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  1. I've never really thought of this before, but it would be amazing. I want it!
  2. This needs more recognition!!! Thank you, kind sir or madame!!!
  3. Wow!!! So you have taken up this mod now!!! Last time I saw you, you were waiting for Astronomers Beyond Kerbal to come out... Now you help make a new version! Things change quickly! Good work by the way... Can't wait to check it out!!!
  4. Yes!!! It's back! Thank you @linuxgurugamer for bringing back what is possibly the most Kerbal mod ever!
  5. What sort of styling should it have??? Suggestions for the older entrances... Maybe retextured to give a more natural look??? This way I wouldn't have to model... ...only retexture and implement What do you guys think???
  6. Seems as though Kerbquest loaded some sort of custom scene on top of the current game... ... might be easier to do a portal like you said before. That way you could hide massive interior structures under the surface and when the player flies, drives, walks, crashes or floats into the entrance it could slowly fade into darkness, teleport you into the actual entrance many miles under the surface and then fade back to normal. EDIT: I'm getting ahead of myself again... EDIT 2: Though that would be epic!!!
  7. Nostalgia indeed!!! I'll look into Kerbquest... Maybe we can give an actual interior to the underground cities!!! (I think I'm getting ahead of myself...) Anyways Kerbquest was the one with the Jetpack right?
  8. I was thinking of making a fan fiction, so I started world building. Then I decided this had to be dealt with before I could start writing the stories... (Also great minds think alike ) Full rights... Oh well... Probably for the best by the sounds of it! I remember that now!!! I can remember walking into it... would that have worked? Would you need to walk through the terrain collider? Same for the rockets? EDIT: Or maybe they edited the height map to place a convenient ditch in the right location?
  9. I like that idea!!! I have seen people make opening doors on KK buildings so maybe you could make a silo with opening doors!!!
  10. Of course, I know your stuff!!! Maybe I'll teach myself how to do this... ...if so I'll definitely be asking you for help a lot. I'm happy to find all the locations, though!!! Sounds like fun!!! Now... ...opening blender and youtube tutorials... ...or maybe I could use some of the Kerbin Side models? I'll check the license Love the idea!!! I originally thought it might have something to do with what looks like some pretty fresh craters on the surface of Kerbin... ...Meteor Storm anyone? I do like the fallout idea though!!! Seems very Kerbal...
  11. Sorry for my long absence from the forums... @LuciferNZ How are you currently going? Ready to get to work? Or maybe you want to work in collaboration with @garwel ? I tried to dive into this again and got no other there by myself... Remember to look through all of the discussion on this page... I and many others have pulled together quite a bit of information you might find useful.
  12. It has been long assumed that Kerbals live underground simply because we don't see them... I, however, would like some sort of evidence of Kerbal civilizations... We all know that adding cities would be a tremendous amount of work to add into the game not to mention a massive hit on performance. So what I am suggesting is a Kerbal Konstructs mod (wich I will from now on abbreviate to KK) that shows various old and modern entrances/doors to the underground that Kerbals have locked themselves up in. Spoiler contains images to help you visualize the sort of structures I am talking about... I do not know very much about modding KK buildings into the game or 3d modeling but hopefully, someone else does I am of course willing to help organize/manage a collaborative effort (hopefully more effectively then the old KSP City mod ) if nobody is up to such a big task on their lonesome. I will have to learn a bit about KK but I'm willing to do so. Kerbal Art Style??? Well then, what are your thoughts and suggestions? Do you like the idea? Where do you think the Kerbals are? Maybe you would like to help? I look forward to discussing this...
  13. I wish I can like that post more than once!
  14. Your back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Glad you agree!!! The Savior is here!!! I gladly accept your offer!!!
  16. Okay... I've tried moving away and back the folder, didn't do anything. The smaller KSP package size is concerning me however, as some files seem to be missing from the resources > data directory.
  17. This is pretty much what I'm trying to do... Along with Medics having a Health Generator Module and certain instances deducting health from the Kerbal. I'll need it!!! Thanks!!! You know what... Maybe I should ask someone who can already code to help.... They could do it much quicker....
  18. I really like this idea! It would bring some relevance to the idea of the companies!
  19. I'm not really sure where to put this, so if this is the wrong forum, someone can move it. Beginning at 1.2s initial release, I have been plagued with issues preventing me from actually playing it. I'm on OSX and i haven't even gotten to the issues some people have has with it getting stuck at asset bundle definitions, i haven't even been able to open the game! To begin with, every time i tried to download KSP from the store it failed. Be it installer or no, the download has either failed directly, predicted a downloading time of over 2 days, downloaded at roughly 2 kb per second or shown a "server maintenance" screen. And this was just on the iMac. Then, i decided to try downloading it on my small laptop to see if it was an internet problem. The windows version downloaded on that computer in less than an hour and a half. That is, of course, no use to me as it isn't worth playing on that computer in the first place. Instead I devised a plan to download the OSX version on that computer, then transfer it with a USB to the iMac. Turns out when downloading the OSX version I had all the same problems as before. Something must be wrong with the OSX download, i thought. I then had a brilliant idea, since lots of people have evidently been able to download the OSX version elsewhere, i would get Ben to download it at his place, put it on a USB and give it to me. This worked. Ben managed to download it just fine (!!!) and he gave the USB to me today. Maybe half an hour ago, I sat down at the iMac, very excited as i would be able to play 1.2 for the first time. I transferred the file over to my Applications folder (like i always do), dragged the icon down to the dock to create a shortcut, clicked it and... ...It crashed almost immediately. I tried again and it did the same thing. And again. Even if i clicked the "don't reopen" button when the computer warned me that the application had crashed unexpectedly when i opened it last, it would still open... and crash immediately. I tried moving the KSP package out of the KSP directory and back in... didn't work. Then i tried moving KSP.exe out of the KSP package and back in... still didn't work. On thing i did notice however, is that the KSP package is now 1.41gb, instead of 1.98gb, but this is probably unrelated. The thing that confused me most about this is that every other version of KSP has downloaded and opened like a charm. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (me venting my frustration) -T
  20. Yeah I know it isn't Squad's server, they can't migrate it that much. The strange thing is that every single other version of KSP before has downloaded without a hitch!
  21. (Before I begin I would like to emphasise that these issues have nothing to do with KSP) Maybe two or three days after 1.2 came out I decided to get it, so I started the download (I'm on Mac so no patcher) After half an hour it failed I tried again Server migration (what!?) I tried again Server migration I tried the installer Looks promising Ten minutes later - 2 days 10 hours left I tried the installer again The exact same thing I give up and decide to wait until 1.2.1 comes out so I wouldn't have to go through this twice 1.2.1 is released I start the normal download just before going to sleep I wake up in the morning expecting to play a shiny new version for a bit It's maybe one tenth done and downloading at a rate of 2 Kbps Feeling optimistic, I decide to leave it all day, hoping it will return to normal speed I come back to check it a 5:00 in the evening Its hasn't made any progress and is now downloading a rate of 1 Kbps I start the download again Server migration I try the installer After the estimated time left jumps around 5 or 6 hours, it finally settles at about 2 I come back after a walk around town The download has failed I start it again and decide to sleep on it I wake up this morning to find it downloading at 5 Kbps I start it again This is where I am now, 10th time lucky hopefully! -T
  22. Arghhhh!!! Learning to write plugins from scratch is hell!!!

  23. Good point! And I think people would like to play with "energy" by itself. You know what... ...all types of injuries/sickness type should just have its own .dll so people can just delete what they don't want. Sorry totally missed your post here on the second page... ...two pages already! Wow! And yes that would be very cool to have. Do you know if any mods that add custom items to the difficulty settings that I could reference. (Due to that fact that I have know idea what I'm doing, I'm looking at how other pieces of code are written to try and figure out out (anyone know of any good tutorials on plugin writing? I can't find anything!)