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  1. it's not even in the difficulty setting, i don't know why edit: just try the clean install and it's working now.
  2. science relay doesn't seem to working in 1.6.1. nothing is showing up.
  3. i was trying engine mount in MFT, mountInterstage node is there, but the position is wrong. noseInterstage just doesn't exist, but i never used in previous version, so...
  4. Hi Shadowmage, is there still a way to reconfigure the tank inflight? I remember there is a option many many version ago, is still available?
  5. what i mean was using those as model switch option for (SC-GEN-FR-XXX). right now just 4:3, it will be nice have something like 3:1, 3:2 and 2:1.
  6. Is it possible those adapter cloud be use on fairing base? or at least a stand-alone part? it's will be a nice payload adapter.
  7. I also have this issus with 0.4.31-pre5 and pre6. Never try RS-68 cluster in earlier version, but at least it was working fine in 1.05.