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  1. I've played KSP career mod a bit, but I generally find it just a bit grindy, What I would really like is just a series of missions (we could even call them "levels") with a challenge that has the following factors: 1. Some objectives 2. A maximum craft cost (or perhaps weight). 3. A completion deadline. Earlier levels would only challenge beginner KSP players whilst latter missions would challenge even very experienced players. I've noticed a few forum posts with these challenges but I was wondering if there was a mod that had a structured series of challenges. It is important that the challenges are restricted by craft cost and ideally time also, with the default KSP career mode money is essentially limitless with enough grinding so almost anything can be solved my moar boasters. This is more grindy than challenging. Lots of games historically have had this approach of increasingly difficult challenges with increasingly tight constraints so it seems like a sensible gamemode option for KSP aslo.
  2. Cheers that works well enough for my purposes thanks!
  3. Ah fair enough. But I presume that this will be thrashed everytime I update MechJeb I might have to might my own mod for this and uploaded it considering the others have bitrotted it seems.
  4. My apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but how do I remove the career tech lock? I tried "MechJeb Embedded Universal" as suggested in the OP but this did not have any effect (it seems "MechJeb Embedded Universal" is really old also).
  5. Sorry if I've missed this earlier, but where can I find out what experiments I've successfully obtained in the new Kerbalism Science System? (which seems great btw) I used to use XScience but I don't think it's compatable with this Kerbalism's new science system because it's showing no experiments.
  6. Yep I’ve disabled the repeatable contracts with Contract Configurator in the difficulty menu, but I was wondering if there was anything out there in addition to Anomaly Surveyor (in addition to world firsts of course). Does Scansat have none repeatable missions (ie scan this planet, then that one etc)? Is there also perhaps one that gives progressively more difficult base building missions? Or doing wild things with increasingly large asteroids? Just a few examples. Just something that forces a progression instead of spitting out things you’ve already done is what I’m looking for.
  7. I’ve just picked up KSP again, and whilst I like playing career mode I like my missions to be more directed and not just cookie cutter repeats. So I’ve installed the mods Probes Before Crew, Kerbalism and Anomaly Surveyor and I’m enjoying going through the progressively more advanced missions always doing something new. So I was wondering if there were other contract packs people know that have a number of unique non-repeatable missions, instead of randomly generated ones (or contract packs with a mix that allow me to turn the random ones off)?
  8. Ascent Guidance didn't work for me with 1.4.5 (in particular, whilst staging would work there was no yawing/pitching etc) so I downgraded back to 1.4.4 and it worked fine again. Just a warning to others.
  9. It just seems silly that the best way to survive reentry and to still have landing legs is to use four landing gears as defacto landing legs. It's far less mass than trying to hack an oversized heatshield underneath, and it also looks ugly it's less ugly than the alternatives I can think off. The small landing gear also has an impact tolerance of 50m/s as an added bonus. Even girders have a 2500K skin temp and hence probably make better landing legs on planets with atmospheres. I'm personally going to mod the landing structs up to 2706K skin, admittedly there probably should be landing structs with have a heat resistive casing when retracted, but for gameplay reasons I'm going to pretend the stock ones do (so I don't have silly landers with four locked wheels at right angles). A suggestion which you can take or leave is either to add some landing struts with heat protection (perhaps slightly more mass) or just pretend the current ones have casings and have similar heat resistance as the landing gears when they're retracted. (For those interested, below is module manager cfgs to make the changes. I play with 120% heating though.): // Make TACS less heat resistant (no more than fuel tanks) @PART[TacLifeSupport*] { @maxTemp = 1000 %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[HexCan*] { @maxTemp = 1000 %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } // Make landing legs more heat resistant @PART[landingLeg1] { %skinMaxTemp = 2706 } @PART[landingLeg1-2] { %skinMaxTemp = 2706 } @PART[miniLandingLeg] { %skinMaxTemp = 2706 } // Make adapters and couplers more heat resistant (at least as much as fuel tanks) @PART[mk3spacePlaneAdapter] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[largeAdapter] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[largeAdapter2] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[radialDecoupler] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[radialDecoupler1-2] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[radialDecoupler2] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[stackBiCoupler] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[stackDecouplerMini] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[stackPoint1] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[stackSeparator] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[stackSeparatorBig] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[stackSeparatorMini] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 } @PART[stackTriCoupler] { %skinMaxTemp = 2000 }
  10. I've been playing the 1.2 dev version of deadly reentry, but I've noticed the landing struts have a maximum skin temperature of 1073K, which results in them melting on reentry for me. Is this intended? Is there an effective way to shield them? Perhaps the landing struts should be instead 1073/2000 (internal/skin) instead of 1073/1073. I don't understand why landing struts should be less less heat resistant than say fuel tanks. They're just bits of metal. If anything they should be more heat resistant as they don't contain explosive stuff like rocket fuel. It's worth noting that the aircraft landing gears are 1073/2706 (internal/skin). Admittedly, they're retractable but the struts are just metal anyway. Perhaps that's what the limits for landing struts should be too?
  11. I find stock very forgiving. I've bumped reentry heating up to 120% (the default highest setting on stock) and I don't need to use heat shields. Just pointing an engine retrograde is usually enough. Perhaps if you could bump reentry heating to say 200% stock might become interesting.
  12. With Mechjeb I often look at both the instantaneous (m/s^2) and total atmospheric drag since launch (m/s) to judge the efficiency my launches. However with FAR, Mechjeb doesn't report these figures. Is there anyway I can see these figures with FAR (ideally both, but one would be good).
  13. Yep you're definitely not alone. For me without RealChute chutes don't even appear in staging, nor do they have an option to open them manually. RealChute as a mod seems fine though so I'm not fussed.
  14. Just wondering if there's a config file or list of world firsts contracts prerequisites, particularly techs. I know docking contracts need a docking tech and EVA contracts need the appropriate building upgrade, but I suspect there's other more subtle prerequisites I'm missing.
  15. Is there any add on that simply removes contract expiry? As in contracts will continue to be offered indefinitely, so that unaccepted contracts will still be in the list after a long voyage.of many months game time. Of course contracts could still be explicitly rejected.
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