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  2. Please check out my latest post. It is about a Avalon mod. It is in the KSP discussion thread

  3. Do you have senator a in the wrong spot? Or maybe one of your decopoulers has more force than another decoupled, making the spacecraft uneven...
  4. Ok. I am going to do that in the future, but I don't want to write all that again... Guys come on pls post I want to hear your feedback!!
  5. So recently the Movie Passangers came out in 2016 starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. The movie got me thinking about the Avalon, the giant starship that the two live on. I really wanted to see a mod for KSP with some parts for the ship, and if your a moderator of some sort, please make them HUGE parts. Like 5.5 meter parts ^_^. Anyway. Unfortunately, there aren't any mods I know of that have Avalon parts. So if you have any coding expirence that can create good mods, then please post a comment saying you might work on it. Also, leave a comment down below if you think this is a good i
  6. Jeez this topic is still alive...
  7. They should add more stars and systems. At least 3 stars with some planets so you can go beyond our system... maybe for the 2.0 update...
  8. Read the book. I thought it was kind of a magazine though, but good job anyway, I added it to my iBooks. Keep up the good work SQUAD.
  9. Probe Locations for the Kerbol System So I recently just came back from a Holiday in Tasmania, and I hear about the new updates, more importantly, the new CommNet network added in the game. So in game and in the tracking station, there is a green line connecting to all the online probes, landers, bases, rovers, space stations etc. The KSP team have also added in a bunch of new transmitters in the game as well. So the green line gets darker when you lose more and more connection with kerbin. This means that it is important to have probes everywhere in the kerbol system. You can
  10. I have no idea if a stock Soyuz would be good or it would be the next biggest spark for Danny2642 and Nexters Lab to start doing terrorism videos with the pod...
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