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  1. FYI, GitHub is having some downtime that affects CKAN. You can monitor this page to see when they manage to get it working again: https://www.githubstatus.com/
  2. I don't know of any reason for that. Can you share a link to the contents of your GameData/KerbalChangelog/KerbalChangelogSetting.cfg file? No, that wouldn't affect anything.
  3. You make it sound like Contract Configurator is abandoned. But a pull request was merged in July of this year. You make it sound like the current maintainers are not paying attention to performance. But the first line of the latest release's changelog is, "Major performance improvements to save loading time (thanks @siimav)." You make it sound very dramatic. Performance improvements can be shockingly mundane: Identify and communicate the slow use cases (that would probably mean submitting an issue that specifies the contract packs you're using and what you're doing when you notice it's slow so a developer can reproduce the problem) Measure the code's performance with a profiler (dotTrace looks like it might work? I haven't tried it yet though) Analyze the measurements to find code that's slower than it should be (flame graphs are my personal favorite visualization tool, and it looks like they were added to dotTrace in its 2019.3 version) Determine and fix the cause of the slowness (details depend on the nature of each bottleneck) For KSP modding in general, the hardest part is probably collecting performance measurements. Devising an easy method to profile mods would be a very helpful contribution, if that hasn't been done yet. Without that, developers fall back to rules of thumb and guessing, which can easily miss major unexpected bottlenecks.
  4. Would it be alright with you if CKAN did this for the current release of Ship Manifest? CKAN has the ability (rarely used) to rename files when they are installed. We could filter out CLSInterfaces.dll from the folder and then install it as SM_CLSInterfaces.dll instead.
  5. It wasn't out there, as far as I know; I myself only discovered it while working on that pull request, about 11 days ago. But editing a URL is a workaround of last resort for when someone is seriously frustrated, not something about which users generally should need to know. As @DasSkelett says, it's better to put our efforts into adding the buttons, so everyone has an obvious and easy way to access such URLs:
  6. If you're finding it that painful, you can work around the lack of page buttons by adding "&page=2", "&page=3", etc., to the end of a search URL. The back end supports pagination, there just aren't buttons for it yet (but we're in the process of adding them).
  7. The pagination just wasn't implemented; there's a "TODO" in the code there. A change to implement it is in the pipeline, though: https://github.com/KSP-SpaceDock/SpaceDock/pull/431
  8. That's very ambitious. Good luck! I think you'll have to look for solutions one at a time as you work on various aspects of the UI. In addition to Overdrive for the pop-ups, here's a mod that handles modifying the navball:
  9. I think these are just mock-ups, which would have been made by capturing screenshots from KSP and then editing them in Photoshop or equivalent, and no working mod was ever made:
  10. Depends what you want to change. For example, this mod changes the Unity and KSP skins to make pop-up windows look more consistent, but it doesn't touch other elements like the navball or altitude meter: https://github.com/linuxgurugamer/KSP-Overdrive/blob/master/Overdrive/Overdrive.cs
  11. That's because it's not on SpaceDock either. https://spacedock.info/mod/777/TRP-Hire#changelog
  12. Sure, I ran this from a shell in my game folder: But I'm guessing that won't work for you; if your game doesn't know the translation, then your dictionary.cfg may be missing or corrupted.
  13. That message means you ran an old copy of CKAN, not the one from that link. It can only happen on a copy from before we added MPL-2.0, which happened in v1.30.0 (Glenn).
  14. A few updates... @DasSkelett has pushed some metadata changes that should help with this in https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/NetKAN/pull/8862, but we don't know for sure whether that will address everything for everyone (fingers crossed). We also have some code fixes in the works to hopefully address the root cause, in https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/pull/3479. If you have been having problems with the latest Scatterer and want to help with testing the fix, you can try this build: https://github.com/KSP-CKAN/CKAN/suites/4387936607/artifacts/115621271
  15. Thanks! That confirms some of our guesses; you have a lowercase "scatterer" directory on disk because that's what the previous version had, but your registry.json thinks it is a capital "Scatterer" directory in a few places because that's what the newest version has (EDIT: or because that's what the config and sunflare modules still had up until a few seconds ago). In addition, CKAN thinks that you installed "GameData/scatterer/Scatterer.dll" manually because the lowercase path doesn't match what was in the ZIP. For now, you might try renaming "scatterer" to "Scatterer" to see if that helps. We'll keep investigating for a real fix.
  16. Thanks for letting us know about this. If you have a chance, would you mind sharing a screenshot of your GameData folder and uploading your <KSP dir>/CKAN/registry.json file somewhere and posting a link so we can look at it? We have some guesses about what might be going on, and this would help us to investigate.
  17. That one is "Craft incompatible". That one is too vague.
  18. Have you tried approaching from normal or anti-normal? Any other orientation can be subject to "drift" as the slightly different orbits get out of alignment, but along the normal axis that effect actually helps you by gradually moving the vessels closer together.
  19. That's because it's also not on SpaceDock. https://spacedock.info/mod/15#changelog
  20. Cool! Yeah, we switched to a different uploader widget that supports "chunking" because some people were having timeouts with large uploads that took longer than 15 minutes. Various things about the look and feel may be different from what it was like before May 2021.
  21. I don't see an error message there. Are you clicking Publish Update?
  22. And it probably will continue to do so until there's a new release of this fork.
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