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  1. Hmm. I have a pilot pod with a single engineer as well as a high level probe core. But when I activate SAS, there it does nothing. It's like the engineer acts as the pilot even though he's a much worse than the probe core. It worked when in Kerbin orbit. But now I'm out of Kerbin SOI and the problem occoured (I have radio contact). I did an EVA with him. Does that do something to the controls when he boards the ship again? It quite annoying.
  2. I might have figured it out 3). For control purposes I have to extend the antenna manually. Not sure about my Jool mission though. HEre I tried science transmission without luck. I haven't seen your answer. But as I wrote I can to some of the same conclusion. This just doesn't fit with my data transmission issue. Unless KSP says I can't transmit data, as it assumes I only use the buildin antenna, even though it deploys the main antenna automatically when transmitting. That would be a little lame implimentation
  3. I just don't get it! Every time I think I'm getting a grip on the communication mechanics, I build a craft but find out that It's out of communication range. Another mission scrapped. I now have 100G relay and direct antanne and control center at lvl 3. So I should be ok. But I have three casses that I would like to have shed some light on: 1) I once flew a mission to Jool with a mothership carrying a 100G relay antenna, which worked all the way to Kerbin. It had some probes with 2G direct antennea flying to the different moons. They should relay their data to the mothership. This only worked when the probe and mothership were very close, so I had to cancel most of the mission. This was somewhat disappointing, if a little surprising. 2) So I tried almost the same mission again, but this time the probes had 15G direct antenna. This made little difference and I had to wait a lot of time for the probes to be with in antenna range. This was a big surprise, since I thought the the next tier of antennae (2G -> 15G) would drastically increase range. 3) I just flew a manned mission with a probe core on it. I gave it a 100G direct antenna figuring this would have the same range as the 100G relay antenna which gave me a signal al the way to Jool. But once again I was in for a surprise! As soon as I ledt Kerbin's SOI I lost control of the probe! I'm getting REALLY tired of guessing the type of antenna needed... and always guessing wrong! Can anyone inlighting me or do I have to put two 100G relay antenna on every craft to be sure? Maybe a rule of thump or anything.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I'll try the the camera lock. The nav ball thing seems like a half-solution to me, since I still need to align the ports with out knowing how my ship will rotate.
  5. You gave me the gift of time. I thank you :-)
  6. I read on the Kerbal wiki that due to Ion engines low TTW ratio, burns take a long time. Hence it advised to use time acceleration during burns. I would like nothing more, but when I try I'm told it's not allowed during acceleration (yesterday I had to wait for a 30 min burn). Is there around this?
  7. When I dock two spacecrafts, it really bugs me that the axis of my craft doesn't align with the control keys (WASD). So for example if I press W the ship doesn't go up, but it goes left or something. I usually have to look at the RCS exhaust when I press a button to see what direction it tries to put my ship. Isn't there a way to make it more "videogame-like"? Like if you were seeing it from the cockpit (first person), or seeing from directly behind (third person) or something?
  8. I docked with an old station I had. Thanks!
  9. I have mission where I need to rendevouz two vessels. I tried to make a ship which I seperated in two and docked again right away. That didn't do it. Does it need to be two seperate vessels?
  10. How do eaily rotate an elliptical orbit into an other. I know that I can make do it by making the orbit circular and then making it elliptical once again from a different position. But my gut tells me that there is a simpler way. http://imgur.com/a/8nDDk
  11. My right click button suddenly works badly. It's like it beeing held down or locked to certain parts. I have to click it repeatedly in order to get my curser back. It really annoying, especially at critical states in the mission. It started like a month or two ago. Any ideas what going on?
  12. What if I have three engines. Are the delta-v just added together for each engine?
  13. Hi I'm planning a Duna return mission, and I would like to try some calculations beforehand. But I'm a little stuck. I want to calculate my total Delta-V, but I can't find the exhaust velocity anywhere (I'm using a NERV). I try to calculate it from the engines thrust, specific impulse and fuel consumption, but I not getting anywhere. Any help?
  14. I think it might be because of the decoupler in front of the port