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  1. Okidoki will give it a go , have you got a recommended version of KK ?
  2. Erm maybe i'm a bit thick , but for some reason , after I had finally found a flat spot on Hydrus erm………. I hit CTRL K thinking here we lets build a base here and nothing happened , talk about gutted , took me ages to find the right spot . So is this a bug or am I thick lol Coz KK is borked ?
  3. Wernher we need to chat about your latest idea Did I also mention , if possible , you know the walkways that join to the Domes , how about two other versions 15 & 30 @ Angles , se erm weird an wacky things can be made , not that i'd do that sort of thing , or try and build a rail system to a launch base on the water or to the old airfield , nope not me ……..
  4. Docking Ports would be a great add on so you can dock the domes together , that's about all , well apart from HUGE Domes , thanks for taking the time to reintroduce this to KSP , i''ve missed this mod a lot . Pie in the sky dreams , think Logans Run the movie so erm round tubes so I can work out a way of building a tube system for crafts to travel from one dome to another , yer yer I know mad idea but you did ask lmao .
  5. Do I need KAS to attach the lines and stuff to various parts to actually build on the ground ? I've got the mobile workshop on the ground crammed full of engineers and a kit nearby with the component parts for the craft I require to build . That's as far as I've got so far ?
  6. Oh yeah it's back , thank you so much for this
  7. This is great , been playing about with it quite a bit , have a few questions I'm playing in KSP Ver 1.7.3 with the required kopernicus version . Now then on your huge list of add on's I've noticed a lot of patches for kopernicus , will they work in this version as I can't seem to get KK to spawn some of the landing sites and I don't want to muck up my install , because apart from that everything else is working fine . So erm which ones do I have to add regarding the patches if that is possible ? Thanks .
  8. I love having this in a stock game , Thank You .
  9. I dunno what you have done to the Octopus engines in the latest update , but they are now amazing sound wise and visually the plumes are stunning , Thank You
  10. Meanwhile before the 50th anniversary , Komrade Valentina arrives on the Mun with a big bucket of paint .
  11. Now this is a really good Anniversary Present , thank you . Quick Question in your rather fantastic video it shows a moonbase , ok how did you do that ? the dual landing zones are amazing and i'd like to replicate that .