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  1. Can I make a suggestion? I think many people could use it. Your flaps are awesome, but it's still difficult to make realistic or, more importantly aesthetic aircraft with swept wings because flaps on airliners are angled. While theoretically we could use the rotate tool, that wouldn't change the hinge axis. So here's my proposal: Make another two slotted flap, same scale, but this time, the trailing slat should be split in half diagonally so that there is no continuation of it to carry over to the next flap. Next, add a single slot FAT-455 colored flap, also
  2. I love your craft! The KX-1 flatbed is a great platform for technicals. Your '83 car, the first in the OP, was so good that for a second I thought it was something that @Azimech built. Keep on developing!
  3. Sorry, forums are blocked at school. So, not CKAN? Try sorting the differen mods by size. Foundries and Vis Pack have caused problems w/me in the past. What system are you on? (Windows/Mac/Lx) PS can u send me the Procedural WInds folder?
  4. That isn't AP+'s fault. Uninstall it and it'll crash on something else. What mods are you running? DI you still have the squad folder on gamedata? R o you have MM?
  5. That's a DARPA testbed for the QSST called the SSBD, based on the F-5.
  6. Maybe this should be in add-on dev, @Vanamonde (sorry, couldn't find the 'flag' button)
  7. I was so excited when you posted this on the WIP Thread! It looks and flies great, too
  8. I wouldn't have had I not gotten that deafening pop-up telling me I'd been quoted
  9. Nope, cockpit's too forward. Alright, alright It's a P-63E- @Thor Wotansenwas the closest
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