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  1. Had too seemed like a good idea to get a whole station into orbit in one piece and 4 Starships .
  2. Thanks , I've managed to work it out now , just wanted to keep the stock Vector only , so after some trail and error , its done
  3. Yes I've read it thanks , tried to get my head around it and failed badly .
  4. Can someone please ( using small words , coz i'm fick lol ) explain how I can restore the stock Vector engine with it's effects . I've read the instructions as too how to do it , but erm I seem to doing it wrong and it's doing my head in . Thanks
  5. I'm so happy this has been updated / re released . this makes my KSP life so much better , Thank You
  6. Honestly , I don't know its part of the SoundEditorMod one of the tunes supplied .
  7. Kerbal Space Program 1.8.1 A Bob D Production Starring AstronmersVisualPack EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements Scatterer Co-starring Distant Object TextureReplacer PlanetShine SoundtrackEditor Special Guest Star CFG.s by me With Grateful Thanks to all modders who make this possible
  8. Today in 1.8 I tested things that seem to work still
  9. I have two PC's the silly one built to replace my 8086K is a 9700k , SSD Evo , 32GB 3200mhz Ram and a oldish GTX 1070 8GB Card , been mucking about with cfg's for a stock kerbin but with visuals for about 18 months now and you Atmo cfg helped cure a previous issue with DX11 , just by adding four lines . The visual mod itself has 5 x 148mb cubemaps for the clouds and about a total of 25GB of Textures with them included .
  10. Here is another bonus with your Mod . after looking at how you have done your cfg's for the visuals , I've managed to use a few of them on my stock install of KSP so now Kerbin looks amazing in DX11 . Memory footprint is also excellent .
  11. For KS3P , I borrowed the config from AVP , tweaked a few settings and well got this . Still tweaking and playing about and still impressed with this mod as i'm using DX11 and the craft had near 600 parts but doesn't seem to lag and stutter , so your mod is obivoulsy well thought out thanks .
  12. RVE64K + RSSVE ( JRO ) + KS3P + My cfg's = well this , only took about 45 attempts and reloads of KSP to get here
  13. Yes thanks for the allowance of moddable cfg's i'm messing about with them , slowly but surely . Yup another question , well ok two 1) what is the actual cloud cfg , cubemaps ?? is what i'm thinking . 2) Ballpark lol , Optimal orbit height for video's and screenshots , to get all the candy and glory of this mod . Thanks .
  14. Honestly I don't know , I just dragged and dropped the cfg and other parts in and tried it . EDIT Oh I also tried your mod without KS3P & got this . I do like KS3P a lot but the cfg seems to oversaturate the scene at certain times it looks like a Atomic Bomb was dropped lmao . No offense intended as I know your MOD is WIP and it's amazing , the night light views are well , stunning to say the least .