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  1. How do I add my own countdown? In some folders I see a Textspur text file but in others I don't. Do I need this or not?
  2. My controls for Hullcam aren't working. I press minus and it takes me to my launchpad cam, then I press minus to go to my next camera, but it just resets the camera to the normal view. I right click on the cameras but only the launchpad cam gives me the option to activate it. Can anyone help?
  3. I've figured out how to do it Thanks for all of your guys' help though.
  4. Tried that I feel like that would take too long. And I use nukes without radiators anyway and they don't overheat.
  5. Does anyone know an easy way to make a rocket overheat? I need it to for a YouTube cinema type video I'm making.
  6. Hi there, I'm playing around with kOS in KSP and I keep getting an error whenever I try to run it. I've made sure there is periods when needed (at least I hope there's periods where needed). I get this error: Syntax: Unexpected token '{' found. Expected EOI at line 11. Here is my script: It found the "unexpected token" here: wait until altitude > 2000 { Thanks
  7. I don't build shuttles very often, so I'm not used to flying flat. I'll try it though
  8. Hello! I really love this mod, but I have 1 problem, the OMS engines. Just using the monoprop in the lifting body, nose RCS ports, OMS pods, and Mk3 cockpit, I don't have enough Delta-V to make orbit. Do I have to add my own monopropellant tanks?
  9. Update 1.1 is here Changelog: >Version 1.1 >Codename "Rainbow Update" >New textures: Orange, Yellow, Green, Indigo, and Violet Metals, and Gay Pride Texture >Updated to KSP 1.1.2 Pack Download Textures My YouTube
  10. So I downloaded the full release of Kerbal Space Program 1.1 yesterday, and the terrain is glitchy. Its all black. It never did this in the pre-releases. I've taken all my mods out, I've downgraded to 1.0.5 then upgraded again, I've even reinstalled it and it's still there. Screenshot of Terrain
  11. I can model, but I don't know how to do the animations or the configs
  12. Does anyone know a mod that has good looking launch towers (that is not FASA)? If not, can anyone make one? Thanks!
  13. Hi. I was wondering if anyone knew any mods (besides FASA) that added launch towers/clamps. Thanks!
  14. There currently is no mods that are compatible with 1.1 pre-release
  15. I'm trying to use the 2.5m alcubierre warp drive, but it wont activate. I'll get into orbit, point at my target, make sure my exotic matter is full, and click "activate engine". It doesn't activate, all it does is make a bubble that shrinks until it's gone. I got it working
  16. I have this installed, along with New Horizons and Outer Planets Mod, and I want to go to Lave, so I set my origin as Kerbin, but it doesn't let me pick Lave, only Mun, Aptur, and Serran.
  17. Make a low-poly mesh collider! What kind of part are you making? For a cylindrical tank it's best to create a 12-sided cylinder and use that as the mesh collider. It can even be on a seperate gameobject (as long as it's inside the part hierarchy). Just import the collision mesh and remove its mesh renderer, then add a mesh collider component. Make sure 'is convex' is ticked. Never mind. I figured it out. Thanks for suggesting that! It really helped!
  18. I'm making a cylindrical fuel tank. How do you make a low-poly mesh collider?
  19. Hi, I'm making a mod for KSP, and am having mesh collision problems. I use Unity. To make the mesh, I use capsule collider, because I have too many vertices for mesh collider. Because I use capsule collider, my mesh rounds off at the bottom and top, so when I try to attach stuff to the sides at the bottom or top, they end up inside the tank. Can anyone help?
  20. You should add the Soyuz launch clamps. That would be awesome!
  21. I'm having trouble with the Crawler. When I put the Shuttle on it, it doesn't sit correctly. The tail goes through the crawler and when I launch, it destroys the launchpad and shoots me upward really fast. Also, the main engines don't work
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