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  1. Not mine , found it on KerbalX and used DCS to recolour it .
  2. Someone help me to work out how to post or embed images on here please ?
  3. Looking at this , I think I may rename my next X33 Thunderbird 2 .
  4. Mixed a load of mods together in KSP 1.10 , Tundra , KK , KSCFloodlight , e.t.c . Made my own Decals after watching someone else do it on you tube . & got well this
  5. I won't complain lol . might make things easier , well for me at least .
  6. Is there a specific way to set up the RCS Thrusters ? The reason I am asking is for example if I have the ship set to the prograde marker just orbiting , the RCS is continually operating . Even docking to is difficult due to the RCS doing so , like when I am trying to slowly approach a docking port on the target maker I may press the forward button to slowly move the ship towards the target , but after releasing this , the other RCS Ports also operate ?
  7. Wernher " You did remember to bring ear plugs ? " Why I have no ears
  8. Seems I have got it , i'm just a bit thick , I should've asked about the forward tank instead . Aha just found the forward tank , forgive me for being stupid lol an not looking in the tank section .
  9. Quick question : Any chance you will release this version without the cockpit part as option , so it can be used as a drone ship for resupply ? Please do so if possible .
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