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  1. I've tried to summarize the ring settings here: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/wiki/Rings It's a wiki, so please correct any errors you notice. I'll add a few links from other appropriate wiki pages.
  2. SmartTank v0.1.1 is released. Spanish translation thanks to Fitiales Reduce CPU usage (previously ran the vessel simulator every tick, now only when the vessel changes) https://github.com/HebaruSan/SmartTank/releases/tag/v0.1.1
  3. SmartTank Automatically scale tanks from Procedural Parts to fit a specified TWR. Dependencies: Module Manager (forum thread) Procedural Parts (forum thread) Download: https://github.com/HebaruSan/SmartTank/releases/latest Where to report bugs: https://github.com/HebaruSan/SmartTank/issues Source and documentation: https://github.com/HebaruSan/SmartTank Localization: https://github.com/HebaruSan/SmartTank/tree/master/assets/lang License: GPL v3 Credits and acknowledgements: Language Translators Spanish Fitiales Icon from http://fontawesome.io/icon/rocket/ http://fontawesome.io/icon/arrows-v/ http://fontawesome.io/icon/arrows-h/ Includes vessel simulator from Kerbal Engineer Redux (forum thread) The textures in the animation and my sig are from Enceos's Kerbal Hacks pack
  4. Any reason we couldn't extend Kopernicus and/or ModuleManager to support randomized parameters? Something like: @Body[Kerbin] { %Properties { %radius = #$random(300000,800000)$ } } I guess you'd need a way to return the same value consistently per save file rather than resizing the planets on every load.
  5. Unfortunately, the lift indicator doesn't show what you need to see, which is the center of pressure, that is, lift plus drag. Only certain parts generate lift, but all parts generate drag. The easy solution to aerodynamic instability is always to move the center of mass further forward and/or add fins at the back.
  6. That's a really tiny stage for a Mainsail! I thought 6dof mice were already a thing, and I haven't bought one yet. I would think they'd be more appealing for games where you need to combine movements that would be awkward with a conventional control scheme. KSP places more emphasis on planning and design, where it's easy enough to hold a mouse button to switch modes.
  7. I've submitted a pull request to address this and add a longitudeOfAscendingNode property for rings: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/pull/204 My solution to the question about absolute coordinates was to set transform.localRotation and subtract off the parent body's rotation based on its rotation period and the current UT. The folks that I knew had encountered this issue are already tagged on Github, but if anyone else is interested in having a look, more eyes on the code would be appreciated.
  8. I doubt that such a tutorial exists, because the file doesn't have a strict format, and reading it is less about following tutorial-style instructions than about problem-solving. We can give you some rules of thumb that would help most of the time, but there will always be issues that require additional analysis and thought. I have two pieces of advice: To resolve a crash, look towards the end of the file to see what was happening right before the crash. Search for "exc" to find exceptions. These are the small crashes of mods that can cause big crashes of the whole game. But again, there will be plenty of issues that these tips don't solve. This is why it's so important to be careful up front, when installing mods; there's no guarantee that the mess you make will be fixable.
  9. When a new exoplanet discovery is announced, no one asks, "But how Venus-like is it?" We're happy to learn about more kinds of planets, but we're hoping to find one particular kind of place.
  10. That member is marked as private. That means that members of the Vessel class can use it, but no one else can. It's one of the ways object-oriented programmers protect internal functionality from external dependencies (SQUAD can change or remove private class members, and no mods will break since no mod can use them). However, Vessel.patchedConicRenderer is public. What happens if you set vessel.patchedConicRenderer.renderEnabled = false, or mess with the other properties of that object? https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/api/class_patched_conic_renderer.html
  11. Where does the waste heat go? If there's a biosphere down there, you can't constantly feed in more and more heat and light without raising the temperature indefinitely and roasting everything. The outer surface radiates an amount of energy approximately equal to what it receives from the Sun, and the heat coming to the surface from inside is only 0.027% of that. Sounds like that "inner sun" must be pretty dim.
  12. My avatar already is a currently living person and would only have to be transported. Presumably he is invited to speak at a local university shortly before the outbreak. Me: Quick, Slavoj! Throw me that fireman's axe! We need to break down this door and get out of the city! Žižek: Me: *dies*
  13. It's the second most satisfying moment of a calculus-based physics course.
  14. Your grandfather's fantasy was inconsistent with basic Newtonian physics. (The entire inner volume would experience zero g.)
  15. Silly. If the trip from the outer surface to the inner surface was a matter of merely "they entered it," rather than a weeks long trek through an enormous vertical cave, then the thickness of the Earth's thin shell would be tiny, and its density would have to be far, far greater than we observe in common earthmoving operations.
  16. But if you do that, then you become a row in a management spreadsheet and work on what you're assigned. You would not get to work on fixing the old bugs that annoy you, at least not more than a couple of hours per week, because the dev priority right now is the expansion.
  17. Exactly. There's something that we would identify as supernatural, but the people attributing it to gods are doing so based on evidence not much stronger than assumptions and intuition. It might be gods, it might be A God, it might be the Force, it might be the pure will of the practitioner transmuted into mass and energy. All they know is that when you do this or that ritual, strange things happen. Maybe Daenerys's new imperial administration can start a Westerosi Metaphysical Foundation to fund properly rigorous research into these questions.
  18. I find hers the most effective storyline in terms of moral ambiguity. I normally can't help being judgmental when a character does anything that's not Lawful Good, but in the case of the young Ms. Stark, the experiences she's gone through are just enough to make me sympathize. But there have also been moments when the practitioners of those same religions have been dead wrong about things they thought the religion told them, for example Melisandre's certainty that Stannis was destined to take the iron throne. There are Greater Forces out there somewhere, but their true form and status is not correctly understood by anyone. There's a fan theory that Tyrion is also a Secret Targaryen, based on Tywin's grumbling about "since I could not prove you were not mine" (emphasis on "prove"---he had reasons to suspect). (Also, Jon and Tyrion's mothers both died in childbirth, which could be justified with an argument that Targaryens are dangerous to carry in one's womb if you're not one.) Three dragons, three Targaryens. In my mind the only remaining question is how they find out.
  19. We're still rooting for Arya. I wish they could film ten different versions of the finale, each with Cersei killed by a different character, and then send them out to the various distributors at random, just to watch the chaos (which is a ladder).
  20. I don't know exactly what they mean (because there are no descriptions in the documentation), but there are several more values available in this enum. Try various combinations of them (combined with pipe characters as above) to see if you like the results. Presence|Name was just a guess based on what it sounds like you wanted. https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/api/_discovery_info_8cs.html
  21. BTW, is GRRM still involved in the production at all? Such a big clash with no (confirmed) main character deaths feels more in line with standard Hollywood fantasy than the rest of this series.
  22. Oh oops, that property is private. Which also rules out selectively copying the properties of the old object into a new object. The DiscoveryLevels enum is designed to allow multiple values, and I assume StateVectors and Appearance control the orbit lines and whether you're allowed to switch to it; what about leaving them out? vessel.DiscoveryInfo.SetLevel(DiscoveryLevels.Presence | DiscoveryLevels.Name);
  23. Sigh, I thought the big flashy battle had some actual stakes related to other things in the episode.
  24. Oops, nevermind! I thought I heard some discussion of them lacking the main thing that made the Mongols effective, and I just missed it in this battle. I thought he said that some of it was? Not sure, it was one quick line with no visual referent. But what was the gold caravan still doing on the road led by Jaime if their job was over?
  25. Looks like the constructor takes quite a few parameters: https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/api/class_knowledge_item_3_01_t_01_4.html KnowledgeItem< T >.KnowledgeItem( DiscoveryInfo host, DiscoveryLevels itemLevel, string caption, string valueFallback, UpdateDataCallback updateValueCallback, string suffix = "", string format = "" ) ... but it's not clear that replacing the object is the right choice. What about something like this? vessel.DiscoveryInfo.trackingStatus.ItemLevel = DiscoveryLevels.Owned; Or possibly vessel.DiscoveryInfo.SetLevel(DiscoveryLevels.Owned);