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  1. So erm I love the Airships mods by Angel125 , actually he does a whole heap of mods that I use . So erm well I wonder if I can Build a docking rig on kerbin like a tower an dock . Yup you can . I'vre hit F5 an am gonna bite the bullet an try an launch another ship whilst it sits there docked . Hopefully the game won't kill it............hopefully , coz it took me nearly a hour to get it docked . anyhow here's a Vid .
  2. What can i say...... (A) Don't Cut Val up when your flying she tends to get angry (B) Werner decided Bill was blind so he had a helpful idea
  3. Built a Zepplin...........then erm.......added Lazers Turrents to it
  4. Something silly
  5. Decided to muck about a bit ( for a change honet ) an push my PC an KSP to the Limit an my limit is 2,000 parts .................dammit........... Oh well , built a 1,00 Part ship an yer its stil laggy but it gets off the ground
  6. Assembled The Fleet Amazing looking foward to the next video allready . Quick question ? what is the soundtrack called from the video please .
  7. You are Correct , have a cookie
  8. Montage of the last few days . managed to get the part count down to 83 thanks to UbioWeld Continued so it loads a lot quicker , next up is to sort out some proper landing bays so i can actually use them properly .. No hacks or cheats either , does take a whole load of extra engines to lift off from kerbin , Dry mass is under 19,000,000 and doesn't wreck the runway sitting there with no landing legs , which i'm amazed an confused about in equal measure .
  9. B9 HK Engines
  10. Ok Jeb go on then fly through it
  11. Found a Spaceship on KerbalX , modded it a bit , had to weld bugger loads of stuff with the welding mod , adedd the Alien Spacemod , found the C,O,G an turned it into a VTOL from Duna WARNING : It's loud Volume wise
  12. Mucked about with OPT
  13. Did this......
  14. AVP with 8K Textures
  15. 300 + Kerbin Days an 21 launches later finally got to Duna