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  1. I have never docked two spacecraft before, I know it seems stupid I have never done that, but IT IS SO AGGRAVATING SEEING THEM BUMP OFF OF EACH OTHER
  2. you need to update to the latest version of KSP, so that we can collaborate on an epic mission project.111.gif

  3. @Geschosskopf I was actually hoping for the return of 2(3? I cannot really remember...) certain kerbals with serious skin issues... On Tekto... I really wish the story would continue XD BTW good job KAL!
  5. Nope! [Is anyone else surprised how long this game has lasted?] @Cydonian Monk
  6. Chapter 2 “When worlds split, nothing goes to plan” The TCOK’s leader, whom is only known as “Rebound”, is a vicious Kerbal. When you think of a Kerbal, its usually something like this: A small, cute little guy with an innocent smile. With a mind set on discovery and curiosity. Well, Rebound was the complete opposite. He was an extremely tall Kerbal, almost 4 feet tall! This was unheard of on Kerbin, where almost all Kerbals grow within an inch of being 3 feet tall. He was also a stubborn Kerb, if things weren’t going his way. He MADE those things go his way. He rose to power via a small religious group on the island of Kilon, one of the Islands created by Kerbins great Crater. He was, at first, a “Kealot” for the group. He helped his group forcibly convert fellow Kerbals on Kilon to the faith. This faith’s name has been lost with the great burning of Year 652, when the Faith’s Island erupted in a massive fire. It ended with Rebound being the only survivor. He was terribly scarred, but alive. He proceeded to move to Rebound peak Island, where he soon grew a Cult of sorts. This cult, as you now know, was called “The Children of Kalamity”. As the years went by, his cult grew stronger and stronger, eventually he was about 40. At this time, he wore an old EVA suit from the before ages to hide his scarred body and face. He told his followers that they were going to war, a term that has not been heard of in centuries! He prepared small attack forces and soon attacked the islands of Kilon (Northern Rebound Island) and Kolpi (Southern Rebound Island). He took them with viciousness, and often captured somethings Kerbals have never, in even their years of war, heard of. “SLAVES”. He forced these Kerbals that refused to convert or join their impromptu Military to work as slaves, building weapons and buildings and doing all the dirty work. As soon as the surrounding Kerbals of the Great Crater heard of this, they were frightened. Nothing in their history was this evil to massacre entire Islands of Kerbals and then enslave them! They called upon each other to defend the mainland, making Fortresses and fortifications all along the coast to keep these Monsters away from others. Alas, Rebound was not easily deterred. He was a strong and intelligent Kerb, and also a stubborn one. He gathered all the slaves and essentially threw them at the coastal defenses. The Tribes of the coast refused to hurt the slaves and were defeated. Eventually, the Coastal Tribes were enslaved as well. Soon all of Kerbin heard this news, and they were all scared. They thought Rebound was an evil being sent here to destroy what the Kerbals had built. Soon, Rebound had conquered a majority of the coastal region of the Great Crater. He was not Content. He wanted to “unify” all of Kerbin under his name. He was bent on the destruction of peace and Harmony. It's hard to believe a Kerbal was even capable of such atrocities… He soon lead his army to conquer larger swathes of land. He went across the Great Ocean and soon started ripping swathes of land from under tribes feet. He enslaved even more, and soon started taking slaves back to Rebound Peak for either Sacrifice or to be trained for his elite guard. After about 6 years of war, he had conquered as you can see above. Soon, other countries and Tribes started unifying their military into the KU. As you know, they fought against TCOK to defend those who were in danger. Now, there was only 1 Country to not send help, VC... Kerbin Border Key: Red= TCOK Dark Blue=KU Purple=VC Pink=Karuntu Republic Light Blue=Daskin Orange-Yellow=Jaskini Neon Yellow=Kalistin Tribes Brown=Jakiviri Tribes Green=K.O.J.J
  7. Ok, I am going to be modifying this a lot to make it more Comprehensible to you all, like making the story more straight forward. I already a new draft for the story that I will will use to replace chunks with of this story with. I am definitely open to feedback as well, any and all opinions are needed to improve my story! Also, I am not making this story for views or attention, I want to share one of the many stories I come up with every day. Some of these stories are just forgotten, while others I start but never finish. I am determined to make this story have an ending. THIS story shall be shared with you guys. Cheers, Obsidian
  8. Well... This is QUITE the interesting backstory All the more hyped @Just Jim ! Also, any advice to a guy who is also trying to make a Fan Fic series? I have it on the forums but I don't know how to make it as excellent as yours...
  9. Reincarnation A Story of War, Discovery, and the secrets of Kerbins' past... [This First chapter will not include Photos, I want to REALLY get the hang of taking photographs in Squad bought KSP, and to see if you guys want more!] Chapter 1 Spacious Might Kerbin, A small world home to small people. The Kerbals, with their sense of Curiosity and Accomplishment, are the Planets dominant species. They, as you probably know, are notorious for their mastery of traveling into the Heavens above. They travel throughout their system without fear, without Malice, but most of all... Without Common Sense Kerbals are known to occasionally do things like reset their Technological clock, getting attacked by beings from another Dimension, getting attacked from other forms of Kerbals, or even just getting bored and becoming lazy for a few centuries. So, every time a new story begins, it must end. All the stories are connected. They (mostly) are just in 1 continual timeline. A famous Kerb once said this, "All of the stories, all of the myths, they are all connected. For if enough time passes between these stories, they eventually converge into one massive one." -Karl Kerman, KSN Philosopher So, I will be telling you the newest part of this big story, where the Kerbals are almost finally back on their feet. Where they are finally starting to Re-focus on space after yet another calamity... The Kerbals are getting ready for war, which was strange, for the Kerbals do not often go to war. They are a peace loving race, where they tend to act as one single country. Sadly, now was different. For there was a new group of Kerbals that wished to end this long lasting peace. There names are "The Children of Kalamity" They wanted to rule Kerbin THERE way, if that meant hurting their fellow Kerbal, they wouldn't hesitate. They were also after an ancient secret, lost for millenia, that held an unknown power of great might. At this point, they had control of Kerbins' great crater and the surrounding areas. Soon, enemies of the TCOK formed an organization that promised to make Kerbin a peaceful place once again. The KU [Kerbals United] united the Eastern Hemisphere of Kerbin. They soon fought reluctantly against there corrupted Brothers and Sisters. Both are now at a standstill. Both waiting for the other to mess up, while they looked for the advantage. Currently, the KSI was the only organization to not join either side of the fight. They were also the only Organization that had access to the remnants of Kerbal Spaceflight. The KSI was part of their Continental Kingdom, known as the Vicksin Conglomerate, whom were currently trying to stay neutral in this Konflict to keep their citizens safe and happy. Alas, they knew that they could not stay Neutral forever. They asked the KSI, whom had never touched a rocket or plane in their lives, to develop rockets for wartime use. The KSI soon agress, but only because they badly needed funds, and they also wanted to use these rockets and planes for scientific uses. They estimated it would take about a year to get everything ready. So the Queen of Vicksin decided to task the KMF, or Kerbal Military Force, with the KSI to make sure they stay on task and focus on the developing of the weapons. At the SCIENCE! Institue building, the KSI soon started hiring famous Pilots, Scientists, and Engineers to help with the testing of these rockets. They soon had 4 main recruits. Jebediah, one of the few Kerbals to be around since the cataclysm. Bob, one of the KSI Eggheads who was the only one to volunteer for the job. Bill, a famous inventor and engineer who had re-invented the Snack Machine. And finally, Valentina, whom was once the best Pilot around... The KSI was soon moved from their Government Building to the old KSC location. They were elighted, extremely excited to work on something besides why “Green was the best color” or “Theories on how to make better Snacks”. They soon found the KSC in shambles, due to it being a tourist attraction over the years. They were given a grant of 25,000 Funds to start off with. The KSI was soon hard at work cleaning up the ruins, and soon had, well, it was a facility that is for sure... This was their new home, a place where they will finally reach the stars. [Even if the place looked like a High-Tech Junkyard...] The Saga Continues, but what secrets do the past hold? Why is the Vicksen Conglomerate so Bent on getting weapons? And what does Jeb know of the long ago past? We shall soon find out...
  10. Hey uh, my question is a little time sensitive, not trying to rush. Just need KSP working again soon. PRetty sure my KSP is going to be a little messed up if I dont fix it.
  11. I have a question, What do you do when the mod has downloaded successfully, but when I try to start the game, it reverts to the New game Menu and wont let me press anything. I really want to play this mod and I don't want something like this to stop me. By start the game, I mean attempting to load a save or start another Thank you in advance
  12. Shame this story never was finished, it seemed to be going somewhere....
  13. Seems like a pretty nice challenge, might try it once I clean out my KSP files, since they are beyond use.