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  1. Hi, I love this mod ! I think it strikes a fine balance between realism and simplicity; it makes things more challenging without ruining the fun. But I'm a bit confused, I can't manage to keep kerbals alive for more than a year, even with all the SSPX parts. This is somewhat problematic, especially since I play with JNSQ, and interplanetary trips are going to be quite long.
  2. Couldn’t tell you right now but I’m pretty sure it’s specified on the dV map you get when you download the mod.
  3. Hi everyone, I’ve dropped the « NFLVMethalox » extra in my Gamedata folder, and yet it doesn’t change anything. I’m playing in ksp version 1.8.1 with CryoTanks installed. Does anyone know what I’m missing ?
  4. Thanks a lot ! I feel a bit ashamed that after modding the game for so long I still don't know any technical stuff. But I think I'll just uninstall it as you did. Otherwise I'd keep running into new issues every time I build a spacecraft.
  5. Ad Astra works fine in 1.8.1, just read the readme carefully. Nobody on the Ad Astra topic seems to be able to do that. I personnaly wouldn't recommend it though, your fps take a serious hit ( not like I have much to spare anyway ) and it can look pretty ... weird. I think you'd better go with TUFX, with zorg's config, it might lighten the mood a bit and it adds some cool visual effects.
  6. Hi, I needed to make the Mk2 Lander's bottom node passable, so I tried to modify the configs. I deleted the "impassablenodes = " line under the part's section in GameData\ConnectedLivingSpace\Configs\CLSStock.cfg , and yet it doesn't make any difference in-game. Does anyone know what i'm doing wrong ?
  7. Well, things seem to actually work fine on my part. The issue disappeared after rebuilding the vessel. I've built a space station since then without a single issue. I've tried to pinpoint what causes the bug, and it is pretty weird: it happens when you place two parts radially and then break the symmetry, by re-rooting the vessel for example. Anyway, this would be worth looking into, since CLS greatly benefits from parts mods; stock ksp doesn't offer nearly enough building options to make interesting.
  8. You should use the mod Transfer Window Planner, it is compatible with JNSQ and much more useful than this IMO.
  9. Well isn't that timely P.S. I'm not sure this is even worth a hotfix, but the boattail variants of the engine plates don't show up in the variants menu. You can still select them using the arrows though. I thought this was worth mentioning. Many thanks for the update !
  10. Sorry I didn't think of saying this in my first post. KSP 1.8.1, with last restock releases and MH. Everything works fine when I remove restock.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm encountering quite a strange bug on my playthrough. Whenever I use the 3.75m engine plate on a craft, it stays stuck to the launchpad. It not affected by thrust nor gravity. Even using hack gravity or cheating my way in orbit doesn't fix it. But decoupling the stage that contains the part solves the problem. I will try to find more about this but is anyone having the same issue ?
  12. The thing is that the crew tube allows transfer through surface attached parts and I used a surface attachable part to connect the two. Everything works fine in the VAB and in flight before I dock the Command Pod to the rest of the craft. It does have one, it is listed as "mods that provide compatibility" in the first post and there's a cfg in the mod's files. Perhaps it is broken though.
  13. Hi, thanks for keeping this mod alive ! I'm having a weird bug on one of my craft with sspx's inflatable parts, it won't connect with the rest :
  14. Congrats on the release guys ! Tremendous work, as always. You are making the best parts mods around , both in terms of aesthetic and gameplay enhancement. On another note, I have a few questions : -The 5m tank textures seem offset with the Saturn engine cluster. You need to rotate the parts to get the same results as on the screenshots. Is it on purpose ? -Those 5m tanks are redundant with the NFLV ones, which now have the same textures. Do you plan to use the method you used with Restock Plus i.e disabling the parts if MH and Restock + are installed ? -Are the new Skipper and Mainsail models compatible with 1.8 ?
  15. Have you read the readme ? Seems dumb but the Ad Astra thread is full of ppl who think the mod is broken because they didn't read it and the installation is a bit couterintuituve. Anyway I don't get your problem. Isn't the Ad Astra sunflare supposed to simply replace the "stock" JNSQ one ?
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