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  1. Yeah, I know, "yet another mission logger", but I still wanted to take a shot at it This is a locally hosted, Django based mission logger for KSP. GitHub page with readme and instructions: If configured correctly (explained in the readme) it will import all your vessels' names from KSP to the vessel selection menu. License is MIT. Any feedback will be welcomed
  2. I've always wondered if it even had an in-game effect. Are more stupid Kerbals more prone to misclicks for example?
  3. Quill18 will also live stream KSP 1.1 today on his Twitch channel. I believe it will begin on 16:00 GMT.
  4. Hi all. I'm hoping it is a legitimate request and place. I've started to work on an idea that I had (a kind of an external, sortable part catalog), so I looked at the structure of a sample part cfg file to get an idea about the parser that I will have to implement. Before I'm going ahead and start working on such a parser, I thought I'd ask if someone already has such a parser lying around and doesn't care to share
  5. You are trying to execute that command from the interactive Python shell, which is a mistake. You should run pip install krpc straight from the command line. Also, don't run 'C:\Python27\...' (which is obviously wrong, seeing that you have Python 3.5 installed and not 2.7). Simply run 'pip install krpc', it should work.
  6. Happened to me as well. Did the reinstallation through CKAN ( but the error persists. After the reinstallation I got 2 folders inside GameData/JSI, which are Agencies and RPMPodPatches.
  7. Actually it's pretty important. I'm tired of having to reverse steering direction.
  8. Doesn't work me as well. If it does work for some people then it is probably because some ISPs (Internet Service Providers, not specific impulse ) DNS servers don't recognize this domain name ( Will anyone who got it to work be kind enough to let the rest of us know the IP of the website? You can find it by pinging in from your cmd. It will look something like "Pinging [some.ip.address] with ...."
  9. Thanks, but according to CKAN it doesn't work with 1.0.5.
  10. Hi all. Is there a mod that shows the vessel's resources (eg electrical charge, liquid fuel) in the VAB/SPH? I believe Resource Overview doesn't work witj 1.0+.
  11. Hi all. I'm using the Seti-Community tech tree. I'm in the middle of a career save and would like to modify one part, the external fuel duct. It just doesn't make sense to me that you would need around 1800 science just for nothing more than a pipe :P. I've looked through some cfg files but the farthest I could go was to get the entry price of it to 0, but I didn't manage to change its node.