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  1. Holy damn @OhioBob . You put more work into this than I've put into most school projects.
  2. I don't know if its in the game or not but you should like "specifying impulse"
  3. Haha, I had a design for mun orbit rescues and it needed like 20m/s more deltav but I didn't change it because that would cost money. I used the decoupler between the heat shield and the upper stage to give me a small boost on my munar escape then had the recently rescued crew member get out and push with their jet pack to get the periaps above Kerbin to ~25km. It was successful this way 7 times
  4. Docking was something I had done after probably 20 hours of game play. I had already rendezvoused several times for rescue missions so I had a good understanding of relative velocity. I also had watched dozens of videos about station building before I had even bought the game so I knew the controls for RCS translation and rotation so it was actually quite easy. But what I made was a station out of the smallest docking ports and I flew it to Minmus. Lets just say that a wet noodle has similar structural integrity to what I flew that day.
  5. It's very easy if you use the planetary bases mod. This mod gives you an algae farm which converts ore into fertilizer and then you can use the fertilizer to generate more supplies. Also if you use some of the recycling modules you will be able to run a base off of much less ore but more electricity Also I'm hooping made me laugh.
  6. Perhaps if the target is in flight as opposed to on the ground it will take damage. I can't tell you how many times I got a little to crazy with the time warp and crashed a craft into my space stations and destroyed everything
  7. I used to be a beginner who would over build everything by a couple thousand Δv. But now I run out of fuel on return from say the mun with a periaps of like 40km so i just use the Kerbal's jetpack to push the periaps down to 25 and hope I don't burn up in the atmosphere. Watching a Kerbal push themselves face first into a terrier engine is quite humorous to say the least.
  8. It isn't a scroll as much as a slider that changes your field of view on the planet effectively zooming in or out
  9. not atm. But once I actually start then I'll make a thread and a youtube series on it.
  10. So a small progress update. Using USI life support and planetary bases I have created a self sustaining base for 10 kerbals given that enough ore is generated to feed the algae farms. Lets see if I can scale up to 50 or so.
  11. Fair point. But I think I can turn a profit just through the administration building. If I use the science packs in the allowed mods list I could generate ridiculous amounts of science and at a 1 science to 100 fund ratio it wouldn't take long. But I wouldn't worry about it until I actually manage to create a self sustaining base using USI life support. But just something to think about. Sorry if I'm being a bother
  12. Alright so half asleep me came up with the idea last night of different scoring categories as far as funds go. One would be The great Kerbal flood where how much funds you spend wouldn't count against you but the amount of debris left over would. This would encourage huge operations but still will give a challenge to remain clean. The other would be the "insert funny name about efficiency" route. This would take funds into account by the system you already have in place but no extra reward should be given to recoverable vessels as the funds they net are reward enough already. But still I have
  13. @JacobJHC Couldn't you also generate unlimited funds from sending back fuel tanks full of fuel. This could be made profitable by sending one of the largest fuel tanks into orbit with a recoverable rocket then sending it to Jool with a transfer stage that you previously used to transport something to Jool. After refueling at Jool using a Tylo assist would get the tank full of fuel back to Kerbin at only the cost of the fuel taken to get the tank itself into orbit and the percentage loss of the launch vehicle as it lands further away from the KSC.
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