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  1. Hey there! This should work with all parts. Modded or stock!
  2. Hi! New release available for KSP version 1.10.0. Changelog: Recompiled for 1.10.0. Fixed sparks for electricity leaks. Disable mesh & collider subdivision because this messes up the hover-over color. Standard exclude wheels from collision deformations because this would cause undesired movement when on ground.
  3. This is configurable via ModuleManager. In the KerbalKrashSystem_Repair.cfg there are currently no parameters configured. By changing the contents of the file to the following, it can be configured: @PART[*]:HAS[@MODULE[ModuleKerbalKrash*]]:AFTER[KerbalKrashSystem] { MODULE { name = ModuleKerbalKrashSystem_Repair _maximumRepairDelay = 55.0 _experienceLevelScaling = 10.0 } } "_maximumRepairDelay" is the repair delay in seconds. "_experienceLevelScaling" is multiplied by the Kerbal's experience level and subtracted from the _maximumRepairDelay to reduce the delay on higher levels. E.g. 55.0 seconds - (level 4 * 10.0 scaling) = 15.0 seconds of repair delay.
  4. I'll try to duplicate this issue over the weekend. Perhaps we'll have to exclude landing gears from the deformations then.
  5. Hello. Apparently I wasn't getting notifications of replies anymore. Perhaps I can help speed up the fixes together with @linuxgurugamer. I think the main issue for now is that it requires a recompile for the newest KSP version?
  6. Thank you for reporting this! Perhaps I can easily fix this by ignoring damage until the craft launches? That might be better anyway.
  7. I am so excited for KSP2 and I'll definitely try to get this mod working for it as soon as it is possible! And I definitely hope to see you guys there and perhaps even play the Multiplayer with you. I'll keep KKS updated for KSP1 as much as I can. If anyone experiences issues with it, let me know.
  8. I am checking if it is possible, I will let you know as soon as I know for sure!
  9. I've managed to recreate this. Apparently I was using the wrong kind of solar panels. The null-reference exception occured because the solar panels use a "BoxCollider" instead of a "MeshCollider" (which almost every other part uses). This is fixed in the new version by at least checking the MeshCollider before trying to restore it. The log seems fine and everything seems to be loading properly. I am trying to reproduce this, but to no avail. I will try again with a clean install and let you know.
  10. How did you manage to damage the solar panels in such a way that they become "repairable"? I am unable to replicate this without breaking them completely which renders them unusable (not even selectable by Kerbals).
  11. I'll check this out as soon as I get back! Thank you for reporting it!
  12. Reflection is notoriously slow, though. I wouldn't want anyone to experience any slowdowns/frame drops because of KKS. And hopefully KKS has also helped to reduce this in some way by reducing the frame drops caused by explosions/destruction of parts. Constantly checking if a Kerbal has a wrench equipped is highly inefficient. I've tried to get around the constant checking, but this requires collaboration between modders which is hard to achieve. The spare parts require storage space, which would be some form of container(?) This could either be an existing part which has to be modified with an extra type of resource. Or a completely new part, which would require a different design than the existing ones to avoid confusion between existing mod/stock parts. Or am I not seeing what you mean? Of course! That's the main reason for "KKS mods", that way players can mix and match whatever gameplay mechanics they desire' - If leaks are annoying: remove KerbalKrashSystem_Leak. - If repairs are unrealistic: remove KerbalKrashSystem_Repair. - If the destruction of collected science makes the game too hard: remove KerbalKrashSystem_Science. I really like the idea of requiring to take spare parts with you just in case something goes wrong, but I wouldn't want it to be a nuisance or cause confusion among players!
  13. I used to have a "tool" requirement, that used Kerbal Inventory System's tools to fix parts. This required you to take a few wrenches with you just in case something went wrong. But this required a dependency on KIS, which meant updating KKS everytime KIS updated, so I ditched that idea. The idea of having spare parts with you is something I'd really like to add, but would probably require designing parts, which isn't my forte. I feel like this might also influence the game more than I'd like(?) I am merely speaking for how I experienced the game together with other mods, though! I'd love to hear others about this! I'm definitely open to adding spare parts if people want this!
  14. Great! I love it when things fix themselves! Thanks for testing! Thank you so much for the amazing compliment! I am glad you're enjoying it! Up to another three years!
  15. Hey, thanks! I've merged your PR into the project. I'll also upload a new version that includes these fixes! Edit: Has anyone tried to use this with 1.7.0 yet? I hope I'll get around to testing this ASAP so I can update the tag for this topic.
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