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  1. Yes.. that is easy, made a similar 5-part craft too. But can we get down to 4 parts? Just for the insanity of it. Or three. Maybe 5 parts is the absolute limit?. It get's so very much harder just with one part less. EDIT: It is very easy to build a 4 part rocket based on Mk1 that goes to Eeloo and far beyond. (No orbiting) (No landing) (No return) A 4 part Minmus lander is also extremely easy. But the Kerbin landing is too complicated for me with 4 parts. Maybe there is some crazy designs or tricks that will make it with 3 or 4 parts stock. To Minmus and back with a sample. I have not got the slightest idea but MAYBE it can be done.
  2. Yeah... maybe that is the only way to use 5 or fewer parts.
  3. Amazing.. So cool with that Spark on top This just have to approach the limit of a possible Minimus lander with lower than 5000 funds! So what about a 5 or lower part Minmus stock spaceship? Is it possible if removing the other limits and just minimize the parts?
  4. Very good! Super nice and also unique design!
  5. @sevenperforce and @ManEatingApe Amazing... Could never have imagined so much variety in design for such strict rules. Thanks so much for accepting the challenge, and for all pictures and interesting writing. Was a real joy to see your missions from start to end! I sure have learned a lot.
  6. Well, this was actually the second minmus rocket I built for this "challenge". The first one was 14 parts, including a solar panel, but over 10.000 in cost. It was almost the same design. And yes, it easily goes to minmus and lands on sealevel Ice Lakes takes a sample and returns to Kerbin. I tested the mission several times and it works with ease. Will post pictures tomorrow! And the heat shield is not needed at all and it is in stock and normal mode, but not if entering to steep of course. I usually have between 1900-2000 m/s dV left when in LKO. I'm just casual KSP player but I love this game! So I hope I have not cut some corners! Build it and try it if you have time. It's not as good looking as your craft but it works too :-)
  7. Ok! Can't wait to see that spacecraft! Anyway, here is mine; Enters LKO with about 1900dV left for Minmus and back.
  8. Amazing! How on Ear.. I mean, how on Kerbin did you get that low weight?
  9. Great! Will be very interesting to see what you can do. I hope some more people here in this great forum would like to try! I admire Skystorms 9.04t rocket, as a beginner I would not have been able to build that one. It looks great and is a very nice solution to alot of problems with this type of low part, low weight design.
  10. Thanks alot for all the explanation! Very interesting thoughts and good calculations! But my second minmus rocket just now reached within these specs; * Must be based on Mk1 command pod * Cost must be lower than 10.000* Maximum height is 6 m. * Maximum part count is 13.* Weight must be lower than 10 t. * Stock parts only What do you think about it? Can you figure out my design? :-)
  11. Very impressive! Did not think of using an ion engine. Very nice indeed! So what about skipping the ion...? Would prefer the cost of the rocket to be about 10.000 Kerbal £
  12. Haha so funny comments Let's say unreal parachutes are allowed. But everything have to be stock only for a gold medal.
  13. Well, for the whole vehicle at liftoff...
  14. Thanks for the advice. The specific restrictions was just an idea for me to see what people can come up with or if it comes just close to my design. And would like to see what others do before i post my screens. And one more plus would be a maximum height of 6 m. ;-) I hope you agree that there can be some interesting design decisions based on very strict numbers too.
  15. Ok. Maybe a challenge it is. Just was wondering how much design variation there could be with such limits. And yes, maybe the parachutes could be replaced with something magic. Just makes it more intresting! It was just a little curiosity from my side if maybe with such strict limits like 14 parts and 11t weight there just cant be to many different designs.
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