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  1. @NicolaSix Thanks! I noticed the node in the config that you are referring to the other day. However I am going to copy your config so that I don't have to use the open cockpit mod.
  2. I am curious if anyone else is using the Grounded mod and has noticed that there is no "Ground Vehicle" node in the tech tree? There is a folder for Grounded in the configurations folder and the Grounded_ktt.cfg file points to a "Ground Vehicle" node for most of the parts. Additionally there is an icon for the node in the icons folder, but I do not see that node showing up in game. Any thoughts? Great mod overall by the way, amazing work!
  3. Dang I can't believe i just found this thread! I have been working on a personnel version of the RP1 tech tree and was literally considering starting something along these lines. I was planning to make clusters of tech based on certain launchers or space vehicles, mostly from BDB but also the X-20 Moroz mod, the new X-33 mod from Angel125 and a few others. Please let me know you are still interested in working on this and if I can be of assistance. I literally have nothing else to do for the next 10 days so it would be a great way to fill my time.
  4. Hey everyone, I am looking to move some of the part upgrades for the Agena Engine as an example to some different tech nodes through my own config. However it seems like no matter what I do I cant get the upgrade to change to a different node. Does anyone know what a config to change that would look like aside from directly changing the Upgrade.cfg in the various part folders in BDB?
  5. Greetings, I am working on my own custom tech tree and I am trying to change the Tech node of some Part Upgrades, particularly from Blue Dog Design Mod. The Upgrade config files for parts typically look like this: PARTUPGRADE { name = bluedog_agenaB // partIcon = bluedog.Agena.Engine.XLR81 techRequired = generalRocketry entryCost = 2000 cost = 0 // for display only; all parts implementing this will need a PartStatsUpgradeModule with cost = this. I have tried my own configs that look like this: @PARTUPGRADE[bluedog_agenaB]:NEEDS[Bluedog_
  6. @Pehvbot Thanks for the reply. Yes I am mostly interested in being able to use the contracts and maybe even the tech tree with JNSQ which is a 2.7x scale system. For the contracts I think it would be a matter of changing the names of the bodies to reflect the JNSQ system which would not be difficult. But what I am not sure is whether the Contracts or the Tech tree can work without the rest of the parts of the mod.
  7. @Pehvbot Greetings. I am curious if it is feasible to use this mod with JNSQ? Aside from making changes to the contracts for the names of the planets and so forth, would there be a way to easily adjust to work in the JNSQ scale? I really like the idea of RP-1 and this mod but I am trying to figure out a way to make them fit into the JNSQ scale and system.
  8. I am very excited about this contract pack because I have been looking for something that does a good job integrating BDB parts. I have thought about trying my own hands at making a pack but I am glad you have done it. Would you consider adding a contract that that utilizes the Venus Flyby Parts from BDB to do manned flybys of Eve and Duna?
  9. Agreed. I wasn't necessarily referring to MKS.
  10. Wow, this sounds really similar to ideas I have been kicking around in my head forever but just don't have the time to really knuckle down and figure out. I have a feeling that there are a lot of people that would enjoy a techtree/contract pack mod that are specifically tailored to both BDB and NF mods and of course JNSQ. I also enjoy using Kerbalism, If I could figure anything out it would be some way to integrate colonization mods into Kerbalism as well.
  11. Hey everyone. I am curious if anyone is having an issue with Vernier plume effects not showing up on BDB. I have tried several different engines and on all of the newer engines including the new Titan 1 and Titan 2 upperstage engines that have built in Vernier's the plume FX does not display but the heating effect does display on the nozzle. This is also the case for the newer Atlas Vernier engines as well. I have tested it with Realplume and without it on a fresh install of 1.7.1 and the latest BDB Dev Branch. I am not sure why this keeps happening, any thoughts?
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