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  1. Note that we had an unusual number of new contributors this time. Special shout-out and welcome to (their GitHub user names): Hydroxa, who single-handedly investigated and fixed a GUI crash vinix38, who translated the entire CKAN GUI into French Sinomen, whose close attention to mod version compatibility resulted in several metadata edits that unfortunately don't go into this changelog, but nonetheless ought to be mentioned Thanks for helping to make CKAN better! If you click the numbers for each entry in the change log, there are descriptions, often with screenshot
  2. Yes, but also no. The forum ignores or re-writes anything after the thread ID, a dash, and one more character. So if the title changes, new links will look different, but old links still work. For example, CKAN commonly exploits this to truncate links, like this: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/133971-*
  3. I think it would be more worthwhile to address the points people are actually making, rather than inventing straw men and dramatically knocking them down. A game that does not even exist yet cannot be "played wrong", because it cannot be played at all. So no one is saying that. This is a discussion of the potential consequences of including a feature in that future game; what the gameplay experience would be like with and without that feature. Some readers think that including this feature would remove something important from that gameplay, and it's not very charitable to interpret that as an
  4. Version 2.1 of this mod was added to CKAN on August 29, 2020: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN-meta/commit/dae05784cc0cf4fa4afd0bcef2a7b4afb002c34c#diff-f27501ec0a4edd7dcf031242f579b24b5b7f2b947a905c98a22deb5cd52452f4 If someone had trouble finding it, it's possible that they weren't using KSP 1.10.
  5. It's an appealing concept once you get into a habit of successful similar missions, but piloting vessels without physics-loading them potentially sidesteps many things that experienced players learn about design, often the hard way... Having enough inputs for the burn (including electriccharge for ion engines, potentially generated while the burn is in progress) Thrust is aligned with center of mass, including as the tanks are gradually emptied Sufficient attitude control to align with the node in time to burn, and to stay aligned till done Vessel is rigid enough to han
  6. @RabidToothBrush, your keyboard focus is in the search box. Press tab or up arrow or down arrow or page up or page down or enter to move the focus to the list of mods, and additional key stroke tips will appear at the bottom:
  7. https://github.com/HebaruSan/KerbalChangelog/releases/tag/v1.4.2
  8. Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Mike Judge worked on a Shrek reboot? I would still very much welcome help from anyone with artistic talent, but for now, at least it isn't text anymore.
  9. I finally thought of an idea for an icon that might work to replace this monstrosity: I'd like to reference the Roman god Janus, looking back to the past and forward to the future, as depicted on coins from antiquity: I'm told that sometimes one face is sad or angry while the other is happy, which would correspond well to a new release in which we look back in dismay at old bugs and forwards to shiny new features. But of course since this is Kerbal Changelog, the faces ought to be Kerbals instead, and the moods ought to be panicked terror and excitement. And of cours
  10. FYI, I just noticed a bug where the buttons in the multi-mod listing can show up when they shouldn't. Luckily it's an easy fix, but a bit small for a release by itself, so I'm looking for a few other things to include. More bugs: In case anyone is trying to translate this mod to another language, several of the strings in the Localization file were supposed to be used but aren't. And if you tried using the Performance change type, it would load as None. Both to be fixed in next release.
  11. Kerbal Changelog, originally by @Benjamin Kerman, is a utility for modders who want their release notes to be seen by everyone who downloads the mod. A window at the main menu puts the changelog into the eyes and brains of the mod's users. Comes with a scrollbar for large volumes of release notes and changes the title bar according to what mod's changelog is currently being displayed. Some mod authors rely on this mod to alert users to changes, but its compatibility has not been updated in a while, so I have adopted it and added some enhancements: a toggle between KSP and Unity skins, gre
  12. I don't think he was nitpicking the existence or functionality of the button, just its grammar. Don't worry, I didn't design anything based solely on your feedback; I actually thought about it first . The button in the space center does show the latest changes only, just like at the main menu... unless there are no such changes. Most of the time when you launch the game, there will be no changes since last time, and hiding the button completely or showing a blank popup would make no sense, so in that one case it starts out into historical mode; otherwise you have to check the "Show old
  13. I had to make five PNGs for Planning Node recently, which depleted all my aesthetic energy, hence what you'll see in the space center is this generic disgrace: If anyone feels like doing better, contributions are welcome.
  14. Why am I re-typing all this stuff, specifically for this mod? https://github.com/HebaruSan/KerbalChangelog/releases/tag/v1.4.1 Additional ongoing feedback is still welcome. The remaining major idea I have is a single combined display option, now that we no longer show the full history of each updated mod by default, but I wanted to get the current set of changes working well before starting that.
  15. It's right in German! Anyway, thanks for the feedback about the re-open button. It will take some doing to present the same info the second time the user opens the window, but I'm convinced it's the right approach. (And there will probably be a "Show old updates" checkbox somewhere for users interested in a deep dive into history.)
  16. Should it? Why do you say that? Maybe you're German. If so, take heart: localization will probably be in my next release.
  17. Do you use the stock UI Scale setting? I notice it doesn't seem to have an effect in this mod's current UI, so maybe fixing that is our way out:
  18. OK, that makes sense, there should always be a way backwards from a regretted click. Not for me; I have something set up to automatically reset them for testing on my local system.
  19. No, I had not thought about that, but I'll add it to the to-investigate list. I'm reluctant to depart from the visual styles used everywhere else in the game, but arguably a font scaling option makes sense for a dialog where you're going to do a lot of reading. No, there's nothing like that currently. It would probably lose the "just the latest changes" feature, since the mod marks the changelogs as viewed the first time the popup appears. Would you actually use such a thing, or are we fishing for features now? Hmm, again I'm wondering whether this is something you wou
  20. I will not be attempting this, for many reasons. First, what initially drew me to this mod was that it created a standard shared format for this data, and this suggestion would wreck that, as well as obstructing possible future enhancements that take advantage of having structured data, such as only showing the latest version. Second, it would create visual inconsistency from mod to mod, which would make the user experience worse. Third, it would require embedding parsers for each of the supported formats into the mod to convert the contents of the files into Unity richText format, which would
  21. Adoption in progress; consider this a pre-release. I'll hold off on starting a new thread or switching CKAN to this fork for a little while yet to give @Benjamin Kerman more time to respond and to give any interested parties a chance to report bugs: https://github.com/HebaruSan/KerbalChangelog/releases/tag/v1.4.0 (I'll be monitoring here for feedback and support. Obviously the source is in that same repo, and the license is still MIT.) It addresses most of the requests I was able to find plus a few things I noticed myself: Use the KSP skin (with a Skin button in the upper ri
  22. Looks like this is done with standard Unity syntax: <color=#ff0000><b>Breaking change!</b></color>
  23. Seeing it right now, thanks for sharing your workaround.
  24. Yup, will do. The fact that some mods depend on this one is one of my motivations for wanting to keep it updated.
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