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  1. [1.3.1] LonesomeRobots Aerospace: DADV-1

    Exit hatch ? can't seem to find one click on EVA to one of the Kerbals and nope nothing happens .
  2. Aha okidoki so can you or someone explain , in very small words how I would do that ? Once again thanks for your prompt reply .
  3. So does anyone know of a mod that i can muck about to get nice shiny wings ??? or does any of the mods you allready make allow to do it @Shadowmage As you can see i'm sort of 1950-60's influenced in some of my more wacky idea's
  4. Thanks got the file @Temeter uploaded and the Expansion , it works and its amazing , thanks again to both of you EDIT Its so shiny my Dog needed sunglasses
  5. Hey thanks for the quick reply I have SSTU installed had since whenever you released it , So I tried mucking about with the settings and still can't get the effect you have , could you maybe share your settings for the ship in the picture i quoted to give me a base line please ?
  6. Ok how hew hell do i do this because its amazing ??? On another tangent What Do I have to edit to make all the White Bits ( Arrowed GREEN ) to turn into Shiny things like the other parts ( Arrowed RED ) , sorry to ask but this add on is nothing short of mind boggling . Love it too bits and just wan't to build a sort of shiny retro 1950/60's style of ship from the old B-Movies
  7. SRSS Modded with RSS , slightly
  8. RSS KSP Ver 1.3.0 an a few mods
  9. [1.3] Launch Towers Pack

    Maybe i'm having a brain fart , but when i launch the Falcon Heavy , there is no tower animation (KSP ver 1.3) as in it doesn't lean over ? as the rocket decouples an leave the pad .
  10. Ok i've sorted it out thanks , erm yup I was using Janitors CLoset and sort of screwed up the squad parts with it . all working fine now thanks , as a bonus the Solar panels now work as well . Thanks for the prompt reply .
  11. Downloaded , installed , a couple of issues The Solar Panels won't unfold ? is there any dependcies for these ? When i use the enclosed craft files , I get this message for nearly all of them "Parts Missing radialDecoupler1-2 " ?
  12. Quick Question ? erm how do i get the Solarpanels to open ? i've downloaded everything including the Dependencies When i right click on the panels , theres nothing ? KSP ver 1.3 Also tried Action Groups , also nothing , i'm confused lol . worked perfectly in previous installs .
  13. What did you do in KSP today?

    It seems the Potato shortage has created a new export company
  14. What did you do in KSP today?

    Mucked about with a engine config so i can have little blue engines on my current fave thing I built God i love this game .