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  1. Thanks, the mod is now working as intended. I probably would have noticed this earlier, but all the other mods I had installed worked fine for some reason. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hey, I'm using 1.3.1 and the mod is refusing to load into the game. I have it in the game data folder, and the output log I have linked appears to show it loading. I have tried it with clean and modded 1.3.1 games. I'm most likely doing something stupid, but after reinstalling for the third time, I figured I'd ask you. Thanks! Just to clarify, the parts and interface is missing.The SCANsat flags are visible however.
  3. Thanks! I am new to the forums, so uploading pics is something that I was unsure how to do.
  4. So I'm starting a new career game, and I was trying to figure out how to complete the high altitude survey missions over a point on Kerbin. I wanted to do a plane, and make it cheap to build, relatively easy to use, and small in shape as well as low in part count. I did not like the look of the fixed landing gear with this aircraft, so I decided to make a Zero Length Launch system as seen in the picture below: Flight Profile Anyway, I know it isn't a single stage to eve and back or anything, but I thought I'd share one of my more unique designs that is simple and functional. There's no excess Dv, control surfaces or other cost multiplying parts. I've also eliminated the landing gear, allowing me to get high enough to complete the mission. A thermometer can also be added for temp contracts. I've done contracts about 130 km away from ksp, but I'm not sure of the exact range and endurance of this thing. It's also fully recoverable, minus the jet and solid fuel of course. The first stage has its own separate parachute that deploys upon the booster getting jettisoned. It's just one of those desgns that turned out nice.
  5. Thanks guys! And yeah I've noticed that this community, for the most part is very mature and willing to discuss things without it turning ugly.
  6. Hello! I've been playing KSP for years, and viewing these forms for almost as long. I finally broke down and made a account so I could report a technical issue. Anyways happy to be here and finally be a part of the ksp community!
  7. Ksp Version: 1.0.5 1028 build Issue: When transferring crew between the forward mk 1 crew cabin and the aft mk 1 crew cabin, the craft comes apart. The same issue happens when entering the rear crew cabin from a eva. Note: Only happens landed in water. Does not occur on land. Replication Steps: 1. Have 1-2 kerbals in craft. 2. Takeoff and land in the ocean or just taxi into the water 3. Transfer kerbal to rear cabin or eva from cockpit then enter rear hatch. Craft File: Seaplane mk 3.craft?dl=0 Output Log: Although I created the craft on a different install, I tested it on a fresh, stock install and I could replicate the same issue. So I am posting this here. The craft was created on the exact same version and build.(1028) Also I did not use modded parts to make the craft or any mods that would change how aircraft are constructed. Therefore I have not included a save file. System Specs: (anything else just ask) P.S. First post on here although I've been lurking for years! I've had ksp since before it had a runway.