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  1. This Mod sounds fun, but I kinda have a Problem... So I build everything up and click on "Arm Massdriver" and nothing happens... That's it.
  2. Hi, I've had a Mod in 1.0.5 that added "Spark Emitters" they're parts which spray Sparks everywhere at launch (Like this: https://goo.gl/images/Yu9efs ) So I searched for the mod for ages but didn't seem to find it, so does anyone know the mod or something similar? Thanks in advance!
  3. Which Mod is used for the Spark Emitters that you mentioned? Because I'm urging to find it... Thanks in advance
  4. That's why they say "Water sound suppressing activated" or something like that when that's activated. Because in the ICBM days, launch Silos had protective pads so the sound wouldn't tear everything to pieces (and a rocket w/ a nuke on the top shouldn't explode in the silo :D)
  5. Hey! Your Mod is really cool, I love every effect and I have a question in 1.0.5 I had a mod (idk which one it was) that added a part that emitted spark at launch just like NASA did on the STS launches, could you pls add something like that? That would be great! Cheers!
  6. This mod is great! I looked for some Stockalike Space Shuttle parts ages ago but I sadly missed this. And for some, weird KSP reason, the particles of the SRBs seem to hate me because they refuse to show up Nope I just needed to update Real Plume, It's even better now!
  7. When you're in VAB, click on a part and look for 'Autostrut:____' set it to anything other than "Disabled" and activate "Rigid Attachment" or something like that, if you have done that your craft shouldn't wobble
  8. So, you just have K+ with Karbonite in one pack? That sounds great!
  9. OK. OK.That was hard. Its ok, 'cause ur live is more important than this! Have fun @ school. Thanks.
  10. [MG]Atlas


    Ja das könnte durchaus möglich sein, nur leider versteh ich witze nicht gut wegen meinen sch#!ß Humor
  11. [MG]Atlas


    Ja, aber ich habe das einfach nur geschrieben, weil mir... langweilig war. Und ich kann auch Dinge richtig schreiben, warum würden wir in Höhlen wohnen, wenn jmd. ein Substantiv klein schreibt.
  12. [MG]Atlas


    Dafuq? Ich geb euch n' Tipp, speichert niemals euer Password auf einem PC den andere benutzen, hätte ich das befolgt wäre es nicht hierzu gekommen. -.-
  13. Hope you enjoyed the vacation, I'd love to see version 0.4 with the MAV and the other cool stuff.
  14. Oh, Yeah I watched the movie again and I saw that they're diffrent.