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  1. Drax Kermin has plans for Kerbin domination
  2. Nope not a IVA just a recolour of the main capsule skin , the outside bit , in stainless with no black bit lol .
  3. Continued the Adventures of...…...
  4. Leo Kerman Training Part 2 …………..eek
  5. Tortured my PC as this is 1233 Parts eek Not built by me found it here : https://kerbalx.com/MiffedStarfish/MCRN-Rocinante
  6. I was mucking about in KSP 1.9.1 and somehow created this . Please look at the video as it better describes what has been done . A simple question is to whom do the Textures belong too , I've tried to show them in the video in the hope the original creator or creators will , jump in and say hey they're mine . I have no desire to claim credit for them , but would simply ask for either them to publish this as a mod or give me permission to do so . Full Credit would given for any Textures used and or cfg's . I'm simply trying to add something to the community as this is my first attempt at a Mod , so I have no desire to create any issues with the original owners of said textures , I've simply updated them to run in DX11 for the newer setup of KSP using Gimp . Lastly should I be offered the opportunity to publish this erm how ? never done this so havn't got a clue . Oh yeah I named it after my Dog