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  1. the "load" lab in only the VAB wont open, on steam i just re-installed kerbal space program BUT STILL i cant open the "load" tab in the VAB only. i can open it in the spaceplane hanger and i'm not sure why. please help!
  2. cant open "load" tab in VAB and SAB

    Thanks so much it worked and I would just like to thank you!
  3. i cant open the "load" tap in the VAB and SAB. currently i only have kw rocketry and B9. when i try to open the load tab nothing happens. that's really all there is to say.
  4. Thanks everything you said worked!

  5. how to go back to 0.90

    because i wanted to download the boat parts mod and its for kps 0.90 but i have the newest version of ksp. and i bought ksp on steam so i dont think i can downgrade
  6. how to go back to 0.90

    say i'm in the newest version of ksp is there a way to go back to version 0.90??