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  1. Actually This Is A Great Idea But A Long Time In Modeling If You Don't Have Much Time Trying To Code It To Work And More.
  2. Fengist too bad that when you opend it back my high powered laptop is gone lol.
  3. Please tell me how to make a mod and what software it needs to work?
  4. ok sir thanks for your reply. im just questioning you if that happens to you, some people tell that so be aware. But nice mod though with siren mod
  5. sdhi? can i post this mod to the spacedock for you? or you are planning to post it in there.
  6. Spacedock is new born mods stuff downloader, its awesome, cool and the logo of it, its just like kerbal stuff, only is that all the mods must be in spacedock automatically. What is your comments to our new third party mod downloader?
  7. Guys im really sad too that everything is gone in kerbalstuff :-(
  8. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! kerbal stuff is now closed it shutdown :-(
  9. Thank you sir katateochi, i thought it broke down so sorry if you have an heart attack, cause you maked my day great
  10. its not working it says warning wrong website And now its ok
  11. Kerbalx is the no.1 craft downloader for kerbal space program, for 2 years of this website, it breaked down, we are sad cause it breaked down :-(
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