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  1. Agreed. I wasn't necessarily referring to MKS.
  2. Wow, this sounds really similar to ideas I have been kicking around in my head forever but just don't have the time to really knuckle down and figure out. I have a feeling that there are a lot of people that would enjoy a techtree/contract pack mod that are specifically tailored to both BDB and NF mods and of course JNSQ. I also enjoy using Kerbalism, If I could figure anything out it would be some way to integrate colonization mods into Kerbalism as well.
  3. Hey everyone. I am curious if anyone is having an issue with Vernier plume effects not showing up on BDB. I have tried several different engines and on all of the newer engines including the new Titan 1 and Titan 2 upperstage engines that have built in Vernier's the plume FX does not display but the heating effect does display on the nozzle. This is also the case for the newer Atlas Vernier engines as well. I have tested it with Realplume and without it on a fresh install of 1.7.1 and the latest BDB Dev Branch. I am not sure why this keeps happening, any thoughts?
  4. For mods to integrate next I would like to nominate the USI collection of mods, or BDB.
  5. Looks awesome. And now you just need to figure out how to make a cargo bay and ramp to unload the exploration rovers and the nuclear power generator rover!
  6. What size are you making the stages?
  7. Now they just need some solar panels on them!
  8. Heck yeah. I've always tried to recreate Mars Direct missions with various different parts. Never could get it to feel right though. I even attempted to learn how to use Blender so I could try to make it myself. Any way, I hope that you stick with it and good luck! BTW, any plans to make the Hab as well?
  9. That is unfortunate. I was excited to have an in game method of building missions for career mode. If there is one or two things I would greatly appreciate in this game would be an in game, user friendly method to modify the tech tree, and create career missions.
  10. So I have been out of the KSP loop for a while and I have heard that the MH expansion does not integrate with Career Mode in any way. I would like to know for sure if that is true, and if it is then I would suggest that should be the primary focus for future fixes/upgrades to the expansion.