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  1. My attempt at a John Glenn tribute. It is a slightly shorten version of his mission. I only show one of the orbits.
  2. Here is what I was able to do 38,397 meters in 5 minutes.
  3. Super late submission but here is my super sonic mach 4.1 flying wing. It is a practically useless. I call it the 13 wing just because you have some awful luck if you end up on this aircraft.
  4. Let's go with the only fuel you can use is on between the MK1 cockpit and the battery pack. So RCS rockets are allowed. I will edit the post allowing in.
  5. Here are the rules. This is a challenge I have came up with. Try to reach the furthest distance possible within the time limit. Post your scores here. I hope you enjoy this short little challenge. RCS rockets are allowed but you can not add anymore fuel to your craft that other then what is on the based parts. Spinning out does not count against you since KSP 1.1 wheels are weird.
  6. It should be single threaded but when i kill ksp all activity stops on the cores. I am using steam to measure frame rate and I have used fraps to show frame rate also just to make sure I get reliable numbers. You can actually see the stutter it's so bad at times. It stays green except when you crash. I am not using any -force commands.
  7. I wasn't able to take a screen shot but I seen the cpu usage it had 2 cores at 50%. As for the gpu it was up and down alot.
  8. First a small example of the challenge above. The point of this challenge is to have a controllable flight with a high angle of attack. See who can achieve the highest controlled angle of attack. I done this in stock KSP 1.05 so you can to. Bring your best aircraft and lets see who is the best pilot and designer. Good luck to you all.
  9. I'm using the same CPU with same clock speed all I done was upgraded the GPU and performance dropped a lot.
  10. It has this problem with 30 part craft. I use to be able to run 100+ parts at 60 fps with my old 260x.
  11. In the os settings it is set to performance. It does have a slight overclock turned way back from the big one I had and performance dropped more for me.
  12. Thank you for the tip I did not know that. What the most confusing part about this bug is my older weaker card would run the game at 60fps with no trouble but this new more powerful one struggles to reach 20 fps part of the time.
  13. I currently have a windows 10 PC. Running 32 bit KSP and It gets super low frame rates while flying but runs perfectly in the SPH or VAB. There is low gpu usage while flying idling at 300mhz and drops to zero usage while flying. I have just upgraded my GPU from a R7 260X to a R9 380X and the card is good. It runs any other game I throw at it with no problems. This is the Steam version of the game it is a fresh install. PC specs: FX-8350 @ 4.2ghz 16 gb of ram R9 380X copy of output log: