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  1. Got it! I will try to translate into my language but no promise, it depends on my spare time. My exp is based on server-side env but i think i can handle a simple plain txt format on client-side too As i said, i love this mod and it's a pleasure to give my contribution. Plz keep it updated!
  2. Great work for updating to 1.6.1 and thanks a lot! I love this mod! there's a way to translate it? i will give my contribution if possible..
  3. problem solved by updating toolbar mod, not the ClickThroughBlocker even the ToolbarControl that were updated, but the Toolbar mod here.
  4. I Report this ugly windows apper in ksp 1.6.1 is this mod suited for ksp 1.6.1 too?
  5. tryed in an existing one.. that's why when RemoteTech_Settings.cfg is set, your mod can't override it.
  6. I notice that in the Dark-side calc, some solar panels are not inculded in CE production and they appear not editable as shows in part-list below.. i used standard solar panels like these. I'm trying to translate this mod in italian too, if you are interested.
  7. i notice that remotech has a file called RemoteTech_Settings.cfg in the save folder as a PRESET called by remotetech mod Default_Settings.cfg that override your cfg file. So even if you add other stations they will be erased after the loading of the RemoteTech_Settings.cfg file.
  8. mod installed but cant see the other stations.. remotetech installed too.. installed: moduleManager 3.1.3 ksp 1.6.1 remotetech 1.9.1. recompiled for ksp 1.6
  9. can you update this for ksp 1.6.1?
  10. tryed it but it seems to have some issue with the graphics.. sometimes the game lags a bit.