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  1. There is another mod out there that has a FTL Engine , I simply want to add the effects of the Warp Engine to that .
  2. Cheeky Question ? The Warp Effect , is there a way to add that too another engine ? Yer I know another silly idea in my head
  3. Beyond excited by this . Oh yeah Option 1 please please please Oh an if your feeling up for it . Option 4 NX-01 Refit
  4. Well this latest Update is a bit special , like the options for the Test Version and the landing legs , excellent update thanks .
  5. Is there a way to mod the Altitude required to operate the Warp Engines ? Yes I know it's a silly idea , but I have a even sillier idea i'd like to try
  6. https://www.cygnus-x1.net/links/lcars/starfleet-vessel-enterprise-nx-01.php That should keep you busy , shed loads of stuff to look at in there .
  7. Well I could probably find you the blueprints for the NX-01 if you would need them . Oh and a whole lot more reference stuff as well .
  8. NX-01 Enterprise parts , Oh please i'd love this in game . Playing about with this mod today and so far so good , I may need a bigger universe though
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