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  1. I want to build a space center on the Mun! Or on Minmus! I haven't really thought this through - it's mostly a foundation for the idea but here's a roughing - Cost based on various factors : Size/Gravity of the body ( The further the deviation from Kerbin the higher the cost should be ). Distance from Kerbin ( Closer = less expensive, more distant = more expensive ( Mean distance, not current ). Time for construction to complete can vary based on factors. Facility may require engineers while being constructed, and those engineers will be left out of play while it's happening. The higher the level of the engineer, the greater the effect of them on the time and cost of the center. You don't get to choose where the space center will be built ( static location for each body, for the sake of the programmers sanity - holy hell I don't even want to think about what would go into letting them be built anywhere ). You have to ship all the necessary whatever to the site on the body ( I have no idea what should be required to allow the construction of a Space Center on an Extra-Planetary Body ) Maybe allow players to build the facilities of the space center separately? ( Launch Pad, Research Center, Spaceplane Hangar, etc. Research Center requires a science lab, Spaceplane Hangar requires a tank of rocket fuel or something... I don't know. ). Space Center Facilities start at level zero ( same as Kerbin space center ). Cost for upgrades subject to same factors as the cost of construction. Research Center research costs are the same, but if you want you can "beam" unlocked tech from any space center to any other space center which currently does NOT have that tech unlocked to either just flat out give it to them ( if they are eligible ) or reduce the research cost. "Beaming" tech from one center to another could have a cost ( either science or kerbits ( or whatever the currency is officially called ) or both, as well as time ( all subject to the mean distance from the body to space center beaming the tech ). Extra-planetary space centers should probably not spawn Kerbalnauts ( realistic approach ). The Kerbalnaut complex can be populated by shipping kerbals from Kerbin to the center in question. Extra-planetary space centers can spawn their own Kerbalnauts ( fun approach ). Putting space centers on other bodies can unlock new missions! Putting space centers on other bodies can allow for collaboration between space centers to do stuff! ( For example, maybe a mission to ship a Very Important Kerbal from the Kerbal Space Center to the Mun Space Center. The sky is no longer the limit! Let's colonize the entire system!!!
  2. If the designs were stored in the same way that vehicle designs are saved, then this would be no problem at all. Everything that players want to modify could even be stored in a special tier beyond the 1K science tiers which would allow players to design ( modify ) whatever they wanted and save them to that tier. Then, after paying the initial science cost ( and money cost if that option is enabled ) to unlock it, they could use it as much as they wanted could afford to.
  3. Currently, to my knowledge, science has no end-game functionality beyond a resource used in the Strategies to acquire extra money or reputation. I think that it would be pretty cool if we could use science to tinker with the stock parts we have been given, something akin to : Edit engine attribute ( maximum thrust, ISP ASL/VAC, mass, resource burn rate, etc. ) Science/Funds cost of new custom engine could be proportional to how ridiculous you make your engine I.E. - Giving an Ion engine a thrust rate of 300 KN ( or an ISP ASL = ISP in VAC ) with no other changes to anything like, say, weight or resource consumption would cost 5,000,000 science This is just an example. Edit fuel tank attribute ( maximum available liquid fuel/oxidizer, maximum mass ( ultra sci-fi - our scientists have somehow figured out how to cut the mass of fuel in half without losing any efficiency! Rumors run rampant about the alleged use of 'black magic'... ), etc ). Same deal - Science/Funds cost of custom fuel tank would be proportional to the absurdity of your fuel tank - 1% mass for same level of fuel? ONE HUNDRED. TRILLION. SCIENCE. ( Again, just an example ). Science! - Customize attributes of science experiments ( Not exactly sure how this would work - maybe you could alter the mass to make it lighter, or allow a science experiment to be performed multiple times without losing the science value ). And so on and so forth. "But why don't you just mod the game to do these things?" Fair question. Not all of us are capable of modding the game. Maybe it's a time issue. Maybe it's a competence issue. Maybe we're just lazy. Maybe it's all 3. But the bigger point here isn't about allowing player to mod the game, in game. It's about finding another use for a resource after the player has completely unlocked the tech tree and has nothing else relevant to do with their science besides watch it accumulate.
  4. It's kind of a pain to have to set thrust to zero so you can manually adjust each individual engines thrust limiter. I was thinking it might be nice to have an option that would allow you to incrementally increase or decrease each engines thrust limiter via an action group.
  5. Okay to answer this question for myself ( and anyone else who has this problem ) the resolution is N-Fold Ctrl-F within the quicksave file to find your vessel ForEach vessel v.currentThrottle c > 0 : set c = 0 set vessel v.mainThrottle = 0 Save file and perform a quick load and your vessel should have no active thrust on any engine. This solution is offered as is and the provider bears no responsibility if your computer breaks escape velocity.
  6. I have a vessel in which there are parts held in place by struts between a structural vulnerability. I quick saved, then loaded because I am not a smart man. Now the Twin Boar engine plows into the upper part of the vessel causing a catastrophic failure on quick load. FML. The only upside is it's remote-controlled, not crewed, so no loss of life at risk here ( except for robots - robot lives matter ). I'm looking through the rather lengthy quick-save file and it looks like to stop this tragedy I need to set the thrust to 0 - will that work? Where do I need to set that value at? ( I'm looking and seeing several entries with the name of my vessel attached ). If not, is there some other way? Am I totally screwed?
  7. Yeah I'd thought about that but it would mean the complication of putting attitude controls and thrusters on the satellite and I'm lazy. So having the Kerbals on board won't interfere with completing the contracts?
  8. I have two contracts for equatorial satellites around Minmus (in addition to a flag-planting contract). Is it possible to do all three in a single shot? (Launch a landing vessel with the two necessary "satellites" attached that can deploy the satellites at their appropriate coordinates, land, and have a Kerbal plant the flag)
  9. RCS are just a design decision. Sort of a "Just in case". Ocasionally you get a mission to adjust the position of a satellite, and since I plan to have these in orbit for a while, it may come up.
  10. This. I think I will give this a shot - it looks the most promising. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Alright thanks. I will look into those suggestions. The main reason I don't want to have a decoupler is not the force they eject with but I just don't want the remains sticking off the probe. At the moment I attached a side-mounted docking port JR and am using a cargo bay with a docking port stacked on two octagonal struts. It's... pretty unwieldy...
  12. Given the following satellite which has no available stacking nodes, and to which I would really rather avoid attaching any decouplers (separators are okay) How can I go about storing this in a cargo bay to get it into orbit? The root is the RCS tank.