to the vessel as you like and do whatever you want. it will continue towards the target as soon as you leave the flight scene (as long as the vessel is landed, not splashed or in orbit) It's so far only a single module that can be attached to any part (someone earlier posted a MM config to attach it to the MechJeb-case). Question is where it would fit best in the techtree.
  11. There is a bug in the function for getting the electric generator (like RTG) power on the vessel. Could you try AutoRove 1.0.2_rc1.zip to see if it fixes the issue?
  12. It ignores breaks completely when moving, so you can leave them on before starting or set them in between. You can also drive around manually without turning AutoRove off it continuous towards the target when you leave the flight scene. It just can't move while you're looking... every time it updates the position it sets the vessel to an altitude of 0m above terrain at that position, so it shouldn't collide more with the ground then usual when it loads. I haven't had problems so far but I could set some margin, just wanted to avoid heavy vessel crashing from the fall.
  13. Right now it only takes 3 digits for for longitude and latitude (only thought about biome hunting), if that's not enough precision i can give some more room. I thought about a hard cap (adjustable in the config file) but would like some feedback on how to scale that (the real rovers are barely crawling...) without rendering the autopilot useless. I haven't found out how KSP calculates a terrain resistance (if it does) so it would be some kind of mass/wheel vs torque - factor. ScanSats map-overlays provide coordinates (which adds some not quite intended realism since one would need to map the body before using the autopilot) alternatively you could type coordinates in WaypointManager and see where the icon spawns. It calculates the next position on a 'as the crow flies' distance and than sets the vessel on that position, ignoring the terrain in between. The update frequency is adjustable in the config file but on high time warp it will likely clip through to the next position. It does stop on the last position if the next update would have set it in water / splashed (again can be relative far away on high time warp). I need some more sophisticated path calculating to get useful slope information to implement a cap on that (and then find some acceptable number for the cap).
  14. AutoRove Mod for Kerbal Space Program A KSP Mod to give the Protodyne Rove Body the ability to move a landed vessel towards a target coordinate autonomously in the background. Right click on the Rove Body and activate AutoRove. The speed of the rover is the maximum speed the wheels can tolerate, scaled down for lower gravity worlds (but not up for higher). This mod is redistributing ModuleManager and Mini-AVC License: MIT Source: Bitbucket Download: * Bitbucket * Kerbalstuff * CKAN File Changelog: v. 1.0.3: - should now work if the Rove Body is not the root part - fixed a bug with rovers having a speed of 0 v. 1.0.2: - should now work if generators are attached - minor cosmetic changes v. 1.0.1: - AutoRove works now properly around the KSC - fixed the .version file v. 1.0.0: - initial release Known Issues: * does not track energy use for moving * only numeric input for target coordinates, no mouse over * does not move the active vessel, only unloaded vessels * no visual display for the target
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