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  1. Oh well... KSP2 was a day-one purchase for me. Now it's a 'wait and see'.
  2. Installing the latest GeForce Hotfix Driver version 445.78 fixed my problem. Game works now. Thank you for taking the time to advise.
  3. Does anyone know what the differences are between the KSP store and Steam versions of Kerbal? I had KSP and all DLC's on the KSP store forever (Got the DLC's for free for buying the game early) and ever since the last patch, I have not been able to load the game if I install Breaking Ground. The game would start loading, and at the end when the loading bar is almost full and it says 'loading Breaking Ground expansion assets' it would freeze, stay like that for a minute or two and my computer would crash to a blue screen of death. No crash logs are generated. Without Breaking Ground it works fine. I tried it over 20 times while tweaking stuff, installing new drivers etc. and it would happen every single time. All other games I own work fine. Now I am trying to figure out what is causing the BSoD, so I would appreciate any information on what exactly was added in Breaking Ground that might be causing it.
  4. Is posting links to this kind of stuff frowned upon? Should I remove it?
  5. What on earth is this supposed to be? *itunes link removed, to not give it any more publicity...*
  6. Heh, just noticed that the bottom left lander indeed HAS landing legs, so it must be from whenever they were included... My bad. But those winglets on the other two landers were one of the ways we used to work around the no-landing-legs thing before that.
  7. Oldest one I could find, sometime just after persistence was introduced, before landing legs were a thing...
  8. Also, I noticed that since I installed 1.1.0. I am not getting any 'High radiation' warnings when entering radiation rings, even though the radiation icon in the mod panel goes red. I still get warnings related to power/oxygen. Only mods I have installed are Kerbalism, resource pack and connected living space (and MM, of course).
  9. Sorry if it has been asked before. I got a mission called 'Cross the radiation belt', and the specifics are rather vague. I assumed I would have to go above the radiation rings and return the Kerbal safely back to the ground. I sent the ship into a high elliptical orbit (with the Ap almost reaching the Mun, and outside the magnetopause of Kerbin), returned to Kerbin and the mission is still incomplete. Is there something else I need to do? I am using V1.1.0 of the mod.
  10. And especially kerbin science gain. In stock you can get pretty far ahead on tech just by puttering around the KSC. In BTSM you dont get any science from anything on the surface of kerbin. The first science you can get is doing pressure and temp readings from above 15km altitude...
  11. Eight days? I am guessing you are using a standard hohmann transfer orbit where the Ap of your orbit matches the orbit of minmus? While that is the most fuel efficient transfer orbit it is far from the fastest. You can significantly reduce the travel time by spending just a few hundred more m/s of dV. Basically, when you get into kerbin orbit and allign your orbit with minmus as you normally do, et up a maneuver node that sends you on an escape trajectory from kerbins SOI and then move the maneuver node untill you get an intersection with minmus. You will need more fuel to brake into orbit once you get there, but you will get there much faster.
  12. Yeah, the current land, pop out, pick up sample, pop back in, fly away mechanic never seemed right to me (at least from a roleplaying perspective). Also, it makes building rovers almost pointless. To mitigate this in my campaigns, I usually try to land near the edge of a biome so I need to move around on the surface to pick up more than one sample.
  13. Discovered the game in december of 2011. I finally joined the forum in january of 2012.
  14. [quote name='Yukon0009'] also why is <snip> censored?[/QUOTE] I guess it's because they had links to pirated versions of KSP on that site (although they seem to have removed them now under legal notice from squad).
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